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Neil Pasricha: What do you do to make your life awesome?

Join me here May 3, noon-1pm Eastern time, to talk live about what we do to make our lives awesome. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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    Jul 8 2012: I make my life more awesome by sculpting it that way. My job is my calling and I know I make a big difference every day in helping to heal pain and bring hope and happiness where there was little or none before. I am also giving to the community by teaching a free class on the basics of positive psychology. In my "spare time", I connect with friends often and spend quality time with my wife. I play a lot and treat myself very well. I have also found ways to take much of the sting out of the things I don't like to do (by adding music, audio books or rewards). Recently I found a way to do "paperwork" via audio, so I am free to walk (exercise) in the sunshine (providing vitamin D) and even do my part to keep the environment clean as I do so. Near my office is a relatively small patch of grass but I love to walk barefoot there while I am "working". Giving myself things to look forward to is a mandatory part of my Happiness diet. My life is truly awesome and I freely share that with others through Facebook and other forms of social media. I continue to be mindful of parts of my life that detract from my Happiness and either eliminate it or make a shift somehow to make it more pleasurable. Thank you, Neil for the opportunity to share.

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