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What's your opinion about the Arab's revolution?

Tunisia,Egypt the first coutries that excite revolution in the Arab world,because of dictatorship.


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    May 8 2011: I think what's important here is not to look for any single narrative of Arab revolution. One has to understand that such a characterization of these revolutions is political rather than objective. All of these countries are contested spaces themselves and a political revolution is not necessary going to lead to any kind of emancipation, no matter the brave rhetoric surrounding many of the revolutionaries. Indeed, how many of those revolutionaries are in political power now in these countries? How many people in these countries attempted revolution and received a well gift-wrapped reshuffling?

    Egypt is no more democratic under its military than it was under its former political leader. But most of that doesn't seem to matter if they don't have any control over their economics, no economic democracy. They can shuffle their leadership all they want, but they and other countries won't control any aspect of their lives without becoming more self-reliant and more able to deal with the structural issues of being a country and region of limited industry and many potential resources with moderate exposure to global economics. To make a choice to coordinate with the global economy and other structural issues is a luxury, however, so I suspect many of these political revolutions will be ineffectual insofar as they attempt to provide more democracy.

    Now, this assumes that democracy is the goal. Yet, even if it wasn't democracy and they were pursuing but something else, even then it would be tough unless, especially in Egypt's case, it could be attempted through militarism. But then that creates its own problems, as most modern nation's history will suggest. So, I see certain problems in these revolutions. What I care about here is the narrative that people can change their government's actions if they just get involved. I think that's something we need to preserve and promote. However, we need to back that up with practicalities that follow through on these promises.

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