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GOOGLE2, etc

Google's algorithm creates an abundance of opportunity, saves time and, in the case of businesses using it for research, can dramatically improve the experience and results of searching.

But at a personal level, Pariser hits on a huge issue, especially as we look at the imperative for young people to be globally aware and connected.

Google - can we have a "google 2"? One that would keep your brilliant algorithms intact while establishing a more "pure research" experience?


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  • May 4 2011: ummm i disagree with you such a huge company, know what they do .. they know more than us what the user need
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      May 4 2011: I think this is a valid point, when the search term is broad and possibly ambiguous. If I search for just 'Egypt' then what information do I want? If I recently searched for 'Tunisia' then possibly I'm interested in the uprisings. A recent search for 'Greece' might suggest archaeological interest.

      The more specific the search, though, the less such filters should come into play. The search engine doesn't need to guess at my interest if my initial search is more precise.

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