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    Jun 11 2011: The act of deleting comments, you do not "like", is undemocratic, manipulative, limiting, etc.

    Many may not agree with certain positions especially about delicate, taboo, controversial subjects presented on TED or expressed in comments by some users. It is very annoying and wrong tendency to delete comments when you in TED do not share or like them.

    The voice of the "minority" or the "unorthodox thinkers" has to be heard also if TED is to be believed to uphold the values it promotes.

    Here is my proposal for TED:
    INSTEAD REPLACE THEM WITH A LINK. You might be surprised how many people would click on those links and would want to read those "condemned" comments or have something to say about them.

    "Idea WORTH spreading"??? It seems you in TED have a tight grip on what to be considered "worthy" of spreading. Why not let the people say what they really think about the ideas you present? Moderate what appears but do not Delete - let the people have the means to read, reply to, rank the "condemned" comments.
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      Jun 12 2011: I totally disagree! There are a lot of F*****-** things that people say that are not worthy of sharing. Now, you might be under the impression that the opinion you have is the correct one and what you are saying is "the truth" but that, George, is very unlikely!

      Go here to speak freely! http://www.ted.com/conversations/3273/nothing_s_off_topic.html

      Edit: have you read http://www.ted.com/pages/conversations_terms ?
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        Jun 13 2011: No more. TED just killed the conversation. So much for transparency and free speech.

        @Jimmy: Two days remaining. If it goes, I go.
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          Jun 14 2011: I'm sorry to hear that Tim!

          Edit: seems to be back.
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          Jun 15 2011: "@Jimmy: Two days remaining. If it goes, I go."

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          Jun 15 2011: Transparency and free speech YES!

          But slanderous statements and personal attacks NO!

          There's got to be a line somewhere.

          I was the recipient of just such attacks here in a TED conversation and it was more than offensive - it was hurtful.
          TED can be faulted for being big brother, but when it comes to personal attacks, what would you propose TED do?
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          Jun 15 2011: I am supporting Jim on this one.

          We need a balance.
          I absolutely value Tim and his contribution and it is strange that he is the one who ends up in this confrontation for I have never seen him treat anyone without consumate respect and all of his comments are on point and often deeply insightful as well. The problem is that does not apply to everyone.
          When my comments have been removed- they deserved to be in most cases.

          I am surprised that TED did not leave Tim's thread alone as it was a happy little cul de sac for people - it was tactically a poor manoever but TED has to have the right to prevent threads from dissolving into chaos.
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          Jun 15 2011: Can we request that there be a review of the terms and agreement policy and that we, the users, have input? I really do think the process would benefit from a more formal review. For our part, if as a group we formulated new guidelines we think would be more fair for removal of a comment?
          It may not satisfy everyone's every wish, but it likely will result in something better than what we are tied to now.
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          Jun 16 2011: this^^
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          Jun 16 2011: EA

          5.TED is seeking to foster a grown-up conversation about ideas that matter. When conversing with other members, engage in a reasoned exchange of ideas -- avoiding flaming, name-calling, obscenities and insults.
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          Jun 16 2011: Well Kathy,
          I have to admit that I have read some things in the last day or so that have shocked me and are causing me to rethink my position.
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          Jun 18 2011: TED is not about free speech. It's about spreading ideas "they" agree on. We should be aware of it, accept it, or refrain from posting. I do enjoy some of TED's contents but I do not share the "pedestal" statues some users seem to have given to the brand name. When you look at the speakers, it is quiet clear the direction TED is moving forward to, and it ain't free-speech. Some speakers are in fact invited for their notoriety rather than for the content of their speech. It's a shame that in many cases, the speakers are people that have more than one platform to express their ideas/interests to the masses. TED should allow more "out of the dark" speakers, and focus more on the life's experience of the speaker rather than on their academical bureaucracy or the amount of books they have published; or even worst, their celebrity statues.
      • Jun 14 2011: They may not be worth sharing, but certainly they're not worth censoring. Mr Spilkov presents a seemingly perfect solution.
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        Jun 14 2011: @Birdia: They apparently decided it wasn't serving their interests.
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          Jun 15 2011: Hi all -- the purpose of TED Conversations is to provide a deeper and wider discussion amongst the TED community, to hear voices and meet people that you otherwise wouldn't have interacted with; there is no 'interests' that are being served. The Admins don't have an agenda they are serving besides doing their best to host engaging and productive conversations.

          Every single comment doesn't need to be perfectly on topic, but if you want an example for the reasoning behind comment removal, take a look at this very sub-thread within the suggestions thread. It has grown with many topics that I myself might consider off-topic to a point that suggestions for TED.com are being pushed down 'below the fold' and those users aren't getting their voices heard. In my opinion, off-topic comments and sub-threads provide a barrier to the original poster's discussion and have the potential to derail entire conversations.
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        Good one Jimmy! But you know there are certain causes which justify martyrdom. Free speech is one of them.
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          Jun 15 2011: Yeah, I know Tim.
          Talk to the admins, I really think you guys can come to a solution that works for all!
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        Jun 15 2011: Jim Moonan: RE: "I was the recipient of just such attacks here in a TED conversation and it was more than offensive - it was hurtful."

        Don't take it seriously Jim. Here on TED conversations I've been called an ignorant stalking rapist. Actually, I wish that comment wasn't deleted. It was really pretty comical.
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          Jun 15 2011: Really?! It's re-assuring to hear that coming from you... the attack on me felt more outrageous and sinister than comical. But if it were to happen again I suppose my skin is thicker now. It happened while I was rather new to the TED conversations and I was frozen by it because I think of TED as being a place were that kind of behavior is non-existent. But now I know it's not...
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          Jun 15 2011: tim, birdia, teach me how to get that kind of hate mail. i always get boring attacks only.
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          Jun 15 2011: I'm in good company then…

          But I don't think this is about what we get in terms of hateful, slanderous personal emails. We have protection against that if we want. We can protect our privacy as many do in this forum.

          What I think this is about is what the limits are to free speech in this public forum. Are there any??? I totally agree that TED needs to take a hard look at their rationale for removing comments and take what so many of us are calling for seriously. It is in the spirit of what is best about TED to do so.

          There's a music artist I enjoy that I think is a genuine musical genius and from time to time I find something on youtube by him and his band. The comments left are often supportive, but it's not unusual for ignorant, vicious people to spew their racist, bigoted, hate-filled venomous beliefs as well. My point is that’s apparently ok to a large degree on youtube – although there are times when the entire comment stream has been disabled and I assume that the speech got too far out of hand even that forum.

          But this is TED. I have been following this conversation closely enough to know that I may have to re-adjust my understanding of what TED conversations are and are not, but for now at least I see this forum as something of a safe-haven from that very small element of people that are so common across the internet... Is removing that type of comment so bad? Doesn’t removing that type of comment re-confirm who we are as a group?? A diverse group, but a respectful group as well.

          Btw, I'm always up for a good argument (Kristian, we have one going right now and your not playing fair). It's half the reason why I enjoy TED conversations.
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    • Jun 12 2011: I totaly agree with you sir:)
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      Jun 12 2011: I disagree with George.

      TED Conversations is not just another bulletin board. Here admins must delete comments to maintain the standard and most importantly the mere goal of this online conversation project.
      And in the conversations terms there are few adjectives repeated: mature, constructive, civil, relevant
      So, anything that does not comply with these adjectives should be removed.

      And radical openness in discussions never leads to anything constructive, even in your everyday meetings, you may try, it always leads to chaos and talking in vain for hours.
      • Jun 13 2011: Realy, here are some people who are very sophisticated radical and nobody deletes them. I believe that i have any rights to say when in disagree whit somebody, and not being deleted
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      Jun 12 2011: This would allow people to see who posts these uncouth comments so as to know if they the would like to engage these posters in other conversations.
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      • Jun 13 2011: I'd so red flag you right now, haha.
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        Jun 13 2011: I agree with that suggestion Birdia. The report of abuse can be misused
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          Jun 13 2011: I disagree with Birdia. Personally, I wouldn't use the flag feature if my name was showing up next to the flag. Besides, flagging a post doesn't automatically mean it will be deleted, just that the staff will look into it. A certain degree of anonymity is necessary to protect those who report abuse. I also can't quite imagine a mature community like the TED community would abuse the flag system. Don't tell me I'm wrong! :)
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          Jun 13 2011: How about having the option to put your name next to the flag?
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          Jun 13 2011: I like the system the way it is, it allows me to express what I like without having to explain myself why I like a controversial comment or why in one talk I agree with x and in another talk, I disagree with a similar opinion (I'm not talking about flagging it). I like the fact that I can raise my thumb for a comment which I find inspiring. I don't care much about my credit, but I like being identified as a translator. It motivates me to think twice about what I write.
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        Jun 13 2011: Ok then - you are not right :)

        You can't quite imagine a mature community like the TED community would abuse the flag system but what about imagining a mature community like the TED community would abuse the terms? If you can imagine that then perhaps you could imagine the latter also.
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          Jun 13 2011: I agree with Richard...anything is possible Simone...
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          Jun 13 2011: @ Cathy- what do you mean?

          You mean saying 'Naner, naner, I'm telling the teacher!" Isn't OK?

          (or maybe its me letting it get to me- OK, I agree!)
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          Jun 13 2011: Isn't that a bit too pessimistic? Anyways, let's not lose track of the topic. Discussions about the right way how to moderate online communities will always be a part of the whole thing.
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        Jun 16 2011: I agree the red flags should appear in the conversation..maybe even with a counter so the commenter knows how many have taken issue.

        Since Red flags are invisible at the moment we can't know which are pending PED review. So as far as I know we have no knowlledge on the pattern of use of red flags.

        We only get to see the outcome , a notice "this post was removed by admin".

        In the few conversations I have been involved in I have never once seen a comment removed by admin that was simply an opposing view point. That is simply not a a truthful portrayal, Birdia, of what I have seen.
        In every case it has been about removing inapparopriate comments by members that breech the terms of use agreement. In one conversation sveral members got into a bitter relentless personal harangue with one another right in the middle of a conversation on transforamtive expetreiences, of all things. The moderator repeatedly asked them to stop. They continued really ruining the whole conversation. By the time admin removed all the posts it was too late.the entire conversation was ruined. That was the most dramatic one I have witnessed. Same people involved in all the others i have seen. Same issues..

        I have not personally ever ever ever seen deletion of a comment that is simply expressing a different opinion. That is simpy not a true statement from my observations.
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          Jun 16 2011: I can vouch for this statement:

          "I have not personally ever ever ever seen deletion of a comment that is simply expressing a different opinion. That is simpy not a true statement from my observations."
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        Jun 16 2011: I think the flags should be visible and that there should be a counter so the commenter has a sense of how a comment is received by the community

        .I am all for transparency. I think TED's guidance to "abusers" should appear publicly right in the context of the conversation. That way we would all learn. And that would certainly curb these tedenciesand self correct our community..

