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What do deaf people hear when they read?

When i read i hear the words in my head, i am sure you do to, so what do deaf people think when they read? what language do they hear when they read sign language? i ask this to get better informed about the deaf community by understanding what it is like

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    May 3 2011: Depends if they were born deaf of became deaf after speech had developed,
    • May 5 2011: i can understand that if becoming deaf after speech developed (i assume) they would read word they know like a normal person.

      what about born deaf? that's the better question
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        May 5 2011: Your question is a great exploration to understand the differences between people and to get inside their world. I was wondering if we could use different words than 'normal' though. Perhaps hearing and nonhearing is a more productive way of delineating?
        • May 5 2011: i understand what you mean by that normal thing, i felt horrible saying that myself, but i don't know what else to say.

          any ideas?
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        May 5 2011: I suggest hearing in place of normal.

        : )
  • May 3 2011: I believe there is a natural sort of music which is specific and above all personal to all; unique. I believe you'd have to ask each deaf person what they "hear" individually.
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      May 8 2011: Although, to them, the concept of 'hearing' might be of an entirely different nature than that of the general public.
      • May 9 2011: I agree Michael. That is why I wish someone who is deaf would answer my question. Get the eggs straight from the chicken you know?