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    Jun 7 2011: Yes - It would be very helpful if each exchange within a conversation was also numbered. For example, the first response in a conversation would be #1, the second response #2 and so on. I have a tough time tracking my comments and following up on responses to them even with the ""my comments". Sometimes people anwer to my questions without using the "thread". Hope you understand what I'm asking!!!!
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      Jun 7 2011: I totally agree with Jim. Also, I think it would be useful to get any kind of alert either on our profiles or e-mails when somebody replies to our comments at any level. Somebody mentioned notifications before, but if it isn’t possible on the TED page, maybe an alert to our e-mails would be the solution. The way things are now, it is a bit hard to go down through all the threads recently added not only to read them but also to see if we need to reply to somebody. This alert would be great to keep our talks up to date. Sometimes I find out that I did not reply to somebody and the conversation is just over. Please, let me know if my suggestion is not clear. Many thanks.
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      Jun 7 2011: I agree with Jim and want to add on top of that - if we can have a feature to hide/minimize all the replies at certain level down under a comment. Would be quite nice when conversation grows really big just under one comment.

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