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LIVE CHAT with Mike Matas: Monday, May 2nd, 1PM-2:30PM EST *UPDATE: Extended through May 6th*

Mike is online Monday May 2nd, from 1-2:30PM Eastern Standard Time for a live TED Conversation regarding his TED talk and next-generation digital book, Al Gore's "Our Choice".

Join with questions about:

--How Push Pop Press tried to retain what people love about books when translating into a digital form
--The user interface design for the book
--How the app is different than a website
--Mike's views and thoughts on where computer user interfaces are heading.
--Your own questions

ADMIN EDIT: Mike has asked us to keep the thread open until Friday! He (and potentially some of his colleagues at Push Pop Press), will be checking in occasionally to answer more questions throughout the week.


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    May 2 2011: Hi Mike:

    I was wondering about the cost/scale factors of making an app like this one. It's obviously much more expensive to produce than a simple e-book so are you projecting some sort of profit down the line after you sell x copies or (because it's Al Gore follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth) was this designed as an evangelizing tool?

    In any case, I love the format and I think it's a bargain for the price.


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