        .Didn't there used to be at thumbs down? Maybe that should be bright back?

        In another conversation I just saw three thumbs up on a comment that suggested that the appropriate response to a statement that "The holocause was a lie" is to present videos and documentation that holocaust did actuially happen if you disagree.

        Is red flagging a statement that " the holocaustis a lie" suppressing opinion? censorhip?

        I think not.

        In some parts of the world that is actually a crime. All over the wolrd in civilized and intelligent compamy that kind of thing just isn't said

        There are myths being spread here about censorship and repression and manipulation that really don't tell the underlying story. These are just the wounded little boys and girls who through rocks through the window and then wailed when they were caught.
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    Emo Bear

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    May 2 2011:  
    Lower the volume of the intros and outros to the talks, they are waaaaay too loud; especially on headphones.
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    Jun 12 2011: What about ideas worth realizing?

    Why not have TED Community vote each month on an idea / talk they like best and offer a crowd-funding for this idea. If 5.000 persons vote to have an idea realized and each person is giving 50 Dollars - a lot can be done.

    TED FUTURE could be more than ideas, it could be a community for change - for action. Then TED has the potential to be an even more influential international avantgarde which is socially interactive. It transforms ideas in some cases to reality - and in many societys you need just a little help for a first mover to start a movement for change.
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      Jun 12 2011: I really like the crowdfunding idea. It already works for projects such as Philantropher where every day, a new non-profit is introduced and people can decide to fund it with $1 (it's just $1 so you can give $1 for the next project on the next day as well - which I think is a great idea). Kickstarter has a similar approach (however without the vote system): every project has its own page, people can decide to "follow" projects and the initiator can post updates on the page to inform about the progress he has made. I think this would be a great experiment, especially for projects like building schools or improving healthcare.
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      Jun 13 2011: This is a really great idea!
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    May 11 2011: I don't know if its already been suggested, but just in case how about a TED follow up. Y'all bring in some amazing speakers that talk about cutting edge stuff or fantastic design, etc. and then Poof. I never hear about it again. I want updates! I want to be able to keep tabs on progress or failure!
    • May 11 2011: Ted follow ups sound like a great idea,I think a lot of people have a continuing interest in the amazing talks that they've seen on TED,
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      May 11 2011: Hi Meher -- I know what you mean! One of the first talks I saw was the demo of Sixth Sense technology, I would love to get updates on the research and progress. What form do you picture this taking?
      • May 11 2011: +1 Updates would be great. Maybe speakers should be allowed to edit the "About this talk" sidebar with useful links and news. A more social approach would be to ask the viewers to find updates and related content and edit the "About this talk" like a wiki.
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        May 12 2011: The sixth sense tech was exactly what i had in mind when i posted this. Pranav Mistry demonstrated the amazing tech, and made some great claims about cost and what not, and alluded to the the simplicity of the design. He suggested making it sort of open source, well, now i want my blueprints and programs!

        what I had in mind was allowing speakers to maybe do follow-up talks, not necessarily on the big stage, but self made sort of things. They could do audio recording, or audio visual or downloadable or broadcast-able presentations or something that could be linked to the speeches they give so we can watch the progress and development and also so they can reach out to the TED community for support if they hit road blocks.

        or you can set up like micro TEDS, little studios where the presenters could just come and present updates to small audiences or no audience at all, the use of TED facilities would just be so that the follow-ups have consistency in audio visual production. but all follow-ups should be directly linked to the original talk, I want to see flow, hear about the hold ups and success, I want the process of development to be more transparent so that the world can see how stuff gets done! (or not done)
      • May 15 2011: The Speaker pages already have an 'On the web' section for links - example http://www.ted.com/speakers/pranav_mistry.html - and I would generally include Wikipedia and Worldcat id links, for speaker and/or topic. The point is, don't replicate something already being done elsewhere. If there's a excellent bibliography on a person or topic, link to that rather than to each link individually.
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        May 15 2011: Couldn't you just search engine said technologies and/or break throughs?
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        May 20 2011: How about an option to be sent notifications via TED or email about a subject? The obvious downside is more work for the speaker/organisation?!
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      May 19 2011: Starting from TED Global 2010, during the conference hosts give updates about past speakers. Also sometimes some posts are published in TED Blog - http://blog.ted.com
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        May 19 2011: I totally agree that there should be a better more organized follow-up feature. I mean, it's not just about listening to talks...it's about creating action, right?

        It would be nice to have on the actual talk video page a follow-up section if there are any video follow-ups. Or even a progress bar or a section for the original speaker to update on the talk. It's definitely nice to know if the idea is still in forward motion. If not, what we can do to help.
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    Jun 8 2011: I think that requiring organizers of TEDx events with more than 100 attendees to attend a TED conference is very limiting. I understand that it is of great importance to ensure the quality of TEDx events but I believe you could think of some alternatives that do not require spending $6000 (which is a great deal of money in most places in the world) and traveling around the globe.
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      Jun 15 2011: Hi Dana -- For a more detailed response to this I would recommend reaching out to the TEDx team (contact info is available in the ted.com/tedx sub-page), but my understanding of that rule is to ensure that the larger events reflect the 'feel' of a TED conference. The TEDx program gives out the TED name at no cost to organizers all over the world, but my understanding is there has to be some limitations along the way to ensure the overall quality of the events.
  • Apr 30 2011: It may exist already, but I can't find it... I would like the option of CHANGING the dates for a conversation / debate. I think it would be neat to extend / reduce the dates depending on how things are going. I have a talk that I feel has run its course and would liek to close early. As I can't, I feel that I need to keep reading it so that I don't appear rude and miss questions being asked.

    Also, a Collapse option. There can be a lot of comments to scroll down and if each comemnt was collapsed, with just the posting name and date/time, it would be much easier to oprn up the recent comments.

  • May 21 2011: Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions. I discovered TED about a year ago and typically watch TED Talks while eating breakfast and dinner.

    My suggestion is to turn down the volume of the introduction to each talk The sound is so loud that after listening to one talk at a comfortable level I have to adjust the volume down when starting another talk, otherwise the intro blows me out of the room. Could these intros be adjusted to a lower level so they would match the listening level of the pieces they are introducing. I understand the producer of this piece meant it to be very dramatic and it is but it is also inconvenient to be constantly adjusting my volume.

    Al Vitale
    St. Louis MO
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      May 21 2011: I agree, the opening and closing volume needs adjustment.
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      May 21 2011: This should of been addressed ages ago.
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      May 23 2011: Hi Al -- Alway good to see a fellow St. Louisan out there! (born and raised in South St. Louis, moved out to the county for middle school and high school).

      We've heard the feedback on this, and is a more complicated fix than it would seem. We're looking at it though and hope to have it resolved soon.
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        May 23 2011: Can you add the sound track to an audio program like adobe audition and just adjust the volume level of the intros? Then re-import it into the video track. This is how I would go about it, also how I am willing to assist.
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    May 1 2011: Why TED Talks must be in English? I think nothing happens if the English-Speaking Peoples watch the talks with subtitles as it has always been possible for the rest of the world. Further there are a lot of amazing people out there with brilliant ideas who have not been able to spreading only because of non-English speaking.
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      May 1 2011: Hi Ana Maria! I would love to see TED talks in other languages with subtitles but I recognize that most of us who speak English as a first language are not able to speak other language and that probably applies to the TED hierarchy. They are responsible for the content of the talks and they may be wrestling with how to vett such talks when they do not really know what they say. The other problem is that there is no mechanism for the very best nonEnglish speaking thinkers do not have direct access to the TED decision makers one on one.
      I sure hope that something will develop to permit talks from other languages because I think we will all be enriched!
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          May 14 2011: Jaime, You are doing just fine. Your points are understandable and you should remember that most of us cannot even speak a few words of another language. The least we can to is the small work of adjusting the words of a non- native English speaker!
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      May 2 2011: Hey Ana -- The language of the conference itself is English (which is why all of the TED Conference talks are), but many of our TEDx events around the world feature other languages. As you can imagine we view a lot of talks and curating/translating additional languages adds a level of difficulty. That being said, stay tuned :-)
      • May 4 2011: I think it should be much more enriching to have conferences in all other languages with subtitles, at least, in English. This would enable us to reach many more fascinating ideas as well as peen in different cultural narratives that are limited by language constraints.

        I just think it should be possible for those non-English TED conference organizers to find someone for a quick English translations....
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          May 4 2011: Or we could just do it. I don't see any reason why TED translators shouldn't be able to write English subtitles for Talks in their native languages. That said, the subtitles in the native languages would have to be written first, but that can't be so hard either. Will, if you're one day betatesting this feature, count me in :)
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          May 5 2011: Hi Simone, Sanjay -- Stay tuned! This is something we're hoping to see very soon. Simone, I'm sure your (and the rest of the TED Translators) input will continue to prove vital. We'll be in touch if we need testers!
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        May 4 2011: Is it possible that the TED website could acquire the necessary translation software to enable participants who speak languages other than English to comment/read in their own language?
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          May 5 2011: Babel fish where are you?
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          May 10 2011: Hi Jim -- Besides English, TED Conversations are currently supported in French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Norwegian, German and Russian!

          And for reading, switching on the subtitle for a talk will translate some of the surrounding text and using Chrome as a browser will give you the capability to translate entire pages (albiet not perfectly).
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        May 11 2011: I love to see TED talk in different languages with English/ German/ French/ chinese/ etc. subtitles.
        I know it won't be easy. But how about having "native language" session when TED is held abroad; For example, have several talks in Spanish/ Catalan when TED is held in Spain.

        And if it's not too much, you can ask the speakers to prepare the scripts before hand. So, you can have translation script running on screen at the presentation. There may be better idea. I'm sure TED people will come up with something really cool!
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      May 3 2011: Hi Ana,

      I'm a TEDx organiser in Taiwan, and many of our speakers prefer to speak in Chinese. We encourage this, for the reasons you give.

      All the same, some of our speakers prefer to try in English - even though the people in the room mostly speak Chinese and we provide a translation service. Why? Because they want their talk to be accessible to the maximum number of people possible.

      The TED translation project makes it easier for people all around the world to enjoy TED talks in different languages. And one reason for that is that English is so widely spoken, so there are many people able to translate into their own language. Talks in English are more easily translatable into other languages. Very few people speak Chinese well enough to translate a talk into their own language, and even fewer could read the transcript.

      Providing TED talks in more languages is a worthy goal, and the TEDx community is working hard to do that. So is the translation community. I'm sure that as these projects continue to grow, we will eventually have enough quality material to start offering TED talks in different languages. Do you have any suggestions for how these talks can be curated so that the best ones get selected to be featured on TED.com?
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        May 3 2011: I see no reason why I can't read English subs.

        I would do so gladly for benefit/entertainment, TED, hire interns to do translating work part/full time. Teacher and linguistic (examples) majors would do it for a letter of recommendation to stuff into portfolios. TED is highly credible, it would take a conspiracy theory to discredit it. So my added suggestion to more languages is as follows.

