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The problem of "Pi" and the problem of "Prime Numbers" can only be solved as part of the remaining unsolved problems in physics

If the universe is single, dynamic and started from one point; there should be one “thing” to be preserved. If we think this “thing” is matter, we should define matter somehow. The question is: what this lowest level “matter” is? Any attempt to answer this question should consider at least the followings:
1.Matter is neither “Energy” nor “Mass”.
2.“Physics” is created by matter. Why everything is following “physics”? If matter is the elementary “building block” for everything else it cannot be described by “physics”. What is “physics” anyhow? Physics is a “book” of laws. Those laws describe patterns. Physical laws are ratios just like measurements. So physics in its deepest meaning is a way for comparison. If you have “nothing” or just “one thing” you can’t have physics. However if you have so many of this “one thing” you have “physics” that can describe how these “one things” interact, but not how they are created in the first place.
3.Physics is about numbers and geometry. Mathematics is the language based on numbers. While mathematical theory is complicated in some areas, it’s all build up from numbers. Physical laws can only be applied when we define some sort of geometry. If we agree that we can’t have physics without “at least” numbers and geometry, we can rephrase this as “physics is made by numbers and geometry”.
4.Pi “or π” is the connection point between numbers and geometry. While it’s not mysterious in geometry, it’s so mysterious in “numbers”. If we agree that numbers basically basically are integers and introducing fraction “or decimal point” is just arbitrary, any “true” or “original” number should be an integer in a numbering system of our choice. Can π be considered a number?
5.Spacetime should be well redefined. While General Relativity works fine with 4 dimensional universe, some modern sub-particle theories requires more dimensions and didn’t succeed in solving all problems. In short the theory should answer the Q: from where TIME comes from?

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