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which are more advanced scientists? animals or humans?

please look at here

humans learn science and medicine and remedies from animals.
does animals know more than us?
why animals not get sick?
why they know how to treat their sick but humans can not and have problems such cancer,...
are animals some advanced creatures but do not want to we understand their advancement?
are animals most advanced scientists but are playing role for us?
why we can not solve our problems like animals?
does animals have any problem?
why humans have so much problem? but animals no.
why humans research but animals no? and still they are have no disease.
does evolution have any explain?
who learned them?
they themselves learned during evolution or some one teach them? why they could learn but human could not learn?

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    May 12 2011: Peoples in rural parts of India are healthy not because they have any special immune system than those living in developed parts, its because of their - Environment and Life style.
    They probably have much cleaner, less polluted surrounding as compared to developed countries. And with kind of life style they have, straight we can rule out the depression and coronary diseases. But when we consider diseases like AIDS, Cancer, etc. they probably are equally affected. And with diseases like Malaria and Polio they seems to be more affected considering poor healthcare and lack of education.
  • Apr 30 2011: Humans are animals.

    Animals get sick as people do because their environment has bacterias and viruses. Some affect only humans, some affect other animals and some affect both.

    Evolution is not something to learn but it is a process that all living creatures are part of (and not aware of).
    • May 3 2011: "Animals get sick as people do because their environment has bacterias and viruses."
      every where bacterias and viruses exist animals get sick?
      • May 4 2011: Good question. I think the answer is yes. Here is a paragraph from wikipedia:

        "A virus is a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms. Most viruses are too small to be seen directly with a light microscope. Viruses infect all types of organisms, from animals and plants to bacteria and archaea.[1] Since the initial discovery of the tobacco mosaic virus by Martinus Beijerinck in 1898,[2] about 5,000 viruses have been described in detail,[3] although there are millions of different types.[4] Viruses are found in almost every ecosystem on Earth and are the most abundant type of biological entity"


        As you see viruses are the most abundant type of biological entity and they also constantly mutate and immune system of animals has to constantly adjust to new threats. Many animals (people) die in the process.
        • May 8 2011: I disagree,
          animals have Natural defend system and can treat viruses and bacteria.
      • May 8 2011: Yes animals have a defense system called immune system and can treat viruses and bacteria. However it does not mean that the defense system is 100% effective all the time. Therefore animals get sick as people do.

        "The success of any pathogen is dependent on its ability to elude host immune responses. Therefore, pathogens have evolved several methods that allow them to successfully infect a host, while evading detection or destruction by the immune system"

        These are fairly basis scientific knowledge, nothing ground breaking.
      • May 9 2011: ok so we agree that animals do get sick.

        Usually the immune system will remove the virus or bacteria. However, sometimes the immune system will not be able to deal with the virus or bacteria because:

        - it is a new mutation that the immune system cannot handle; many animals will die thou some will eventually adapt their immune system to the new virus/bacteria

        - the animal is weak because it didn't have enough food for many days

        - there are other complications e.g. the animal lost blood in a fight with another animal


        In those cases the animal can die from the decease.
        • May 12 2011: how animals learned to treat their sicks?
      • May 12 2011: Can you be specific on what do you mean by animals treating their sick? Can you give me examples?
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          May 13 2011: I guess he means how animals (other than humans) learned to treat their ailments. If that what you mean then animals don't learn to treat themselves, not that I know of any other species other than humans who have specific profession like doctors that specializes in treating ailments. Its the nature that creates immunity to fight against these diseases and it works same for humans too.
          But probably with increasing complexity of life that humans have we have many more diseases than other animals; like they don't suffer from depression. :)
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          Jun 7 2011: These are ways that we can learn the way nature has taught these animals to be expert in some specific way.

          Whether it be kingfisher seamless dive into water, or nanoscopic hairs found on the feet of gecko lizards, or termite's ability to maintain virtually constant temperature and humidity, or echolocation in bats, and many others, are mere way in which they adapted to their advantage for better survival in their respective environments.