        Hire interns for letters and networking abilities. In return comes more publicity from teachers and linguistics, more networking. Ultimately a large community will build and sister and/or brother sites can be created for more specific topics.

        This is all possible by allow more speakers of all languages to also only better a great site.

        I see no reason why most people on here wouldn't pay a dollar membership fee to expand neither. Perhaps.


        More is better when involving ideas, do not let any boundary stop ideas being shared.
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          May 5 2011: I totally agree with Nicholas. At the same time, research interns with a certain language proficiency could do the same job and conduct research in sociology, communication theory, semiotics all around TED. Oh wait, there's a broad hint hidden there ;)

          But back to the topic. Will -- who would I have to contact for research-related questions?
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      May 12 2011: I so agree with you , It would be really amazing for whole TED community , if we can see in future a feature like "TED translation " TED DUB" ..so non English peaking people or even people who cant read and language but can understand by listing will also be able to understand and share these amazing ideas .
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    Apr 30 2011: Have speakers do a follow-up posting to TED. Not necessarily a new video, but a posted document where they take two or three (or four) key objections or questions that came up in discussion of their talk, or in conversations linked from it, and give a brief respose to those.

    This would help to foster the sense that the participants here are actually engaged in dialogue with the big players.
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      Jun 14 2011: Post the conversations Wongmo.
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      Jun 14 2011: Hi Wongmo,

      Thank you for drawing our attention to certain comments by flagging them. We've looked into all the flagged comments and took appropriate action when necessary, But we have not gotten any flags from you about the 2 conversations you've mentioned.
      Let's discuss this via email, to avoid hijacking this conversation. :)
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        Jun 15 2011: Wongmo: Don't tell me you're a red-flagger. Thought you were more enlightened then that. The only comments I red-flag are the ADMIN's.

        Do you really thing that censorship is the best way to confront racism? Why not confront it directly through debate? The best antidote to racism is the light of day.
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          Jun 15 2011: Tim, I know she wasn't red flagging and that she confronted them directly only to receive ridicule.
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        Jun 15 2011: Debra: So who exactly was offended?
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        Jun 15 2011: wongmo: I'm baffled by what you consider the cost of open-ended conversations that no one comments on? Is the price of a few extra bits of information bothering you?
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        Jun 15 2011: And what is your point with::

        "That NO open-ended conversations seems to be pointed at one person in particular to me, but it backfired on your great Nothings Off Topic"
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        Jun 15 2011: So what is the detriment to leaving open-ended discussions around?

        At least just eliminate those with no activity for a few months. Why have ADMINs running around making value judgments on what stays end what goes?
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    Jun 13 2011: This website is really impressive already, but there is always opportunity for improvement. Regarding my taste, I would like to see optimization of the discussion threads. At the present, even standard functionalities in exemplary forums are missing here:
    - Thread pages you can jump to instead of only loading the next comments
    - Viewing the comment pages alone without streaming the video
    - Detailed search options, like searching within a thread.

    I already have ideas that go beyond them, but I would highly appreciate if these standard functionalities were introduced first. Afterwards, one can think about improving them further. Generally said, I would like to see an enhancement of the conversation options, since I consider the comments and discussions to be vital additions to the inspiring videos.

    Either way, thanks for asking for suggestions and striving for improvement :)
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      Jun 13 2011: Yeah, what Ray said!
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      Jun 13 2011: Great suggestions Ray!
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        Jun 13 2011: Wow, many thanks for the cheerful endorsement, friends! I am glad that my wishes meet your appreciation :) This is the most inspiring website on the internet known to me, so any suggestions are just cherry on the cake. Nevertheless, I'd like to have this cherry ;)
  • Jun 7 2011: TED talks should be available on Netflix. Big ideas deserve a big screen
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      Jun 7 2011: It's a shame that you need a U.S. mailing address though...
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      Jun 7 2011: That's why we should embrace my idea of a TED film house on the TED site! I want to be able to see films from around the world and I would be willing to pay a fee if it went to support film makers on the front lines bringing us truth from around the world.
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2011: Great idea! Good art in every form educates , enlightens, and entertains.
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2011: Truth tends to be filtered through the eyes of the beholder.
        But I agree about film making, filmmakers should have a voice outside of the industry for projects that do not fit the entertainment guidelines. Even thou the main concerns for filmmakers to take on a serious project come from founding the picture. Perhaps a TED sponsored program to help not only to diffuse, but also to finance projects selected by TED (or a committee on behalf of TED) for non-profit, out of the industry, educational purposes. TEDFILMS presents...
        Perhaps the program could focus on projects involving several writers, filmmakers and crews, around the world to collaborate together on 'Universal' films, sort of "All the Invisible Children", without the big names ;)
  • thumb
    Jun 3 2011: I think TED could really use an introduction video that explains the "basics" of TED.com
    There is just so much info to go through, so many buttons to push and explore, seeing a tutorial video of TED could really help TEDsters find what their looking for on TED, generating more ideas, reaching a bigger mass.
  • thumb
    May 29 2011: How about NOT closing this conversation!?

    I've been afk for some time and an hour isn't quite enough time for me to check this conversation out, will there be a new conversation when this one closes?
  • thumb
    May 27 2011: Two of my ideas, very briefly:

    - email notification on local TEDx events
    (get notified when there is going to be TEDx event nearby)

    - "watch later" feature in TEDtalks video archive
    (just like youtube has)
  • May 26 2011: Please, give us a "Random TED talk" button!

    (Edit: You click on that button and are presented a random TED talk. Or a random TED talk channel that presents you with random TED talks one after another.)

    (Edit2: If there is such a feature, please let me know in a comment...)
    • thumb
      May 27 2011: I like the idea Pascal, but I want to add a suggestion.

      Allow TEDsters to pick their "interest" like stumbleupon.com does.

      Now this can be good for a few reasons.. Your preset interest could allow the random TED talk button to bring you to a talk you are definitely going to enjoy. Also TED website will be able to suggest other videos based on your interest. This can be done by modifying the "interest" section in the profiles, it will have two duties now, one to dictate interest and two to let the website know what to offer!

      Just a quick suggestion.
      • thumb
        May 27 2011: I like this one. And the base for it should already be there with the recommendations you get when you watch talks. I would definitely be more motivated to favorite and to rate TED talks if there was this feature. And the Random button could be fun!
      • thumb
        May 27 2011: You can define your interests now... using one of the profile boxes. I understnand what is your idea, but and don't think, that this would be something, what TED needs. Here is why: the idea of TED is that you get talks from all topics. You collect ideas you wouldn't encounter normally. This Stumbleupon like feature could keep the viewer closed in his area of interest, which is killing the basing concept of TED - inspiration from distant areas of specialization.

        Random button makes sense, it is not so hard to implement and it could be interesting.
        • thumb
          May 29 2011: "This Stumbleupon like feature could keep the viewer closed in his area of interest, which is killing the basing concept of TED"

          I disagree completely. I have 0 interest in economics and business as it is developing in the world... Not because the topics are not important but because it is unrelated to my current interest.. People can only handle SO much information at once. So by allowing you to pick your interest, you can study in depth what you want, when you want more (which I hope you do) you add to the interest..

          The point of TED is in the name itself, after that it is up to the individual to use TED as a tool like any other technology or website on the internet.
        • May 29 2011: Hi Michal,

          that was my thought, exactly. Just because I don't want to allow myself to skip talks that appear to be boring, I'd like to have the random TED talk button (or channel). Almost always the TED talks are stunning, wonderful, interesting - no matter which topic they cover. This way you increase the serendipity factor: to stumble upon new fascinating topics that did not appear to be interesting at first glance. Or to rediscover TED talks you've watched a while ago but cannot remember that well enough anymore.
  • thumb
    May 18 2011: How about adding length as one of the sort/ resize options? There are times when I might have 10 or 15 minutes to hear a talk, but not 30. It would be great to be able to see the selection of talks that fit into the time I have available.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Hi Daryl -- that's something we have available on the TED iPad app, but a great idea for the site. There may be something similar available for extra short talks, let me poke around and get back to you.
      • thumb
        May 20 2011: If from the homepage you click on the "Talks" link then on the left of the screen will be the scroll down menu dubbed "Show by minutes". This allows you to select talks from 3, 6, 9, 12, or 18 minutes.
  • May 16 2011: To new visitors, the site may feel baffling or unwelcoming, because pages and phrases tend to lack introductory explanation. But it's easy to fix.

    1. Make the "About TED" link the very first one seen on the home page -- put it in bold, upsized type right beneath the logo, so first-time visitors can't miss it and can quickly get up to speed on what this is all about. Presently, "About TED" is hidden in tiny gray type several columns over.

    2. Similarly, explain each section with a sentence or two at the top of its page (e.g. purpose, ground rules, distinctions among subsections). For example, if someone clicks into the TED Conversations section, it's reasonable for them to expect that section to begin with a brief explanation of the section.

    3. Similarly, you may find occasions to explain phrases that may be unfamiliar, perhaps with a simple (What's This?) rollover.

    As my old boss would say: Make it intuitive, and explain yourself. Test it on grandma. If she gets it, you did well.
  • thumb
    May 16 2011: Idea: What to sell in the TED online store.
    Conversation: There needs to be a TED store and I hope it is coming soon. I am bursting at the seams to get my own TED merchandise. A T-shIrt is a great way to get someone interested in TED. I would wear it all the time. I have even been considering going and having my own TED shirts custom made. Next should TED sell philanthropic packages like solar panels, and goats, trees, and other cool stuff for developing nations? There are many ways to give and recieve - and TED certainly can do so in a dignified manner that maintains its high degree of integrity and not look like they are just selling items for profit. Any type of TED products should clearly explain the win - win of the gift and it's relationship to ideas worth spreading. PBS does a great job of marketing merchandise for their supporters and so can TED. PS I am not a vendor nor intend to seek any profit making opportunities related to TED - I am just a HUGE TED FAN.
    • thumb
      May 16 2011: I would buy a fitted-hat with the TED logo on it!

      I would so use a bumper sticker of "TED = ideas worth spreading".

      Great idea Brandt
      • thumb
        May 16 2011: going once, twice, SOLD to the man in the back that needs a hat! Thanks for your support of this idea, Nicholas. I am sure there is some reason they don't already have this and it would be interesting to know the reason but I will be first in line when it happens. Please ask your friends to sign on and support this idea.
        • thumb
          May 17 2011: It is reasonable really! I mean I do not mind donating time, but if I am donating money and getting something in return wouldn't be a bad thing. I already suggest ask TEDsters for a dollar to expand more!
  • May 16 2011: Maybe it already exists and I have not seen where it is, or maybe someone else has already suggested it, but I would like to be able to look at a list of videos that I have not watched yet. I simply enjoy TED.com so much that I want to watch it all, eventually. It probably wouldn't be a tall order to have an option to filter out videos I've watched while logged into my profile.
  • Comment deleted

    • May 15 2011: That's a nice one! I always make such inadvertent clicks away...
    • thumb
      May 17 2011: Good feedback Richard -- I hadn't noticed the similarity previously, I'll see what the developers think on this
  • Comment deleted

    • Comment deleted

    • Comment deleted

      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          May 12 2011: Hi Richard (and Pabitra) -- Of course not, I'm answering as many as possible as I can (I do have other responsibilities here at HQ!).

