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Is all knowledge useful and necessary?

Almost all Universities are now the reproductive aparatus of a system that breeds a bunch of very limited professionals who buy the simulations of knowledge packed in very bright diplomas and solemnities. How can we recover the real essence of the Universities?

  • May 6 2011: Universities should focus on wisdom, not knowledge. In the age of the internet, most of the world has near-instant access to the facts; knowledge is free. It is knowing how to meaningfully apply the facts that is important, and this is called wisdom.
  • May 17 2011: For one thing, conferences like TED. However, as a university student I have an idea for getting back to the essence of learning. that idea is research. We need to have HS, Undergrad, conducting and helping with research just like Grad students. Show the students that learning does things, it isn't "book learning", it's life learning.
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      May 17 2011: Knowledge is for us, if we find the right moment to share it w should do it. It will help us to do best what we're supposed to do.
      Papers for the University and mediocre professors are the most discourage thing, and those can change the path we're walking. We have to be intelligent enough to know when to write what they ask us without compromising what we really feel/think.

      The importance or the amount of knowledge doesn't come from a diploma.
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    May 9 2011: Universities have become some sort of unconfortable requirement, once upon a time there was no other option but to study anything in an University in order to succeed... This is no longer true. I think that it never was.
    The importance of knowledge is to be aware of it because is in everything, everyday, at every moment.

    If we turn back to the study of the Trivium and Cuadrivium of the Middle Ages what would happen?
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      May 10 2011: Dear Adriana....if we DARE to restore the medieval tradition of Trivium & Cuadrivium we can achieve a whole experience of wisdom. Results?:the universities dissapear or/ and transform. As you can remember Trivium is :
      Grammar, Retorics and Dialectics....but what is their real definition.? Grammar is the art to formule the truht , Retorics is the art of express the truht and Dialectics is the art of demonstrate the truht. And Cuadrivium is: Geometry, Music, Astronomy and Arthmetics...their definitions: Geometry is the comprehension of the form of the crated. Music is the comprehension of the harmony of the created, Astronomy is the comprehension of the movement of the created and Arithmetics is the comprehension of the order of the crated. The real difference between the Middle Age and our time is that they were very rich in aims but poor in means and we are extremly rich in means and really poor in aims. We don't know what are we doing with anything.
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    May 6 2011: Broadly speaking any knowledge is useful if one want to make use of it with good intension and positivity.

    Some knowledge are necessary in certain condition to survive i.g. in people living in harsh conditions need to have knowledge of appropriate survival techniques to survive.
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      May 6 2011: Living in harsh conditions is an excellent example of when specialist knowledge is indespensible. Intimate knowledge of the kidney might be crucial for a nephrologist and for a proactive patient. I sometimes wonder if sometimes specialist type knowledge is actively protected and withheld for profit motives.
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    May 5 2011: All knowledge is useful and necessary to someone. It is neither useful nor necessary for everyone. A mechanic needs different knowledge about his career than a dentist but they still overlap in some knowledge areas. Eveybody needs to know something about people and interacting with them.
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    May 5 2011: The most useful and necessary information is taught to oneself through real life experiences by oneself. I believe classes generally teach abilities. I.e. Journalism teaches and introduces new ways to do research. I say that the knowledge that you really need to retain is the stuff that you deem is necessary. Honestly who is a better judge than you of what is useful or necessary? If it applies to your career or interests, then learn and study it. If not, learn the habits associated with the class.