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Would world become better if there were no Ego??? How to overcome "ego" ???

Often I observe how EGO doesn’t allow people to do a social good …
And often think that world might become better if people were less Egocentric.


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    May 10 2011: I have found that fighting my ego is like trying to think about nothing. The harder you try to think about nothing, the more your thoughts turn to "things".
    Likewise, in thinking of overcoming one's ego, the harder one tries, the more one starts thinking about oneself. Essentially, this causes one to feed even more into ego.
    A small tip I have heard and attempt to do: Every day, do a favor for someone WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE- and with the intention that the person you are helping will never know.
    Actions that are solely for the sake of goodness are really the essence of social good and anti-ego, and one small step at a time, you become a better, less egotistical person.

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