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Is it possible to build peace? If so, what strategy do you think is needed?

Liberal constitutionalism in peace-building operations is the main pattern followed by the United Nations and Governments involved in the process. They try to build a political system and then, when the political institutions are set up, they start to act in a sense that could help people in post-conflict society. To do so, they develop an economic market that creates even more inequalities in those societies. Liberal constitutionalism is based on the idea that an stable and democratic political system linked with a free market would bring peace. In fact, arguments are that democracies are rarely willing to commit themselves into war and countries that are involved into financial and economic exchanges would not be ready to go to war against each other.
Is it possible according to you to postpone the building of the state institutions and to promote at first social policy? Would it help bringing peace to a country? Why?


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    May 4 2011: there will always be struggle but of the less violent kind is what you are after and expressing it in different ways than with just a fist or an automatic weapon. for that education and freedom is what is needed where one is not jealous of the other and is not deprived of the basic necessities or the means to get to them which a captailist system does not provide at least not adequately. For here in the heart of democracy there is no peace there is conformity and making do.

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