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Would world become better if there were no Ego??? How to overcome "ego" ???

Often I observe how EGO doesn’t allow people to do a social good …
And often think that world might become better if people were less Egocentric.


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  • May 7 2011: The ego centralizes in the mind, the true essence of a person, that which we are born with, is from deep within. That being said, I believe that as we grow up we become less intune with our true essence and more connected to our ego, by our thoughts and actions. There is no way to get rid of ego, because we would not be who we are without it. There is a simple truth that if people actually do some work and try to dig deep inside themselves then they will start to get connected to their "higher self" their essence. I have done some ennegram work, which basically is a system that help you get to your core and help strip away the ego and help bring your essence to the surface. It describes us as all being born with one of the nine personality type and of course we can relate to them all, but one of them we can relate to more and that is our personality type. Ego to me is a fear based concept. If you interested take a look at the ennegram books. It really helped me in getting better in touch with myself and my core.

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