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4 day work weeks.


Questions to guide conversation:

4 day 3 weekend? or 4 day 4 weekend?

Should we take a page from Utah's book?

4 day work week? Perhaps school week?

Make the hours 10 hours to compensate for the loss day. Would you rather work longer for 4 days to not work entire extra day?

There are green benefits (Ex: less CO2 emissions).
More time for family.
Utilities (save energy/money)

More time off = more money spent

How does TED feel about this?
Are there cons?
Who wants to start tomorrow?


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    May 1 2011: I read one time a very good argument for such. As more people do it you increase the number of worker. By decreasing the number of welfare you decrease the tax needed to pay. It was more complex but at the end. we would end up with almost the same amount or even more money. It is time for now to change how we do business( literally). Our industries are less about production but ideas. We are becoming more artistic and you can't make an " artist" come with is best ideas from 9-5 between 4 little wall. With all the technology we have now how come we are still working as much? Wasn't the robot be working for us now?8) We have to have to start make family and individual our priority. Especially with a low rate of birth. But what I foresee is people taking those 3 days to take another job.8)

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