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GOOGLE2, etc

Google's algorithm creates an abundance of opportunity, saves time and, in the case of businesses using it for research, can dramatically improve the experience and results of searching.

But at a personal level, Pariser hits on a huge issue, especially as we look at the imperative for young people to be globally aware and connected.

Google - can we have a "google 2"? One that would keep your brilliant algorithms intact while establishing a more "pure research" experience?


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  • May 4 2011: Google is not a charity. It is a company to make money. That is the face it presents to the public eye. Who is behind the rise of Google is unclear. The massive investment in hardware and human knowledge is in billions of dollars. Makes one wonder who financed this and why. Just consider the enormous information they glean every day. The spiders are crawling the cyber world every day and every hour. Collecting data. All that is published on internet is gleaned by Google. What they release to us is up to the people managing, pulling the strings. Information = knowledge = power. Wouldn't be surprised CIA is hiding there.

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