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Do you have a suggestion for TED? Something we could do better?

Have an idea for the website? Maybe a suggestion to improve TED Conversations?

We would like to use this space to hear and discuss your ideas for TED and TED.com.

Please note: If you wish to suggest a speaker please use the following link: http://www.ted.com/nominate/speaker


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    Jun 16 2011: Why not have a separate place for the execution of ideas? Its all well and good to talk, but we need to spread AND EXECUTE ideas, that would be inspiring.
    • Jun 16 2011: i'll second that
      it would be cool if we could search for people in our area - with the option of being left out of those searches as a privacy setting
    • Jun 16 2011: Hi Patrick -- another TED Conversation user brought up a similar point. We've been discussion how to take action (or make it easier for community members to) on ideas that come out of TED Conversations. We would certainly appreciate input on this!
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        Jun 16 2011: Could you please provide a link to that conversation Will?
      • Jun 16 2011: I think if you would allow us to see who is on ted in our area we could form super local groups and meetups where we could talk about what needs to happen in our specific areas

        but thats just my opinion take it or leave it

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