          As far as moderating the Conversations, we're always looking for ways to get better and the Conversations Admins do appreciate feedback.

          It's a surprisingly challenging job, and much like a referee in sports it seems like someone is always unhappy with you. It's also an incredibly challenging balance to find, on one side of the spectrum you have 'hand's off' forums, which quickly devolve into a free-for-all conversation with little or no productive discussion (see YouTube or many news webpage comment sections if you want examples), and the other is a heavy-handed approach which stifles debate and the exchange of ideas (which obviously goes against the very grain of TED).

          At TED we always try to pick the route of openness, and moderate Conversations with that in mind. We email when a comment or conversation is removed and if you disagree with an Admin's decision, feel free to ask for clarification. They are more than open to reposting comments or conversations if there was a miscommunication, and will always explain their reasoning.

          As far as off-topic comments go, again, it's a tricky balance. But, what we've found is that other and new commenters are far less likely to jump into a conversation when they see the thread derailed by disparaging remarks or random chatter, than when the conversation is concerning the topic at hand. If you wish to pursue a side conversation or another topic you can always email the other user, or begin a new conversation of your own.

          If you have feedback or wish to receive clarification please do email the conversation admins (conversations[at]ted.com).
  • thumb
    Apr 30 2011: http://www.ted.com/conversations/1818/leave_one_idea_for_improving_t.html

    - Instead of just 3 replies then done, make it 4 or 5 (maybe with the option of making the comment boxes spread left to make text less condense?).
    - Like many will agree on; alert system. For replies within conversation under the user's comment and conversations. Perhaps in a personal profile viewer of: conversation(s) made, commented on, and replies.
    - Another suggesting is when clicking "my conversation" there is a system which dictates how many comments there been since you seen that conversation; this way you will know which to look at first or at all.
    - When posting a link of another conversation within a conversation; the information in regards to the posted conversation should be able to be opened without traveling to the other conversation's page but be able to comment and read it from the page in which the link was posted on. Example: I posted that link to another conversation now when I post it in this system, instead of the link appearing, a mini-text of the conversation's title/explanation should be seen with the ability to extend all the conversation below in and to minimize it again... This way ideas can be connected faster, easier, and controllable to the users convenience.
    - Oh, and fix the mailing system; I been sending blanks to people and then I can't explain myself because when I reply off of e-mail to their message (telling me it was blank) the message I respond to through TED and e-mail are blank too...

    Suggestion for last one: Get a few computer major-students willing to do it for a letter of recommendation from TED, personally I would want that with how big TED is getting for all communities of study.
    • thumb
      Apr 30 2011: Love it Nic!
      The reply limit of 3 is more of a formatting issue I believe, as we have to operate within the existing framework of the site -- but, it is certainly something that can certainly be looked at. And we're totally on-board with the notification system. As I asked Minh, what are your thoughts on notifications of posts to a thread you've opened? Would you be interested in that, or would it be too overwhelming? It would be an optional feature of course.

      I love the idea of embedded copy from the links, kind of like posting a news article onto Facebook (or a TEDTalk!).

      Do you think you could describe your issues with the mailing system in greater detail? If it is a long description, feel free to send it to contact[at]ted.com. I can pass on the bug report to our engineering team and see if it isn't part of a bigger issue.
      • thumb
        Apr 30 2011: Mail problem: I send a message from their profile and they tell me it comes up blank, and i cannot reply off of that e-mail I received at all ever. So e-mailing is a shoot or miss with this system.

        Notification: I would say in one's personal profile would be another section just for conversations: one's created by user and replied by comment. See the profile main, full bio, pictures...? Start another section there just for the conversation in which you are a part of, then maybe the number of new comments since the last time you viewed them.

        Embedded: DO it!!!
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Please make a public statement to say that TED Admin is in charge and depose the tin pot dictators of the site!Tell people you can handle the job and that they are not and have never been appointed to police the threads.In the absense of a strong direction dictators are taking over and making life miserable for all of us Liliputians!
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 17 2011: Hi Kathy -- As stated in email, I'm looking into this. Editing comments is not something that the Admins use as a practice, and they always notify users of comment deletion. They occasionally request that users edit offensive statements out of comments, but again, let the users do it themselves. I will be in touch with you as I learn more.
      • thumb
        Jun 18 2011: Thanks Will. I think Kathy K's idea is an excellent one.

        I also think that the forced closure of Tim Colgan's conversation was grossly unfair. He was not even given the option of extending his conversation that others are given, including yours here. Could you look into that also?

        And although I got an email stating that flagged conversations are not automatically removed, I am sure that a far larger percentage of those get removed than ones not flagged. Normally posters are quite tolerant of each other, but there are one or two, (one in particular I positively know of), who keeps ticking other posters off about what we should or should not post.

        Is there any way of you knowing if flags are coming from a particular person? I think that person should be told to ease off.

        And we should be given an opportunity ourselves to remove and edit in any case, and we be given reasons why this should be done, not just a cryptic "this is in violations of our rules, please see the link". Our posts should not treated as citizens in a police state being led off in the dead of the night on the tip-offs of informants.
  • Jun 13 2011: A discussion on new economic models wound is very useful. As far as I understand the existing economic model followed by most of the countries in the world it does not work. It has created great inequalities and it seems always at the edge, ready to self-distract. Accumulation of capital by very few (part of an ego trip) has pushed the have- not to the end of the rope and hardworking people need food stamps to survive.
    Let’s start a discussion about a new economic world order. It is about time for it.
  • Jun 11 2011: Hi yes i indeed have an idea how to help and spread the Ted ideas to a wider audience:
    Try to get involved in the entertainment systems of airlines and have your own video channel!
    As a matter of fact, i already suggested this to SIA recently.

    Best regards
    • thumb
      Jun 12 2011: That - I think could be a money maker for TED for people on planes would love to have alternative viewing and the length of the segments is ideal and the potential for 'addicting' a lot of new people in such an environment is huge!
  • thumb
    Jun 9 2011: Hello Will,

    Yes, I have a very clear suggestion for TED: why don't we we make TED a truly multi-cultural media by promoting talks worldwide in their original language dubded in English as well as in other languages ?

    As a TEDx organizer and promoter while living in eastern France in parts that changed nationalities several times, I still see in our cities the remains of the war that raged here and yet little is done to promote our cross cultural inheritage. I dream to organize a TEDx involving three or for countries (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium) and several languages including English all involved in a local TED program. Unfortunately, at the moment only English speaking talks would get visibility.

    I am ready to discuss this in Edinburgh or on TEDc.

    Best regards

  • thumb
    Jun 8 2011: https login ?
  • thumb
    Jun 4 2011: 1. TED generally tries to avoid political talks and most speakers try to play safe whenever a local or international political issue pops up. However, we like to accept it or not politics is a part of every activities. TED may think of allowing/welcoming more political discourse and talks on stage (specially international issues).

    2. (As far I can remember) Although there is a point in the TED Speaker prep's guide "keep your talk targeted to a global audience". Many speakers naturally forget that. They use first person plural number (We) to understand people of the USA while they easily could address the people of the world. I think TED should be more careful to remind this issue to the speakers. Same thing goes to TEDx, TEDx organizers may remind their speakers that at the end the target audience is global.
  • thumb
    Jun 4 2011: @Richard Dawson. Let me rephrase it. We need to debunk outright lies. Sometimes the intellectual community is reluctant to take a moral stand. It's easier to say 'What is truth?" But I know a lie when I see it. Fox News (a Rupert Murdock production) is devoted to disinformation and propaganda. It must be countered.

    For example, true of false: Fox News claims there is no such thing as global warming. Is the intellectual community too timid to answer that ? I hope not.
    • thumb
      Jun 4 2011: @ clay blasdel "We need to debunk outright lies. Sometimes the intellectual community is reluctant to take a moral stand. It's easier to say 'What is truth?" But I know a lie when I see it. Fox News (a Rupert Murdock production) is devoted to disinformation and propaganda. It must be countered. For example, true of false: Fox News claims there is no such thing as global warming. Is the intellectual community too timid to answer that ? I hope not."

      This wonderfully illustrates my point that "it is not the function of TED (or other busybodies on TED) to be an arbiter of the truth. I think its a function of TED to provide a forum where truth is debated, including the meaning of truth."

      You have arbitrated "the truth" and determined in your mind that "global warming" is the Gospel truth. As a matter of fact if you examine the scientific evidence there is very little supporting that theory. Not that Global Warming has not occurred, but that there is anything unusual about it in the climatic history of the Earth or that anthropogenic CO2 has anything to do with it.

      There has been no global warming in the Earth's temperatures during the last 10 years at least, while CO2 in the atmosphere has increased at an unprecedented rate.

      Global Warming supporters, besides the so called "scientists" who are ripping off the Govts to get grants for research into this mythical problem, consist of Greenies, Tree Huggers, and every non-scientific religious person you can think of.

      It appeals to their belief that the end of the world is nigh because of mankind's evil ways.

      Thus your statement "Junk science and false information is bombarding this society" is correct. You have given an example of it and also shown why you or TED should not be the arbiter of truth.
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2011: 3rd 'OH TOSH' award!
        • thumb
          Jun 5 2011: Dear Debra if that 'OH TOSH' award is for me, I am honoured to be so honoured by a person like you who arbitrates on Science and Junk Science.
          It only confirms what I have written that the unscientific have adopted it as a matter of faith because of their deeply rooted belief that mankind should be punished for its evil ways and that apocalypse looms because of it.
          It also confirms why TED or the opinions of people here should not be arbiters of truth.
          PS Everyone carrying on about Fox news should realise its not an American centric world anymore. For most Fox news is irrelevant. It is only of supreme importance for the politically minded Americans of the left and right.
      • thumb
        Jun 6 2011: Debate is good - the whole scientific paradigm is based upon debate, challenge, arguments, counter-arguments, evidence, methodology ... this is the basis of the work of acadmeics and the peer review system ... there are many people who think this system is too conservative - too slow moving ... so to claim the "so-called" scientists are ripping off governments to get grants into mythical problems [notice the language you are slipping into here] ... is well ... not debate to be polite ... then to follow up with 'tree-huggers', greenies, and other non-scientific religious persons - [clarification required here - is non-scientific good or bad here? religious good or bad? I assume persons is neutral?] ...
        So Richard I would suggest you are being a meta-arbitrator!
        • thumb
          Jun 6 2011: Hi Nic you are obviously a believer in Global warming. I was not trying to engage in debate on this matter here, as this is not the forum for it. I was merely pointing out that whereas Junk science, false science, erroneous science and pseudo-science needs to be debunked, TED and others should not be arbiters of this but merely provide a forum where such things can be debated and debunked.

