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Would world become better if there were no Ego??? How to overcome "ego" ???

Often I observe how EGO doesn’t allow people to do a social good …
And often think that world might become better if people were less Egocentric.


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    May 9 2011: I have often been engaged in debates and discussions where one side makes a better case and should be convincing to the other side. but the other side would not admit they were wrong and would even convince themselves that they were right out of pure ego. i think ego can cloud our judgement more than we expect.
    i personally try to recognize this problem in myself by putting myself in an observer position. we make the best judgement when we are not part of the discussion but are only observing. how many times have you watched a debate and said: it is so obvious that this guy is wrong! how is he still not convinced. but the truth is that when you are in a debate you are more interested in portraying your idea showing that you are right then actually trying to get to a result. so i try to take an observer position and that would help to make an objective position and overcome my ego!
    on the other hand when i feel that the person im talking to's ego is clouding his judgement which often happens if you are challenging his views, I try not to just blame his ego but i try to present my point in a different that wouldn't steer up his ego.

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