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Is Part of the News About The News That Officials Manipulate It Intentionally To Divert/ Cloud Our Attention: Bin Laden Story

NPR Newschief AlisaMiller has left us in this talk with some very serious questions to ponder about the state of the fourth estate. I have been participating in her excellent follow up discussion on who we trust in journalism today. http://www.ted.com/conversations/2295/who_do_you_trust_more_to_help.html

Yesterday and today listening to the official US reports on Bin Ladens death I have seriously begun to wonder whether the feeding of conspiracy theories in the official story is actually intentional..meant to direct our attention away from the real story..meant to create a convenient denunciation for those seeking the truth as conpsiracy crazies?

How could Hillary Clinton and others tell such a story..no body, burial at sea, no photos,, we didn't know where he was etc. etc. It seems so insultingly thinly veiled to me I can find no orther conclusion at the moment except that the smoke screen and fodder for conspiracy theorits was intentional.

Help me get this straight. Lets help each other get this straight. Is it plausible to you that the official story is so ridiculous it had to be meant tp feed conspiracy theorists? ( Other possible explanations are even worse..that it is the truth...)

Would also appreciate here quotes and links that you think show the fourth estate is on all this and isn't going to let that official story stand unquestioned, unexmained, unchallenged. This ais a great real life right in the news issue to really assess what the traditional media are saying aboutthe lausibility of the official story.


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    May 4 2011: We live in a time where it is hard to know the truth.,with the news it is like the boy who cried wolf. i would have to agree with the questioner that it was so obviously marketed that it seems like a ploy of some kind. it is like they are trying to gain there power back about believe what we say even without any shred of evidence because we are the news.
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      May 4 2011: welcome and thank you for this valuable contribution to this conversation. so what do you personally do about that? do you juts turn off, turn away because no one is telling the truth? do you try to find he truth yourself? do you have your own sense about the "real meaning " of this event? do you feel the regukar press has responded appropriately..and gotten on top of this implausible story ( the new explanations of the last few days are bringing any greater plausibility for me personally) in a way that satisfies you.?

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