          You state that "the whole scientific paradigm is based upon debate, challenge, arguments, counter-arguments, evidence, methodology" - No argument with you there

          "... this is the basis of the work of acadmeics and the peer review system". - Correction this should be the basis of the work of acadmeics and the peer review system. The peer review system in climate science is often an incestuous old boys cabal of mutual backslappers - An "I'll review yours, you review mine" alliance.

          I note you are a statistician so perhaps more qualified to comment on things statistical than the peer review system. How are the climate sensitivity projections of the IPCC shaping up?
    • thumb
      Jun 5 2011: It gives me a warm feeling that people are opening their eyes more towards what politics actually are; lies, profit, and pay-offs, not the lovable philosophy of political-science.

      We now have the internet, seek your own truths, if you feel those are rare and hard to come by in politics then look at many different websites. If many different websites are saying the same information, start considering the information plausible, reasonable, accurate, or just to keep in the back of your thoughts.

      Various news websites:
      (The first one is my favorite for technology and world issues)

      Newspapers from around the world:

      Here TED, I have more websites that cover specific topics also, just ask and I'll post them.
  • thumb
    Jun 2 2011: Junk science and false information is bombarding this society. The most popular cable TV network in the USA is disseminating propaganda 24/7, and it shows. Every poll measuring knowledge indicates a pandemic of ignorance has sweeping the nation. More people believe in urban and county mythology than believe in science. We need a site to debunk the most insidious rumors. Swopes.com is a mom and pop operation dependent on the good will of its operators. TED could act as a trusted arbiter of the truth. And in many cases the truth CAN be separated from falsehood.
    • thumb
      Jun 3 2011: On a side note, the funny thing is some of the stuff spoken about here on TED is so out there it can seem like a myth. Like implanting a chip in a pupa resulting in a remote control moth. Unreal!
    • thumb
      Jun 3 2011: @ clay blasdel "Junk science and false information is bombarding this society." Agreed

      "The most popular cable TV network in the USA is disseminating propaganda 24/7, and it shows." Wouldnt know about that - not in the US

      "Every poll measuring knowledge indicates a pandemic of ignorance has sweeping the nation. More people believe in urban and county mythology than believe in science. " Very believable - you can see that even on TED

      "We need a site to debunk the most insidious rumors." There are science and sceptic sites doing that function but could do with some more advertisement and help

      "Swopes.com is a mom and pop operation dependent on the good will of its operators. TED could act as a trusted arbiter of the truth."

      Its not the function of TED (or other busybodies on TED) to be an arbiter of the truth. I think its a function of TED to provide a forum where truth is debated, including the meaning of truth.

      "And in many cases the truth CAN be separated from falsehood." Agreed. It can be done through open and free argument but Truth cannot be laid down an an absolute for any body or organisation for others to accept and follow - that is the function of religion.
  • thumb
    May 31 2011: Sometimes, like now on the McLaren talk, the rate frame pops up behind the viewing frame. It makes it impossible to rate properly.
    • thumb
      Jun 2 2011: Interesting! What browser are you using Debra? Could you include the version number as well?
      • thumb
        Jun 4 2011: Sorry to be slow in responding- I am using Windows XP.
        • thumb
          Jun 4 2011: Windows XP is the Operating System (OS).

          Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome are browsers.

          You can find the version number by clicking on Help or ? or About.
        • thumb
          Jun 5 2011: I have had the same problem while using Chrome v.11.0.696.71
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2011: You know- this is why TED is so great. I have a dumb answer and instead of someone ridiculing me, I got help. Thank you Shadia!
        I am using Google (not chrome). I still don't know where to find the version number though.
        • thumb
          Jun 5 2011: So far as I am aware the Google browser is called Chrome.

          If you have Chrome - To find out which version click on the spanner icon on the right of the address bar at the top of your browser. When you click there will be a drop down menu that will emerge as if by magic.

          The third last item on that menu is something called about Google Chrome. Click on that. A New Window will emerge which will have a number just below Google Chrome like so 11.0.696.65. That is your version number.

          If you find this helpful you could acknowledge there are somethings I do know more than you. (And also that the greatness of TED is perhaps due its members and not just its name :)... )

          Also re: your original problem (because its not really the version number you are interested in) - you can make your screen and words etc larger or smaller by keeping the Ctrl Key pressed and then pressing + or - . By jiggling with that you may solve your problem. First make it smaller

          Of course if you do not have Chrome then neither do you have Google but some other browser, so you will have to tell us the name for another set of instructions.

          (By keeping the Ctrl Key pressed and then pressing + Key or - Key, jiggling with that could solve your problem no matter what your browser)
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2011: Richard,
        Thank you- I will check for that.

        "If you find this helpful you could acknowledge there are somethings I do know more than you. (And also that the greatness of TED is perhaps due its members and not just its name :)... )"

        It is absolutely true that you know more than I do on many things (and I have acknowledged that if you will go back over the record) I give you credit for knowing more than I do on the topics closest to your heart. I publically posted that you have superior knowledge of the writings of Islam and I thanked you in one post for caring so much to protect people from what you appear to believe is a great danger. I even emailed you to that effect. Your sprits in the debates keeps them exciting.

        If I were in a battle for my life- I would want a braveheart lion like you next to me if you thought I was on your side. You have the desire to be noble. - But in establishing world peace -not so much because I want to see all people as first and foremost human beings and not just ideologies. Each life really matters to me.
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2011: I have had the same problem while using Chrome v.11.0.696.71
        • thumb
          Jun 5 2011: Try keeping the Ctrl Key pressed and then pressing - (the minus key) to make the screen smaller. (If it gets too small keep the Ctrl key pressed and then press + (The plus key). At one point it may work. Let me know if it does.
        • thumb
          Jun 6 2011: Thanks for all the input guys!!

          I'm running this by our QA team, the first thing that pops to mind though would be if you have resized things in the browser, say to enlarge the text (what I believe you were getting at Richard).

          I'll check to see if we can replicate it here though!
  • thumb

    Joy Wei

    • +2
    May 29 2011: TED has done a good job and I actually learn a lot here. But if we can download the video along with subtitle inset, it will be much more better
  • May 23 2011: Hi Will,

    My simple and just suggestion is that the 'thumbs up' votes received by each comment accurately reflect the 'actual' number of thumbs ups awarded to that comment by our fellow TED members.

    Some months ago, and for some inexplicable reason, those comments which had achieved an extraordinarily large number of thumbs up (50+) -- such as my reply to the talk 'Lies, damned lies and statistics about TEDTalks' and to the talk by 'Rory Sutherland: Sweat the Small Stuff', (which had at that stage already received 56 thumbs ups) -- were wiped clean and brought down to zero.

    Although I'm sure that this was due to a software bug issue, it was, nevertheless, off putting that this should have happened at all and unfair that it should to this day remain uncorrected.

    Perhaps I'm being petty. But with TED becoming a world-recognized, sophisticated platform for accessing and sharing ideas, I was, rightly I believe, rather proud of having contributed comments which had such a popular appeal with fellow TEDsters throughout the world, with the thumbs ups to prove it. The comments are still there. But where did all those thumbs up votes go?

    Kind regards,

  • thumb
    May 20 2011: I feel there should be TED events with some of the finest speakers where tickets are first offered to TED regulars and enthusiasts. I would love to witness some of the inspiring talks first hand. We watch, discuss and argue about the talks, I think we should perhaps be rewarded or gifted some talks.
  • thumb
    May 19 2011: Hi Will,

    Here are some ideas:

    1) TED.com should be available in other languages. Subtitles are not enough for people to understand TED. They should navigate.

    2) Subtitle download directly from TED.com?

    3) Official TED Blog in several languages.

    4) Video recommendations like in YouTube. (Right now they are available only after you watch a talk. If you close the tab, recommendations are lost.)

    5) Please update these two sections: http://www.ted.com/help#talks3 (subtitles are available for more than two years now), http://www.ted.com/help#talks4 (transcripts are available)

    PS: When will TED Conversations support Turkish?
  • thumb
    May 16 2011: The ability to claim a vanity URL so it is easier to link from other social networks. I'd also like to add friends and other TED profiles and see who is following me. Also the ability to connect my social networks so when post a comment it could automatically be loaded into my facebook stream. I think these are common features of any good social network and think TED could benefit in this regard. This will truly help spread the word and make ideas more viral.
    • thumb
      May 16 2011: I don't use any other social networks but from what I hear they're a pretty big deal, if TED did this it would ramp up the audience for sure.
      • thumb
        May 19 2011: Totally agree. Every social network from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, Youtube, etc ALL allow you to claim a vanity URL. It makes it easier to share profiles and above all creates more of a personalized user experience. I'm not a number but a person.

        I think TED would really benefit from this.
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: It would be useful if we could be alerted to replies to our responses to conversations.
  • thumb
    May 12 2011: My both suggestions are related to language.

    I'd like to see talks in other languages. There are amazing speakers all around the world; why should their voice not be heard just because they don't speak in English? Everyone in this site is able to read subtitles.

    More people would be able to use this site if it was translated to other languages. One can't even sign in and create a profile if one doesn't understand English.
    • thumb
      May 12 2011: I love Helena's idea! I agree that more talks in other languages would make this a truly global site! More international perspectives and ideas!
    • thumb
      May 12 2011: Hi Helena -- Check out some of the posts below for more info on this! Stay tuned -- it's something we'll have up in the very near future!
      • thumb
        May 13 2011: Hi Will,
        I'm pleased to hear that and look forward to it.

        I'm not sure if this is already happening because I'm new to this site, but I also think it would be a good idea to broaden the audiences at the live talks by either having simultaneous sign language or, at least, a screen where those with impaired hearing could read the subtitles. I was once very touched by performing in an opera for such an audience, and although the critics didn't appreciate the idea and found it distracting, I was thrilled that more people were able to enjoy opera.

        I've not had time to read the full thread but I will, so my apologies if this has already been suggested too.
        • thumb
          May 17 2011: Helena -- A good idea for the live conference, I'm not sure if this has been looked at in the past but I'll bring it up in our next planning meeting.

