Thomas Pisarchick


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Viral evolution, is it feasible to utilize, and has it occurred?

From what I understand viruses can and will change the DNA of the host. With this being said is it possible that viruses have been / will be agents of expedited evolution? Take the chicken and the egg discussion. Imagine pre-chicken there was a relative of the chicken that caught a virus that changed the DNA. Is it possible that the virus could change the genetic structure of the relative to that of the chicken, so that when the egg was laid from the relative creature a chicken hatched? With that being asked could viruses be constructed to repair genetic structure and be used as medicines and cures? Such as to change the way insulin is utilized in type 2 diabetes patients, or how serotonin is recaptured / released. Then further then that could viruses be constructed for simple things such as to change hair color?
Look forward to understanding this further with your inputs. Thanks