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Is it possible to build peace? If so, what strategy do you think is needed?

Liberal constitutionalism in peace-building operations is the main pattern followed by the United Nations and Governments involved in the process. They try to build a political system and then, when the political institutions are set up, they start to act in a sense that could help people in post-conflict society. To do so, they develop an economic market that creates even more inequalities in those societies. Liberal constitutionalism is based on the idea that an stable and democratic political system linked with a free market would bring peace. In fact, arguments are that democracies are rarely willing to commit themselves into war and countries that are involved into financial and economic exchanges would not be ready to go to war against each other.
Is it possible according to you to postpone the building of the state institutions and to promote at first social policy? Would it help bringing peace to a country? Why?


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    May 4 2011: nope. world peace is impossible.

    too many contrasting political regimes, religions, wealth, power and influences.
    • May 4 2011: - the political regimes will all fall one day (i mean look out of the window, the first do right now!)
      - all major religions (i know) are aggressive or searching for conflicts
      - there are also differences in wealth in every country, in the long run, this will balance more and more on the world
      - power will be in the hands of the people, see point one
      - influences will lower as the people can use the internet to get their own knowledge and view, see point one again! :)

      there are no wounds, that the time cannot heal!

      BUT, world peace is not near and it won't be achieved while we are alive.

      PS: when I think more about it: either we do it, or we will destroy our existence one day (with nuclear or other weapons, with viruses or anything else)
    • May 4 2011: Davie,
      Isn't humanity more important than political regimes, religions, wealth, power and influences.
      I know of course that they all play a big role in how we interact with each other but can it be possible to consider what bring us closer rather than what makes us different.
      Huntington book "the clash of civilization" is very interesting on that because he explains very well how we always try to perceive things through our own perception of what is good and bad, fair and unfair, right or wrong. Empathy is maybe one of the main element for peace.
      But lets consider a post conflict situation, is it possible to create conditions in which peace would last? and if so how? I think we should understand how peace works in very small area to get after a wider view of how to develop ideas of what is needed to achieve it.

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