          I've seen it at an opera in St. Louis as well. Like you said, the critics hated it, but everyone else loved it!
      • May 15 2011: All I want is a transcript in the original language, with options for translating into ALL languages available, both auto-Google translations and volunteer translations. The auto translations get something available immediately, and also provide a check against the manual translations. (For example, if something sounds iffy or unclear, it's helpful to see an alternative translation.) Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
  • thumb
    May 12 2011: I have an interesting idea In stead of the single straight line of conversation down the middle of the page, add a few more lines at the sides, kind of like tangents, where in the center you have the mainstay conversation, but off to the sides you can have like commentary about the conversation, like spectators or judges who can talk about the conversations and make commentary or judgments without interrupting the flow of the original thread, like a "peanut gallery". i think it would totally change the atmosphere and flow. (just a random thought about design).
    • May 12 2011: That's a great idea! I hope TED implements this.
      • thumb
        May 12 2011: this Might help to solve the problem of off topic stuff. rather than removing or deleting, essentially censoring people, you could have a space for off topic conversation. things in the main conversation could be voted on as "off topic" which would move them to the side, or the moderator could exert the "off topic" control. then TED admin. wouldn't have to work so hard or take so much responsibility for keeping things operating "on topic".
        • thumb
          May 12 2011: A great idea Meher! That's something I'll bring up to the web team at our next meeting. I don't know the feasibility of designing it, but I love the concept. Have you seen other sites using it so I can show an example?
      • thumb
        May 12 2011: "That's something I'll bring up to the web team at our next meeting. I don't know the feasibility of designing it, but I love the concept. Have you seen other sites using it so I can show an example?"

        I've never seen anything like what i'm thinking about. But I think the geography of online conversation is def. due for a makeover and TED could lead the way. In the spirit of "ideas worth spreading", the "New TED Conversations" could be a whole new way to converse. As far as the "feasibility of designing it" that is like your bread and butter, the D in TED, y'all have access and connections to the best and brightest of cutting edge technology, entertainment,and design so I don't want to hear any more of this nay-saying timidity, YOU ARE TED, ROCK IT!!!! you gotta walk the walk if your gonna talk the talk, do you expect less out of yourselves than you do out of your presenters? I have every bit of faith that you guys at HQ could come up with something to totally blow our minds. Go get em tiger!
        • thumb
          May 12 2011: I guess I set myself up for that one, eh? Thanks for the pep talk! :-)

          I like what you're thinking though Meher, I definitely agree that the concept and structure of the internet 'forum' could use a shake-up. For TED, I like the idea of maintaining longer-form commentating, allowing for more thoughtful, and more fully developed arguments than a Twitterish short-form statement.

          It could branch out with the text being expandable on the different 'leaves' for example.
    • thumb
      May 20 2011: With this there could be a relevance scale where that users could rate topic completely of subject or as helpful background info.
  • thumb
    May 6 2011: Hello Will,
    I was wondering if there might be someway to highlight new additions to a conversation for 12 or 24 hours. When I start a conversation I want everyone to be heard and sometimes I miss valuable contributions that were made as a response a day or two later than something further down in the thread.
    I do not want to miss any of the great contributions my fellow TEDsters make!
    • thumb
      May 6 2011: Hi Debra, I agree with you but I also like seeing replies to replies too. I don't know what the solution is. It's important to see both.

      I definitely would like to see some way to avoid the situation where one particular conversation dominates the thread - eg if someone has an opinion about US policy or military activity then it is inevitably followed by responses from people who want to argue, and each of those gets responses from people with the opposing view, and so on - all at the expense of the original topic.

      Would it be possible to collapse the follow-on threads so that we see just the original comments and an indicator of how many responses it has generated?
      • thumb
        May 6 2011: Hi, I may have mis-spoken. I really want to see the replies too- they are really important to me. Just this morning however, I was going over an entire thread of conversaton and I found a couple of valuable inputs that were further down in the thread. I just wondered if the box for a new input or a new response could stay shaded a light blue or something for 24 hours to make it obvious. Or maybe it could stay bold for 24 hours or something that made it stand out and get a chance to be heard.
        Thanks for considering it! I understand if its not feasible. I really love the collapsable thread idea- it was available on a program called Blackboard that is used at universities.
        • thumb
          May 9 2011: Does not the time of posting stay blue for 24 hours? While it could be altered to be more evident it is at least something.
  • May 5 2011: For TED Conversations in particular:

    1. Please try to implement a voting feature (polling). In my opinion, a quick glance at a question (a poll related question in particular) via the questions page, should allow for some further insight into the general consensus of the question itself.

    2. Allow us, from our profile, to be able to view each comment itself with a link right to it.. not to the page (question) in which our comment was placed. Also, if we receive a reply to a one of our posts, to have the same. A quick link under our comment for the reply. For example (if my explanation seems hazy):

    *Recent Comments*
    1. Comment
    (indent) replies (#), you could allow us to view these replies directly in our profile, or click the link for them to view them within their original format (the question itself).

    3. Why close conversations? May I ask what that will accomplish? When you close it, does it get deleted?

    That is all I have. Either way, I love TED and will continue to support it.
  • May 5 2011: I'm going to have something in common with Dr Frankenstein by the end of this message.

    That said, I don't think TED is the place for these emotional speeches that hinge on tragedy, that really belong on Oprah.'

    You know the ones i mean, titles and themes like, "10 THINGS i LEARNED AS I WATCHED MY DOG DIE."

    It's not that I'm anti them, but I think TED should be a place where Oprah theatrics are void from the message that's presented.

    Further to that, any emotional plea, or knowledge gained from an event such as your dog dying, is inherently a personal life experience.

    I know nowadays we all now live in a world where every thought and idea, not matter how banal is tweeted and milked to the max, but that does not necessarily automatically make them worthwhile to a larger audience.

    Finished, so it's now time to grab your pitchforks and light your torches, maybe I can make a TED video, 10 things I learned about democracy while being burnt at the stake. :)
  • May 4 2011: TED to inspire KIDS/Younger Generation
    TED Junior between 8-12 for a start to inspire younger Generation
    Wikipedia is a Good example

    If TED Junior programme initiative already exists- I will be searching for it to find one lready there
  • May 1 2011: Spellcheck would be nice, I personally find the text size quite small whencomposing and it's not immediately obvious when I have made an error. Having a spellcheck option at the bottom of the comments box would be neat.

    Also, if I ever edit a posted comment (usually because I have subsequently spotted a spelling or gramattical error), the whole text is collapsed into one mass of words. It measn I have to searchg through the small text and try to recall where my paragraph breaks were and re-enter the gaps. Having an edit facility that maintains the integrity of the original formatting would be good.

    Finally, an opportunity to adapt font type. At present, I can only choose between upper and lower case. For effect, I might want to use underline, bold type or colour.
    • May 2 2011: I like this idea. My suggestion would be to switch to the Google Chrome web browser. It has built in spell check for all websites.

      However italics, underline, and bold would be helpful from TED's end.
    • thumb
      May 3 2011: Hi Mick -- Thanks for your suggestions!

      Spellcheck isn't something we've talked about before, but I'll check in with the engineers about viability. I imagine with the increasing amount of browsers and operating systems offering built in spellcheck it isn't something we'll want to task them with. We've got an incredible amount of things we want to do with the site, and only a small (but immensely talented) team of engineers to do it all with!

      As far as your edit/collapse issue, I haven't run into that before. What browser are you using? I'm mostly using Chrome and Firefox for my browsing and commenting, but have all my bases covered for troubleshooting purposes.
      • May 3 2011: Microsoft Internet Explorer. I don't think collapsable is a browser facility, but one that people design into threads.
        • thumb
          May 3 2011: Well it just isn't something I've run into before on my configurations. When I edit a comment the format is kept intact...

          It could be a compatibility issue with IE. Would you mind emailing contact[at]ted.com with the specifics of your browser/OS configuration (version number etc)? We'll try out the config here and see if we can get to the bottom of it.
      • thumb
        May 5 2011: I use chrome and the text does change formats if I go to edit a post. There is a scroll bar to the left for up and down but not one on the bottom for left and right. So to get to a character that is out of the window to the right I must move the cursor with the arrow keys.
  • thumb

    Minh Do

    • +2
    Apr 30 2011: Definitely would like to get notifications on replies to my replies.
    • thumb
      Apr 30 2011: A great idea Minh!
      And something we are looking into implementing. What are your thoughts on a notification of members commenting on a Conversation topic you've posted? Would that be too overwhelming? Everything would be opt-in/opt-out of course.
      • thumb
        May 1 2011: For many conversations this would quickly become overwhelming. I would prefer notifications on replies to my own comments so that I know to check in on the conversation. Otherwise, the system of floating the most recently active conversations to the top of the "my conversations" page has been effective to engage me.
        • thumb
          May 1 2011: True, overwhelming. I realize now I might miss some replies etc, though to get all in my mailbox... I guess to have a little number next to 'my conversations' if people build upon a reply would be good. If it says '7' the dialogue continued with 7 replies. No more than that, as too many notifications would prevent you from reading other comments/topics.
  • J C

    • +1
    Jun 18 2011: I'd like to be able to filter or sort by the length of the video.
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: For about two weeks or so I have not been able to send TED e-mails. I just get an auto responder saying the message was not delivered. Is anyone else having this issue?
    • thumb
      Jun 17 2011: There is some work being done on the emailing system, we hope to have it back up and running soon!
    • thumb
      Jun 18 2011: Which address is that? Could you use another one?
      • thumb
        Jun 18 2011: ?
      • thumb
        Jun 18 2011: It's currently impossible to send a mail to another member of the TED Community. These mails use a placeholder TED mail address for every user. I have been getting error messages for the last few weeks as well. It's quite annoying, because as a TED Translator I'm used to contacting other translators. The only way around is to try to get hold of the real email address of the other person.

        I do hope that it will be solved soon. It would be a good idea to put a message on the first page of the TED website instead of having people 'experience' that there is something wrong.
  • Jun 17 2011: Hey am new at TED this is my first comment. This website is simply amazing.. I've noticed it being extremly diverse, i think it'd be better to have it more categorized as for ex.medical topics, architecture etc..
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: Why not have a separate place for the execution of ideas? Its all well and good to talk, but we need to spread AND EXECUTE ideas, that would be inspiring.
    • Jun 16 2011: i'll second that
      it would be cool if we could search for people in our area - with the option of being left out of those searches as a privacy setting
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Hi Patrick -- another TED Conversation user brought up a similar point. We've been discussion how to take action (or make it easier for community members to) on ideas that come out of TED Conversations. We would certainly appreciate input on this!
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: Could you please provide a link to that conversation Will?
      • Jun 16 2011: I think if you would allow us to see who is on ted in our area we could form super local groups and meetups where we could talk about what needs to happen in our specific areas

        but thats just my opinion take it or leave it
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: When I think about it, I don't always know exactly what prompts TED to delete. It might ber helpful if the removal of a comment was also tagged with the reason. Declaring something "off topic" is often a result of TED not taking the time to read the conversation in it's entirety and the result is they see the commentvout of context.

    But I've seen conversations devolve and you know they are going to a place that could very well be destructive, so why not step in to mediate? To me, the question is when, not if.

