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Do You Feel Any Relief, Joy, Satisfaction or Greater Safety at the News of Bin Ladens Death? Does it Bring Any Closure On 9/11 for you ?

Strangely my reactioin to this mornings news that Osma Bin Laden has been killed by US agents was..so what? This is a headline? Do we really care any more about Bin Laden? This does nothing to alter in the ground of my being the overwhelming tragedy of that day and the days that followed and all that was revealed about lapses in US security. Aren't we so past our pre-occupation with Bin Laden? Does his death end the threat of terrorism? Are we still living with the same level of guardedness about terrorism as we were 10 years ago or have other things moved to the fore of what is terrifying and urgent?

What was you reaction? Is this great joyous news to celebrate or just a foot note to an unfortgettably tragic time in our modern lives? Is this freally headline news? The most important thing that happened on our globe today?

There is an excellent arrtcle in the paper today about the complexities and many undercurrent Bin Ladens Death has brought to the surfacehttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42870277/ns/world_news-the_new_york_times/


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    May 2 2011: I share your views Lindsay, all we did is kill the "CEO" of the company.... so what?? Most operation are sleeping cell independant one from the other. Saying is the "master mind" I doubt that very much. The extremist have very capable people ( money and education) on their payroll. The issue is the ideology they spread, that's what should be the number one enemy. I was reading an article in magazine saying there was a program in London where converted extremist would help other possible extremist to go back in the right Islam way. Well the funding was difficult because some people had trouble ethically with the concept. That is just sad cause the only way the " war on terror" will win is a fight on ideology.
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      May 2 2011: Thank you Daniel.. So if I hear you correctly you are saying this is all political theatrer ochestrated to make us feel we are on top of terrorism that we have nothing left to fear? How do you feel about that..do you feel manipulated, let down, angry? And do I also hear you saying you don't believe we are anything close to being on top of terrorism?I hadn;t heard of the counter Jihad movement in London or elsewhere. Here on my island, in an efoirt to see the Koran in its own light, to see if there was support there for Jihad, we spent a winter a few years ago actually reading the Koran. It was very enlightening and I felt a great resonance with the Koran as I am sure anyone else would. So perhaps that is what the movement you are referring to was all about..taking people back directly to what the Koran actiually says and is. Anyone looking there would see..it is all the same path..all the same teaching..we all share those values..no more violence there than in the old testament which is also confusing some times. Anyone takingthe time to study the Koran would see that Muslims are not our enemy but our brothers in faith and spirit and purpose. The enemy is the manipultaion of faith that has incited Jihad. Do you agree or am I way off here?

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