          We humans can see, understand, mimic and apply the same principle and hence learn from them.
      • May 16 2011: Biomimicry is not related to what we are discussing here. Basically evolution had a billion years to create some great systems and designs and people are trying to mimic that. On other hand, people had only a few centuries and are now overshadowing the typical evolution by inventing amazing technology (Internet, International space station, bioengineering etc.). Scientists recognize that nevertheless we can still learn a lot from natural processes.

        Zoopharmacognosy is a very interesting new area of study I didn't know about. It could help us to add to our knowledge of treatments. However this does not mean animals have true understanding of what they are doing. Rather:

        "It is important to note that the scientific study of animal self-medication is not based on an assumption that animals possess an innate ‘wisdom’ by which they flawlessly know what is good for them. Self-medication strategies are survival skills honed by natural selection."

        In summary there are some things we can learn from nature but are you suggesting scientists don't know as much as animals and animals can treat themselves better than we do?
        • May 17 2011: I disagree Self-medication strategies are survival skills honed by natural selection.
          is there any evidence? this is only a hypothesis.

          so why humans are not honed by natural selection and can not treat cancer, HIV,...

          "people had only a few centuries "
          how much is the history of human in earth and how much is history of animals in earth?

          "are you suggesting scientists don't know as much as animals and animals can treat themselves better than we do?"
          yes I exact mean that.
          if today animals have some sick it is because of destroys and interfering nature by human.
          if human do not interfere natural life of animals they have no sick and live until their natural end of their life.
      • May 18 2011: "I disagree Self-medication strategies are survival skills honed by natural selection.
        is there any evidence? this is only a hypothesis."
        This is part of evolution theory. Do you have competing evidence?

        "so why humans are not honed by natural selection and can not treat cancer, HIV,..."
        Yes there are. Look at tribes in South America, Native Indians and tribes in Africa. They all learned to use some herbals to treat their medical conditions.

        "if today animals have some sick it is because of destroys and interfering nature by human."
        I showed that viruses and bacterias are natural part of the environment. They evolve over time so animals get sick if their immune system cannot handle knew type of virus or bacteria.

        Also, animals get sick and die because their immune system fails if they are took weak e.g. because they don't have food or were injured in fight.

        These are well understood processes.
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    May 15 2011: My Friend S R Ahmadi
    Referring to your own comments in different posts about your belief that you made repeatedly may I ask

    Do animals (except human) have reach to the Quran to become a better scientist ?

    If your answer is" NO" to this very question, then your premise is not valid at all.
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    May 5 2011: Well i think it is because animals have evolved this way to carry out a particular set of instructions for their life.
    Humans on the other hand have evolved much faster and diverse,dealing with multiple tasks not originally meant for them.Nobody wants to play safe instead we want to break free at any cost.
    Thats what has brought our ancestors down from trees.
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    Apr 30 2011: The immune system is the most advanced scientist, without our body's ability to repair itself we would not go far.
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    Apr 30 2011: Animals do get sick just like humans. We just don't take that much notice of it because we care more for fellow humans. My families dog died in cancer a year ago.
    • Apr 30 2011: it was naturally or due to eating humans or any sick related to human environment?
      do dogs get cancer while living naturally?
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        Apr 30 2011: Cancer is a natural phenomenon. But the likelyhood that it occurs can sure be influenced by products produced by humans. What a single case of cancer was caused by is however difficult to determine. So what really caused the cancer is hard to say.

        However, I think it is a common missconseption that human developments have lead to worse living conditions for humans. Everything is not perfect and it will never be, But on the average I think things are getting better. I think it is important that we strive towards the best conditions for all though.

        Watch this 5 minute clip to get a feeling for what progress there actually has been over the last 200 years.
  • Apr 30 2011: human are more strong in poor country.in Indian village i live and saw the people are much strong as compere to develop country people and they are not sick any hard disease and their average life is 100 years but they dont know whats happen in world i think they enjoying life.
    • Apr 30 2011: is it related to industrial food?