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How about setting up TED University? With campuses all over; with exchange programs on every continent...

The learning center
- would engage TED speakers as well as other brighter ideas to ignite young minds
- so-called specialization/certification can be issue/theme-based...rather than subject or learning stream
- besides offering learning environment in traditional subjects, students can have exposure to real life issue and their possible solutions.

..... any many more things to follow :)


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    May 18 2011: Hi Sanjay,

    Loved your idea... For a while I have being discussing similar ideas with a few friends.. would you be interest in sketch a Pilot run? We could organize a TEDx Event simultaneously in two countries (maybe more, if more people are interested..) and it would gather ideas that could bring a new leaning concept...

    Anyone else interested?
    • May 18 2011: I would be happy Marina. Let me know the design for the pilot you have in mind.
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      May 19 2011: My experience in organizing european summerschools and local change collaboration camps is for it to be more than an 'event', to be a start of something which can grow is before hand sharing how many days somebody wants to put into something for a certain mental or material goal.
    • Jun 22 2011: I have no experience, but I'm very interested in the subject. The TEDx in different countries is a brilliant idea. Count on me for anything u need in Brasil.

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