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If education is the backbone of the society, why is it so unaffordable for so many around the world?

Especially in today's hyper connected world it should be possible to learn from one another in a much more meaningful and useful manner rather than just spending time in schools for a certificate that may or may not enable one to lead a constructive life in unforseeable future.


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    Jun 22 2011: Yes, you are right. Its unaffordable. The reasons may vary to country to country. If we take for India, a lot of social factors are hindering the advancement of education through the masses. Though the education is cheap in india, poverty is the main reason for unaffordability. Awareness, policies, political agenda and some social stigmas are also reasons. Do you know in India Naxalism doesnt allow education into some villages. If we drill down all these, we can struck at political will. So it doesnt go beyond the clutches of votebank. We need to doo something.

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