    Maybe if there was a menu of reasons why TED removes a comment and they tagged the removal with a reason (not just "off topic". I would have no problem with eliminating the "off topic" as a reason for TED removing a comment.
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: As a statistic fetishist, I would love to see graphs and maps on the demography of the TED-community. Currently, there are 118,556 members with photos, of which 49,235 (~42%) live in the USA and 1,524 (about 1%) reside in Germany. But where exactly? Are there geographical clusters? What are the ratios in age and sex? Do they differ between countries? Which professions are widespread? What interests are the most popular? How many languages have gathered here by now? Maybe this information could even be presented in a fancy way? :) You know, Hans Rosling has raised my bar regarding appealing depictions of statistical data...
  • Jun 14 2011: Notifications for questions / debates. So you can see when someone has responded. Also some sort of understanding of the TEDCred system. Your all being a bit precious about it!
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: I'd like to have a list on my profile of the talks that I've watched... And also the ability to sort them out of a search would be great.

  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: I'm sorry, I know that it's been said before: How about NOT closing this conversation!?
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: My first stop on TED is the themes/images page, and I'd love it if the thumbnails (once hovered over) contained the length and upload date.

    I haven't read all of the posts, I'm sorry if this is redundant!

    Thanks for the read (^_^)
  • Jun 14 2011: Deep links into videos of posted talks.
    You have to log the talks with tags on the timeline and provide a gui that visualize the tags that are relevant to every moment during the talk. A click on a tag can then link you to points in time in other talks that cover the same subject.
  • thumb
    Jun 13 2011: Make a video advertising TED conversation.
  • Jun 13 2011: I wouldlike to see a brand / marketing review, everything seems to be angled towards the middle-aged. I think you should take a look towards marketing at younger audience aswell.
    • Comment deleted

      • Jun 14 2011: Sure. I think a format that is open to the younger generation will increase the ideas and value of service TED is providing.

        I certainly won't be acting like an overly concerned parent Birdia, I was rather hoping I was still grouped in with the youngers! You aswell surely?
      • Jun 15 2011: : I think I know what you refering too, and possibly thanks for the green thumb on that one?

        Its interesting how age/gender/roll-neck jumpers play a massive role in how people handle speaking too you. You should start a debate on diversity, based around age and how we speak to different people from different age groups. A good forum to start it with is an older lady on one question said people might have to "grow up". This is a bit of a classic example of an ageist remark.
      • Jun 15 2011: Oh really, I think you shold run with it. You have enough respect in the TED community for it to get some interest. If not, I'll open it up and get batted down by the middle aged men. haha.
  • thumb
    Jun 13 2011: What if we have TED opinion polls on different ideas & have measurement.
  • thumb
    Jun 13 2011: Most of us who follow TED are greatly benefiting from it and these new developments. So Thank you! :) Some of us are quite diligently pursuing our ideas and passions supported with insight into new developments all the time.

    It would greatly benefit most people who follow TED, to have a "What they are working on." or "What they would like to be working on." or a "Vision." field.

    In addition, if the site could suggest people working towards a similar vision, we would find it easy to connect and collaborate on our work.
  • Jun 11 2011: TED is wonderful. The proliferation of the TED philosophy has touched millions. TED has become synonymous with inspiration, bright ideas and quality. However like all things that grow because of a unique quality safe guarded by exclusivity, that growth and greater accessibility ma ybe the very thing that robs the movement of the very quality that inspired growth in the first place. With so many events, in so many locations, on so many different topics, I feel like the TED philosophy has been diluted and become less defined.

    Humans relate to a movement because they identify with the character or philosophy of the movement. The best thing for TED to be is not be everything to all people. What TED does best is give quality speakers a platform to share their ideas with the world. To make this forum too accessible is surely going to erode the quality of the platform and the character of the movement. Everyone deserves a hearing however they do not all deserve the TED brand associated with them.
  • Jun 10 2011: Hi Will True

    I love TED talks, sometimes i think i am addicted to them.
    So many great ideas from so many different fields in the best possible way of learning , TALK.
    I personally watch TED talks to learn some new 'ideas' and as TED speakers Ken Robinson and Matt Ridley has said, 'we can not have two separate ideas in mind at a time, ideas will reproduce and mind will grow to accumulate them and will form a larger view' .

    I have few suggestions for my friends @ TED

    After watching some of the Talks I feel an 'Eureka' moment and have strong urge to jot them down , (which most of time have inputs from 2 ,3 or 5 TED talks and my education), which i think most of fellow TED viewers have .

    So, I would like to have an idea page with my profile where i can grow my idea with keeping an eye on their roots (links to the concerned TED talks) .
    I don't know how will you people will design the 'idea page' but after all this is Technology, Entertainment, Design.

    My suggestion is to add an (personal) idea page to each member profile , such that we can also contribute in our small ways to cultivate more interdisciplinary ideas, where people from completely different fields can comment on my ideas and make them better, in the same way i can help them in theirs.

    As Ideas will be in open , any one can use them.

    "EUREKA" :)
  • Jun 9 2011: Create a full rss feed of ALL TED talks (including all in the archive)....

    Currently, there is no easy way to get to all talks - you can either pick the latest ones (unfiltered) talks - but they don't reach back far... ...or you can pick themed ones (not sure whether they pick everything - but they do contain duplicates, e.g. Matt Ridley's 2010 talk is in themes: 'The Creative Spark', 'A Greener Future?', 'Tales of Invention', and 8 others...

    Doesn't the lack of a full feed run exactly counter to Eli Pariser's filter bubbles? ;-)
  • thumb
    Jun 8 2011: I don't know, if this topic was discussed here earlier, but my suggestion for TED is to create a sections (I don't know how to name it) in other languages. You know, I've got friends, who are really intersted in TED, but it is problem to find interesting talks with subtitles -- for instance somebody who is looking for med-talks, with French subtitles, has a big problem. I think, that english version of TED should be still the most important, but the 'Choose your language' button, next to 'Sign in' would be pretty helpful.

    In my opinion for e.g. Polish section should consist of translated tags catalog (e.g. Biology, Politics, Inspiring, Technology, and so on, and so forth) and search engine using this language. That would be really short cut for many people, who are begginers in english, but who are interested in ideas worth spreading.

    What are your opinions? What can be added? Is it good idea?
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: Maybe when a person submits a question, debate or idea, that person could establish what the thumbs up meant for that excahnge. Sometimes, a thumbs up might be given to recognize a good point, something well argued but other times it might represent acknowledgement of helpful l social behavour like injecting humour into a tense debate.
    Just an idea............
    • thumb
      Jun 7 2011: Giving you a "thumbs up" for a good idea!
    • thumb
      Jun 7 2011: yeah good idea, though humour is often edited as being off topic, which is a shame
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2011: Agree! If there is one thing I think TED in general overlooks as a subject it's humor... Did you hear the one about the nazi, the holocaust survivor and the Muslim who walked into a bar?
        • thumb
          Jun 8 2011: Jim,

          It is rare I disagree with your comments, actually I don't think I have yet.

          However there is a difference between humor and distasteful humor.

          Humor is universal: making a pun, sarcastic remark, or just the band wagon laughter.

          Distasteful humor is not universal and can be taken in wrong by some. Although you mean no harm, it can come off as offensive.

          Just a thought.
        • thumb
          Jun 8 2011: Are TED events for adults only? Comedy is vague, regardless of what one might find amusing. But content-wise, there can be a clash with an unprepared audience. You have Seinfeld... then you have Bill Hicks.
        • thumb
          Jun 9 2011: Hey all -- I do appreciate the humor, but could we keep this thread to suggestions/ideas for TED? It's already pretty full and I want to make sure I don't miss any by having someone's comment get buried.
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2011: Thank you Nicholas... I stand corrected

        Was it distasteful to you?

        I had hoped it would make people think what the punch line might be... but I guess it backfired as amateur humor often does!

        In this case I was agreeing with Richard and Debra that humor can and should play an important part in many conversations. Debra's comment in particular hit home because there is a "tense" but good conversation taking place now that I was alluding to and there have been times when gentle humor has lightened it up a bit.

        I am a huge believer in humor as a tool for understanding. I teach a course in comedy for children which includes how to make people laugh and how to NOT make people laugh. Maybe this was my own lesson about how to not make people laugh. Sorry.

        Just before I clicked submit I thought, "is this appropriate?" This is the problem with humor. We all have different thresholds... Although I think there is a line that is not to be crossed depending on the venue.

        Thanks again for the check - I apologize to anyone else who bit their lip when reading my attempt at humor but didn't say anything back to me!!!
        • thumb
          Jun 8 2011: It is not inappropriate. But you might want to consider other's sensibility.

          PS: I'd love the punchline though...
        • thumb
          Jun 8 2011: Tony,

          Bill Hicks = commentary genius


          I agree, and no I was not offended or anything, just do not want the fade of racial and ethnic jokes to seem okay on a respectable website like TED. There is enough distasteful humor on the internet and although I hate to limit others, when others have the chance to make strangers uncomfortable, it does bother me. Here is one of my favorite jokes.

          A 86-year-old man went to his doctor for his annual check-up....

          The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said, "Things are great and I've never felt better. I now have a 20-year-old bride who is pregnant with my child! So what do you
          think about that Doc?"
          The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell a story. "I have an older friend, much like you, who is an avid hunter and never misses a season."
          "One day he was setting off to go hunting. In a bit of a hurry, he accidentally picked up his walking cane instead of his gun....
          As he neared the lake, he came across a very large male beaver sitting at the water's edge."
          "He realized he'd left his gun at home and so he couldn't shoot the magnificent creature. Out of habit he raised his cane, aimed it at the animal as if it were his favorite hunting rifle, and went 'bang, bang'....
          Miraculously, two shots rang out and the beaver fell over dead.
          Now, what do you think of that?" asked the doctor.
          The 86-year-old said, "Logic would strongly suggest that somebody else pumped a couple of rounds into that beaver."
          The doctor replied, "My point exactly."


          Did you hear about the new statistic?

          1 in 3 Americans weighs as much as the other 2.
        • Jun 9 2011: @ Nicholas

          I find it rather contradictory that directly after saying "I agree, and no I was not offended or anything, just do not want the fade of racial and ethnic jokes to seem okay on a respectable website like TED", you unload on the overweight population.

          My thought is that the sharing of honest viewpoints in a heated discussion can be as much or more offensive to thin skinned people than the vast amount of jokes out there. Of course, any kind of blatant racism or harassment will not be tolerated by the site administrators whether it is in joking form or not. It is my opinion also that TED is a site for adults and as such the censorship, sugar-coating, and extreme political correctness should not be overly dramatized. Yeah, "The Golden rule" still applies, but we don't need humor police.

          I laughed at both of your jokes, by the way.
        • thumb
          Jun 9 2011: Go ahead with the humour Jim, pay no attention to what the critics say... a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic
        • thumb
          Jun 9 2011: @ Jason

          I think personal life choices differ from religious views. To me, it wasn't contradictory, you can stop being fat with diet, you have to destroy your actuality in order to stop being religious.

