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GOOGLE2, etc

Google's algorithm creates an abundance of opportunity, saves time and, in the case of businesses using it for research, can dramatically improve the experience and results of searching.

But at a personal level, Pariser hits on a huge issue, especially as we look at the imperative for young people to be globally aware and connected.

Google - can we have a "google 2"? One that would keep your brilliant algorithms intact while establishing a more "pure research" experience?


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  • May 5 2011: This is absolutely outrageous! I had no idea google was doing this to me!
    Just earlier today I was complaining about the need for a "google information"

    I've been using google since it first started, and know all the tricks and methods and it has *definitely* gotten harder to find what I want in recent years. On some open source projects I have been reading about lately, discovering other open source projects on the internet to draw upon has become practically a matter of asking around because they can't be found through google!

    When google first started their credo was "people want to be able to find information effectively". Yahoo and everyone else was taking a different approach, assuming no one out there had the brains to think of anything better to do with the internet than shopping. Now google too has chosen this path of catering to the lowest common denominators, and without our knowledge.

    Oh sure hypothetically you could use this sort of thing to help people find information, but you know perfectly well that is not what this is about, especially given the fact they conveniently failed to allow opt-out.

    This is crazy, and we all need to DEMAND powerful data privacy protections NOW! And that is what this comes down to.

    This is part of the larger data privacy problem - companies collecting and using information about us against us for their own nefarious purposes, like deciding the information I have the privilege of seeing without telling me or letting me opt out.

    It's also the strongest argument on earth for anonymity! We need powerful technological systems for anonymity so they can't make profiles of us. Tor is good but it's too slow and these people will still profile the tor exit nodes so you still won't be able to see what you are looking for.

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