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Neil Pasricha: What do you do to make your life awesome?

Join me here May 3, noon-1pm Eastern time, to talk live about what we do to make our lives awesome. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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    May 4 2011: Make a difference in someone's life, add a smile, wipe a tear, make someone feel special, make that day special for someone.....there are a million ways to spread the smiles around....its a small step that begins to make the world a happier place to be in...and you can always begin today, now.
    I think when i have made that difference in another person's life i would consider that day awesome for me.
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      May 5 2011: Someone has very rightly said "A smile is a light in the window of the soul indicating that the heart is at home"
      How blessed we are that we can smile & get rid of tension for some time. Smile and laughter are the precious gifts the more you give , more you get.. I have these in billions and planning to give to all 4+ billions souls.....on our planet earth... cheers!! :-) :-))
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        May 5 2011: BEAUTIFUL! Smiles are beneficial for the giver and reciever:>)
        As the song says...
        "Spread sunshine all over the place....just put on a happy face":>) :>) :>)

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