Sanjay Seth


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Can production for human need be more embedded in natural systems rather than the inverse?

The paradox of this Talk seems to be this:

1. By using a method of production that curates and amplifies the capabilities of certain natural systems toward human-desired ends, such as a solar battery, we are cultivating a process which can create something.

2. Yet, in the process of all this, we are creating something which is inherently disembedded from the natural process. We are developing bespoke 'natural' systems that aren't expressed from the limits and needs of an ecosystem, but artistic and ideological manifestations of the desires of the day.

And as an aside, we aren't dealing with problems of sustainability and lifestyle change, but rather amplifying our productive capacity to utilize more energy and resources.

So, the question is whether or not we can develop a method of production that embeds human need in natural systems, rather than natural systems in human need?