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What do you like about acoustic guitars? (please answer the other parts in the description, I would also appreciate a lot of detail.

2. What do you dislike about acoustic guitars?
3. What would be such a wow that you'd pay more for an acoustic guitar
4. if you could wave a magic wand and change anything about acoustic guitars what would it be.
I am a student at the University of Maine taking a class on innovations. for our final product we have to come up with products and services for a luthier (guitar maker) in the area. for this final we have to use a bunch of different ways to generate ideas. i have decided to ask the TED community for help with this process.

  • May 1 2011: Interesting subject Daniel,
    I have been playing guitar for about 35 years. Solely acoustic. Otherwise I am very practical. I work with my hands a lot and have had a career many years ago of fixing the old IBM selectric typewriter.. the one with the round ball that flew across the paper... obsolete today, but way back then it was a mechanical masterpiece which had about 600 fine adjustments in it. My guitar playing though leaves something to be desired, even though I have been playing for a long time I haven't gotten nearly as far as I could wish.
    I just love acoustic guitars. Its mostly the sound that appeals to me. But it must be a quality guitar. When you ask what I dislike about acoustic guitars its got to be a cheep sounding guitar. Feels cheep... sounds cheep.. is cheep to buy... cheep in general...bad action etc.etc.
    I've had some ideas about guitars over the years.. I can mention a few... and I guess you'll be sending me some royalties if they go into production.... :-)
    1. The neck of the guitar could be removable. Very easily done technically...easy to take on a plane. .. yes! its a wow!!
    2. An automatic tuner system that could tune your guitar.... dropped E tuning .... with the push of a button... great on stage.. wow!!
    3. Easily replaceable frets, .. slide out the old fret... slide in the new. .. Fingerboard could also be more easily replaced after wear and tear. Or perhaps a special tool or kit that could make the job of inlaying more easy. Inlaying could rescue an old worn out guitar by placing the inlay exactly where the worn out area is between the frets.
    I have several guitars.. a D-35 martin from the early 80's. A Guild 12 string. A Takamine of newer date. Plus a few cheep guitars that I can take down to the beach and knock around without having to be nervous about scratching.
    The main complaint I hear from beginners is... "My fingers hurt" I say "play every day for two weeks, it will go away"
    Magic wand ? .... take away this pain !
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    May 1 2011: As a person who is musically illiterate and cannot read a note, to my shame, I feel like I imagine someone who cannot read feels when a book is read aloud. I get to be part of it and gain from its beauty and wisdom. For me acoustic guitar is part of the language of a man's love for me. It appears that I value the skill to play acoustic guitar quite highly and I loved it in the early days of my courtship and marriage when my then fiance/husband played. Later another beloved did the same and I have somehow elevated the sounds of the acoustic guitar into a mystic emissary of love and joy.
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    May 1 2011: The best thing about an acoustic is that you can play it anywhere. You don't need to plug in or haul around your amp.

    A custom order guitar would be slick as Birdia was saying but also being able to order a design on it. Also one innovation I always thought would be neat is a grip spot on the back so that it's easier to stand and play strapless.

    Good luck with your project.
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    May 1 2011: Like: That they are acoustic guitars, lovely sound and good volume.
    Dislike: As a girl, size - thickness.. it doesn't bother me much, but i would like it to be lighter.
    There already are lots of accessories, there is about anything you want
    But maybe learning tools would be helpful...
    easier ways to change strings..
    tune changer?

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    May 1 2011: Lol,

    This guy: Ewan Dobson