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What Are Your Views On The Now Active UN Small Arms Initiative : Legitimate Component For World Governance? How Should It Be Enforced?.

We have had and are continuing many discussions here at TED Conversations on global governance and its feasibility. Many have pointed to the UN as the logical place to house this. Well right now, in fact starting May 9th the UN is taking up the issue of global small arms control. http://www.poa-iss.org/MGE/

We have never agreed, or even much discussed here at TED Conversations the parameters of what should be governed. Many though have pointed to the UN as the place for such global governance. Here is an issue under active consideration for global governance through the UN. Is this a legitiamte endeavor for the U.N. ? What are your views on the UN's global small arms control.initiative?

It will greatly enrich this conversation if we all read and start with the actual issues now before the UN ( see link above) .

Many countries are very intimidated by this move. There are slogans with Hillary Clintons picture up them at many foreign websites saying"Vote No on Small Arms" Would make for a lively and relevant conversation to bring the views expressed in other countries to this conversation as welll...as the UN will have to do in its deliberations.


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  • May 4 2011: First, I need to address that the UN is not the logical place to do anything. The UN is so corrupt it is comical. The UNHRC is controlled by a bloc of Islamic and African states, backed by China, Cuba and Russia, who protect each other from criticism. Also, there is a UN resolution that forbids us to kill heads of state. If we got rid of that we could more easily solve the problem in Lybia and Uganda instead of bombing the crap out of them (Lybia) or being quite passive when we talk to people who use children as the backbone of their army (Uganda). Where was the U.N. in Darfur, Uganda, Sudan, Congo, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Columbia, Cuba, North Korea, Haiti, Vietnam, and Venezuela where they should of been there protecting the lives of people with their pansy ass "peace keeping" force. Even though they didn't commit the genocide in Rwanda themselves they are just as guilty because they were there yet they didn't do anything. It just doesn't work.

    To the original topic, I don't think it's very practical to have reduced arms unless everyone is in on it. That's the problem, not everyone is in on it. Is North Korea and Pakistan planning on destroying their nuclear weapons anytime soon? Unfortunately we need to be able to defend ourselves. We can't really do that if we can't crush our opponents. The reason we are the most powerful nation in the world is not because of the size of our army but the technological achievements. We need to be prepared to defend ourselves.
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      May 4 2011: Andrew..thnaks so much..sounds like you know a lot about the U.N so. Your voice and these points about the U.N. would have been very valuable in our several recent and ongoing conversations about global government and global democarcy.http://www.ted.com/conversations/2364/one_worldwide_government.html . Not too late to join in and would definitely enrich that conversation.This particular proposoal is actually before the United Nations and it is not nuclear weapons..it s small arms control. ( Thellink above takes you to the actual proposal) Gun control is not one of my usual issues but since the UN had come up so often as the seat of any global governmenI and since we had never really worked through the part about "We the citizens of the world do hereby declare"--the actual scope of things which supercede soverignty, I thought this actual proposal before the U.N. might help us to get more focused on our global goivernment discussion. By the way, welcome to TED conversations and again thnaks so checking in in this.
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      May 5 2011: "We the citizens of the world do hereby declare"... It says it all.
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        May 5 2011: hi tofig..how does the declaration of independence begin..? that was my reference..anyway what I am pointing to is that in our many discussions on wolrd government we have never talked aboout what is subject to wolrd governance over and above the soverign rights of nations. This is just a silly device to open that conversation by syaing is control of small arms one of those things.? Wpuldn't be on th etop of my list but here it is..the UN is considering that..small arms control..is that on your list of things globally that supercede sovereignty?

        (nice to see you here by the way..welcome)
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          May 5 2011: Hello, I think small arms control is important but it wouldn't be on the top of my list toward the world government.
          Democracy has not reached all part of the world yet, and moreover there are people in our planet who don't even understand it or think it will take their sovereignty away.
          And I think that's exactly where we should start.

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