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Would world become better if there were no Ego??? How to overcome "ego" ???

Often I observe how EGO doesn’t allow people to do a social good …
And often think that world might become better if people were less Egocentric.


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  • Jun 5 2011: We need to understand the composition of an individual. An individual is composed of mainly two basic items. If we observe the composition of water then we came to know that water is composed of two elements, one is hydrogen and other is oxygen. Now water has the properties of both the elements that is hydrogen and oxygen.
    In the same way, take this analogy on human beings. They are also composed of two main things, Animal + Soul = Human being. Human beings are not merely the animals, neither they are souls So the human beings have the qualities of both. So both the power should remain in their own limits. If one element gets more stronger that our ego will destroy the world. Hence balancing the two elements would bring positive results in the world. It will don wonders

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