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September 11th, 2001 and the controversy that surrounds it.

This my friends is a very sensitive subject. I realize this and intend to approach the topic as clearly and objectively as I can. That said, I think it is only fair we approach everything that happened on and after 9/11 with an open mind.

3 questions to guide this topic.

1 - Do you believe the truth was given to us about the attacks on 9/11? If not, give your beliefs and examples as to why you think this. If so, justify and reinforce your position.

2 - 9/11 was the catalyst for America's invasion into the Middle East starting in Afghanistan publicly with "Shock and Awe" in 2001 and effectively beginning the "War on Terror" that rages on today almost 10 years later. How has this shaped our foreign policies and what impact has that had on foreign relations?

3 - Tower 7 is widely forgotten in this discussion and even the 9/11 Commission had no answer as to why the tower suddenly crumbled at free fall speeds barely damaging the surrounding structures. What if any are the possible legitimate reasons this could have occurred?

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    Apr 30 2011: Dude man you keep remaking conversations!

    Lee had made this conversation a few days ago, again, just post questions on other conversations!
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      Apr 30 2011: I didnt see this subject brought up much and even if it was written in a post which I didn't see in 10 pages of scanning, I see people remaking a bunch of the same topics regarding the Middle East, religion, the Obama presidency, world government, and so on. So please only donate to the debate, and don't discourage it. A TED Moderator should remove your post just like they do when I make topics that are too vague to be of interest, which they have twice. They say they also do the same to comments like that.
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    Apr 30 2011: i will just answere number one. no
  • Apr 30 2011: "and examples as to why you think this. "
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      Apr 30 2011: Surely the Loose Change film isn't the only example why you believe this?
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      Apr 30 2011: No offense but Loose Change was filled with boldfaced lies and misconceptions and is even refuted by the 911 Truth Movement itself. While I don't believe we were told the truth, don't cite a film that is outright devious as some sort of evidence. It was hardly better than Zeitgeist.