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Where is HAL or when are we going to have a Thinking Machine? What is holding us back? Why we fail to succeed?

When I listen to all these talks on TED and many others I stand in awe of how much we know about the brain, the thinking and the intelligence.

So, why we do not have already a Thinking Machine like HAL9000 (2001:A Space Odyssey) installed in every naval ship, hotel, factory, shopping centre or space ship?

We have the top down approach of Cyc (Douglas Lenat).
We Have the bottom up approach of Cog and Kismet (Rodney Brooks)
We have the biological approach of Jeff Hawkins.
We have many other approaches... including the confabulation theory of Robert Hecht-Nielsen.

Are they all a dead-end research similar to every other attempt for Thinking Machine since the 60's?

Where the researchers hit the wall and fail? Is it funding or there is more to it?
How much would it take to get them all together to figure it out and put the issue behind us once and for all?

We hear about the success of their research but wouldn't it be more valuable to hear about the limitations?

What is the next step?


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    May 1 2011: Hi George,

    it would be nice if you could edit your first post and copy the other posts here into it, this would make the thread tidier.

    To your question - I think the answer is that it simply is very difficult to create a machine that can truly think on its own. I do not think it is a question of whether, but rather of when, still I feel that it could still take quite some time.
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      May 2 2011: Don't you think it is more a question of approach?

      Are hearing and vision essential parts of thinking. It does not seem to be the case.

      It may appear to be difficult but look at the potential benefits. You can even send Thinking Machines in space to do Space exploration, Space Mining even to build habitats for us on other planets.

      I may be wrong but I feel the genuine AI problem has become more of a reflection of what we are and how we function instead of actual solutions finding activity?
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      May 22 2011: wouldn't say it's difficult to create a machine that thinks. The problem is simplicity that creator has to get.
      Dunno how long will it take, but watching at driverless car and machines that speak brings high expectations.

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