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How do we grow and spread (campaign) ideas - virtually and across the globe- which are worth spreading?

I am presently leading a campaign: EnergyForOneWorld.

This campaign is a direct result of a think-tank on the present world energy situation- right now.

The goals and purpose is to raise our common awareness that all nations and all people have a fundamental right for energy.

We all are in need of food, water, shelter, peace, jobs and a bit of prosperity and happiness.

To achieve these fundamental needs, we do need energy.

In order to supply the worlds growing population with those needs , we do have to smarten- up our mutual collaboration, sharing and energy system innovation.

We need: 1. New rules of engagement and organizational oversight. We need the establishment of a World Energy Council at the UN or at another authorized institution. 2. Energy transition management in the various developed and developing regions, countries, cities. 3. Roll-out of sustainable energy to the emerging and poor countries, a World Energy Programme (much like the World Food Programme)

Our campaign is focused to inspire government-, business, world organization-, science- and community leaders to step-up on their leadership and to work more collaboratively towards:

Our aim is further to raise the public awareness on the global issues and opportunities at hand.

Energy for One World- reliable, sustainable and in harmony.

Suggestions and help is needed!

Closing Statement from Adriaan Kamp

Thanks to conversations on TED sofar, I have now eyeballed some remarkable people in the TED network- which can assist us in realizing this dream.

Obviously- we need all the help there is - in order to make our campaign a success.l

We truely belief that the network and events can be a linking pin in our campaign.

To be continued!