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Idealist-realist vs Realist-idealist

(1) Idealist practice envisioning things in an ideal form, or in simpler term aiming for perfection. (2) The idealist sees events as the result of grand strategies and grand movements

(1) Realist see things in literal truth and pragmatism, or more grounded on reality.(2) The realist sees events as the result of local, lower-level tactical decisions.

Questions to consider:
Which is more important in today's world?
Do we need a balance of both in societies or in individuals?
Which is more important for education?
+ ...a balance?
What jobs/careers involve being either one or a combination of both?
Which effects the world the most (historically, presently, and futuristically)?
Realist-Idealist = Idealist-Realist?
+ Same thing?
+ Completely different?
+ Where do they differ or are similar?

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    May 3 2011: Hi Nicolas
    1)Which is more important in today's world? both equally important in general but in some areas one is more effective than the other.
    2)Do we need a balance of both in societies or in individuals?
    surely we do (and i think every indivudual has the two aspects)
    3)Which is more important for education?
    emmm, education is a general word .generally speaking both are important .when thinking into the future possibilites idealistic part can be very helpful while managing details and plans realistic one will enjoy that!!
    4)Which effects the world the most (historically, presently, and futuristically)?
    Realist-Idealist = Idealist-Realist?
    + Same thing? not the same thing
    + Completely different? not completely different they have overlabs
    + Where do they differ or are similar?they agree in the goals or purpose to do something but they focus on different aspect of the process.
    i think these two types are both and important in today's world! you are definitely right!!
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      May 3 2011: + Completely different? not completely different they have overlabs


      I wonder of everyone on TED agrees?
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        May 3 2011: wether or not a person is a realistic or idealistic is determined by the way they process information and what information they think is important. i said overlabs becuz the two can have the same both idealists and realistis wants to see good things happen in this world but they might use different approaches.

        actually i dont think they are the opposite even they sound opposite literally.
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        May 9 2011: something i would like to share regarding what sounds opposite might not be opposite at all!

        The Quest
        A thousand years ago two philosophers met on a slope of Lebanon, and one said to the other, "Where goest thou?"

        And the other answered, "I am seeking after the fountain of youth which I know wells out among these hills. I have found writings which tell of that fountain flowering toward the sun. And you, what are you seeking?"

        The first man answered, "I am seeking after the mystery of death."

        Then each of the two philosophers conceived that the other was lacking in his great science, and they began to wrangle, and to accuse each other of spiritual blindness.

        Now while the two philosophers were loud upon the wind, a stranger, a man who was deemed a simpleton in his own village, passed by, and when he heard the two in hot dispute, he stood awhile and listened to their arguement.

        Then he came near to them and said, "My good men, it seems that you both really belong to the same school of philosophy, and that you are speaking of the same thing, only you speak in different words. One of you is seeks the fountain of youth, and the other seeks the mystery of death. Yet indeed they are but one, and as they dwell in you both."

        Then the stranger turned away saying, "Farewell sages." And as he departed he laughed a patient laughter.

        The two philosophers looked at each other in silence for a moment, and then they laughed also. And one of them said, "Well now, shall we not walk and seek together."

        -Khalil Gibran
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    May 2 2011: Hi Nicholas!
    You have to have a target. What you can envision you can achieve as long as you realize that it is a process. So, idealism informs and energizes pragmatic realism.
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      May 2 2011: So you want Idealist-realist then
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        May 2 2011: Yes, I think that is how I feel about life. You will notice in some of my postings that I am advocating for what some consider an idealistic view of humanity and of human nature but that is not some polyanna outlook. I have studied the worst of human nature (psychopaths) and every sort of psychology, a fair amount of neuroscience and a lot of business and I have lived awhile. No matter what I have experienced I know that if we can imagine a better world it is out there waiting for enough of us to see how important it is for all of us - even the ones who do not get it.
        PS Check your email- I sent you something I know you will enjoy on drugs through the TED service.
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          May 2 2011: Lol, I hope your e-mail was supposed to be a joke because I have seen a real study in which spiders do make webs in those senses, but that video was a joke lol literally.

          Yes I am on your page about idealist-realist however I also appreciate realist-idealist because together they can work on building a great world
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        May 2 2011: It might be a perfect pariing to get an idealist-realist with a realist-idealist!

        Supposed to be a joke?? How many spiders do you know with cars that bounce? I'm so glad you enjoyed our Canadian brand of humour (it was a production of the National Film Board of Canada.)

        Ohoh though Nicholas! I better get back on topic before the thought poilice or self appointed emissaries raid this thread and delete my post!
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          May 2 2011: Haha no what I meant was I actually seen pictures in which spiders were seriously given these drugs ad made webs.

          TED admin = thought police lol

          No, they just want more order than there is on the internet, go on and see what chaos of thought is really like and you will appreciate some order! lol