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For doctors in the United States to have access to lowest cost health care.

Why can't you go to your doctor and when they prescribe a drug..., it may, or may not be covered by your insurance company?

Doctors should be required to use a free open source code piece of software that accesses your particular plan's drug coverage via the internet to see if they have a choice of a covered drug in your plan instead of one that isn't covered. Otherwise you have to drive to the pharmacy just to leave empty handed (or pay full price) because the drug isn't covered when a similar drug was and I don't have to play the middle guy between the doctor and the insurance company trying to figure out the best deal.

There needs to be a central database with all of the companies various plans that can be accessed and the doctor should be strongly encouraged or required by law to list your options and explain the differences if any in the similar (generic vs full priced) meds. The pharma companies and the insurance companies won't like this idea because this is cuts into their profits, but if Barack Obama really wants to save citizens of the USA cash in hand then my idea should be put before congress.

  • May 2 2011: These are all good Ideas but require much change. What I am proposing would just take the information that is in the system today and make it transparent to the doctor and the customer. What makes my idea so easy is that I'm not asking for any real changes. It's kinda like the old saying, just "enforce the rules currently on the books". My idea would be quicker than any other and help "hold down the fort" until longer term solutions can come to pass.

    If there are say 12 major insurance companies and they each provide 4 types of insurance each (4 * 12 = 48) once a year some neutral party would update a central database that only shows 1 of the 48 coverages to the doctor to choose from and the default sort for say Antibiotics (as an example) would be lowest cost first listed.

    I think it would take a 12th grade math major a pizza and a six pack about once a year to crunch the numbers and post it to a web site for all doctors to download or link to...

  • May 2 2011: Why not make healthcare universal. It will save the patients money. It will save the state money. It will be easyer for patients. It will reduce administrative costs. The only ones at a loss will be insurance companies who no longer can exploit people in a vulnerable situation. Also health problems have a formidable cost on society when not solved. There is a reason the rest of the western world has implemented this decades ago. The bottom line is: do you want to pay a 1500$ insurance or a1000$ tax to get the same thing.
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    May 1 2011: How about insurance should be provided to everyone and everyone should get the medicines they need regardless of some corporate coverage? The central database need do nothing else but document what each citizen's medical needs are and what medicines have been prescribed to ensure better health. If this were to happen, then not getting the medicines you so desperately need would never occur.