          "a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic"

          Is false, everyone's a critic.
        • thumb
          Jun 9 2011: Hey all -- I do appreciate the humor, but could we keep this thread to suggestions/ideas for TED? It's already pretty full and I want to make sure I don't miss any by having someone's comment get buried.
      • thumb
        Jun 9 2011: Nicholas, as my mother would say, "You are a rare bird".

        Thanks for the great jokes. My 80 year old father who just got married to a 20 year old Las Vegas show girl will love it....

        I'm still trying to figure out your second joke...

        Tony, as for the punch line, there was none. But since you asked I've been thinking hard about what it could be.... I came across a TED conversation this morning about "forgiveness" and it came to me:

        "All 3 of them sat down at the bar and each ordered a bottle of wine. After they had all finished the bottle, the jew turned to the other two and said, 'I forgive you. Can you forgive me?' to which the other two said, 'Yes'"

        Not funny? Have some wine...

        (The thing I love about humor is it makes me feel dangerous)

        Richard, thanks as always for your cogency.
        • thumb
          Jun 9 2011: (The thing I love about humor is it makes me feel dangerous)

          Is great reasoning!

          Your punchline seems to be trying to get you out of the troubled situation more than a comical misdirection! But, I laughed, it was cute.
      • thumb
        Jun 9 2011: Yes, I played it safe... so much for living dangerously!!

        But aside from the fact that I put it in "joke" form, the "scenario" I posed is interesting when I think about it... What if they actually did walk into a bar and made themselves known? What would they say? What would they say if the bartender locked the door and said "No one leaves until this is settled - NO fighting!"

        What if....
        • thumb
          Jun 10 2011: Hey all -- I do appreciate the humor, but could we keep this thread to suggestions/ideas for TED? It's already pretty full and I want to make sure I don't miss any by having someone's comment get buried.
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: Umm, yeah ...I was just wondering if TED could be a platform not only for spreading ideas but for putting good ideas into good practical usage. There must be so many TED members who are loaded with money who would be only too willing to invest in brilliant people. It just killed me to see the remarkable inventions of Woody Norris being sold first to the military to make a weapon and then to Coca Cola and Sony, to bombard us with yet more adverts while we shop. If TED members/investors got together and discussed possible practical usages of inventions and then got them developed in a way useful for the community at large, it'd be great.
    • thumb
      Jun 7 2011: Hi David,

      Some time ago I was thinking the same thing "Use this!" and then I found out that people already were!

      Is there anything in particular you're looking for? Please let me (us) know!

      You could try a TED active project http://conferences.ted.com/TEDActive2011/projects/

      Or visit one of the TED prize winner project's sites http://www.tedprize.org/

      Yet another great source that I haven't had the time to explore yet is the TED blog http://blog.ted.com/ , it seems to hold a lot of potential.

      Also, if you're looking for founding for a project, I found http://www.kickstarter.com/ through TED blog, or if founding isn't important you could use http://ifwerantheworld.com/

      There are actually tons of projects and sites out there doing stuff.
      It's a bit hard to find if you don't have the time, energy or knowledge to surf the web and scout for it...

      Therefore it's much easier just to ask here! ;)
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: Yes - It would be very helpful if each exchange within a conversation was also numbered. For example, the first response in a conversation would be #1, the second response #2 and so on. I have a tough time tracking my comments and following up on responses to them even with the ""my comments". Sometimes people anwer to my questions without using the "thread". Hope you understand what I'm asking!!!!
    • thumb
      Jun 7 2011: I totally agree with Jim. Also, I think it would be useful to get any kind of alert either on our profiles or e-mails when somebody replies to our comments at any level. Somebody mentioned notifications before, but if it isn’t possible on the TED page, maybe an alert to our e-mails would be the solution. The way things are now, it is a bit hard to go down through all the threads recently added not only to read them but also to see if we need to reply to somebody. This alert would be great to keep our talks up to date. Sometimes I find out that I did not reply to somebody and the conversation is just over. Please, let me know if my suggestion is not clear. Many thanks.
    • thumb
      Jun 7 2011: I agree with Jim and want to add on top of that - if we can have a feature to hide/minimize all the replies at certain level down under a comment. Would be quite nice when conversation grows really big just under one comment.
  • Jun 3 2011: I think TED should have more debates. I only remember seeing one before. I think it was nuclear power vs. renewable power. Stuwart Brand and some other guy, can't remember who. Anyway, I'd like to see more of that.

  • thumb
    Jun 3 2011: This is an idea for TED-ED but since it's a part of TED I'm guessing that it's okay to post here as well.

    So, TED-ED seems to be all about video, which is really good in comparison to text, but...

    I've been spending the last 6 month trying to find really good educational applications since i think that the interactive part is one of the most important for learning...

    I found the "KhanAcademy" for math, "Rosetta Stone" for language, found some good free software for biology and a few programs for geography... I'm looking for every aspect of learning...

    It would be really great if TED-ED could gather all the good software and websites on TED-ED.

    Another good and related idea is to find out who the creators of those softwares were, contact them and see if they are willing to collaborate to create a range of really great, FREE software that hold the high standard of TED.
  • thumb
    Jun 2 2011: Perhaps more room for the performing arts. Words are subjected to a particular individual's interpretation and sometimes people debate the meaning of the debate itself, drifting away from the essence of the point to be made. I'm sure that occasionally the TED community would be delighted by a well performed, intelligent, Vaudevillesque mise-en-scene.
  • thumb
    Jun 1 2011: So, a lot of us seem to be guiding and helping others on this conversation and on TED in general... Maybe TED could start some kind of "Admin jr" group or badge or something, of trusted people that want to help the community. Give them some privileges, training and status to make them better and more motivated to do so... free of course!
  • thumb
    May 31 2011: It would be nice to be able to easily invite people to a discussion. After having discussions with some people there may be occasions where that one is interested in the point of view of another on a certain topic. While e-mails could be written to this effect it would be nice to have a quick invite button. This would also help in MayHare LLC's quest to resurrect forgotten topics.
  • thumb
    May 29 2011: Quotes database.
  • thumb
    May 29 2011: Just a suggestion on a technical issue that could help people with slow connections to also fully experience TED videos. The thing is that TED doesn't seem to buffer the streaming of videos so that a slow connection can perform better. Like You Tube... you can pause a video and it keeps downloading in the background; after a while you resume it and you can watch the video fluently. This doesn't happen with TED. If you don't have a good bandwidth, the video keeps breaking up no matter what you do. It can sometimes be impossible to watch with so many interruptions.

    I hope it's a workable issue.
    • thumb
      Jun 1 2011: Yeah, I've been having the same problems on some locations... One way to get around it is to download the talk or watch it on Youtube.

      Totally agree btw!
      • thumb
        Jun 2 2011: I would recommend downloading the talks to your hard drive, and then viewing, or watching on YouTube as Jimmy suggested!
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      May 31 2011: I am also having this problem as I stated a few days ago, the format changes and does not allow me to go further back
    • thumb
      Jun 2 2011: It shouldn't be, are you still seeing the issue?
      • thumb
        Jun 2 2011: I get it if I go further back in the comments section of a profile, not only if I try to view mine but others as well. It has happened before in the 'search comments by' section but that seems to be working as of now.
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 3 2011: Did you select 'comments by' on the scroll down search options menu?
  • Comment deleted

  • thumb
    May 29 2011: Kristofer Björnson started a thread: Finding common ground- what do we all agree upon. It is the essence of the TED heart, in my opinion. A commenter started a way to vote on the concepts and calculate the results at:


    What I think is needed is a place where exciting things that arise out a TED conversatio (or Talk) could be broadcast to the entire TED group so they could participate. There is another thread on EGO that is trying to write stories for kids cooperatively. Wouldn't it be great if there was an alert box where people could know so that they could participate even if they never discover it on the thread?
  • thumb
    May 27 2011: I'd like an option to somehow suggest talks for "Best of the Web" in a uniform way... I could name some now, but if you haven't seen it already, the chances of you seeing it are proportional to the amount of hoops viewers would be willing to go through to talk with the TED staff about it.

    Here's two:

    (I'm not necessarily advocating them as TED speakers, but those lectures deserve some exposure)
    • thumb
      Jun 2 2011: Hi Vasil -- thanks for the suggestions. I'll get them to the editorial team. In the future you can email contact[@]ted.com with "Best of the Web" in the subject line with nominations!
  • thumb
    May 26 2011: this may have been mentioned but ill say it just in case..

    i think notifications when people comment on your questions/ideas/debates and also if people directly respond to your post. i comment on a lot, i love TED and i forget most of them so i miss the response and a further chance of an informed and opinionated debate.
    • thumb
      Jun 3 2011: Davie! YES!
      This has been suggested over and over again on numerous conversations, I haven't checked if it's been posted here though.

      But I can tell you that there are a lot of us thinking the same thing and wondering why it isn't already so...

      Will, could you please tell us the reason why there isn't a notification system? Is it "impossible" to build into the exciting model of conversations (fallor ergo sum) or is there an other reason?
    • thumb
      Jun 13 2011: Notification would be GREAT!!!
      ESPECIALLY since I cannot access all the comment pages on my profile:>)
      Thanks Will and TED:>)
  • thumb
    May 25 2011: Two more quick things.
    1) Can the comments be consolidated? If I make a comment on a video then I must either go to that video or to my profile to be able to link back to that comment. Can it be made so that these comments show up in the "My conversations" pages?

    2) When I go a few pages back in the "My comments" section it changes formats and I can not go back further. Has this been noticed, can this be fixed?

    Thanks again for opening this forum and the site in general.
  • thumb
    May 25 2011: I was asked to repost this here, so I'll just copy and paste the original question:
    I apologize if this has been asked before, I've been on the site for awhile but just as of a couple days ago actually began posting so I'm a relative noob in the discussions here.

    I've made a few posts and had some responses that I would like to respond to in the debates section. Unfortunately I can only seem to reply up to 3 "indents" into the conversation, after the Original Post, then three replies in any discussion the option to reply suddenly disappears for me. Is there any way I can get deeper into the thread, or is this an inherent limit for everyone?

    There's some solid debates going on, but it's very hard to actually go very in depth into anything without some back and forth between people, having to "jump back" to the beginning of the threads seems somewhat messy for keeping track of any real development of ideas between people (particularly if the discussion involves 3 or more people). Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any way to rectify the problem...of course I could simply be an idiot and be missing some obvious way to continue into the discussion so I figured I would ask. :) any help is appreciated
  • thumb
    May 24 2011: I love TED talks but (ironically?) am very technologically challenged. TED talks needs to be a channel on television, first of all. Second, I'm in the Dominican Republic right now and internet service is not always very strong. Can there be a simplified, easier to download, uses-less-bandwidth version of the TED website that you can link to from ted.com? This would go a long way in making videos more accessible in poorer countries!
    • thumb
      May 25 2011: Hi Claire -- We're actually in the testing phase of TED Open TV, an initiative that would bring TEDTalks to television stations around the world (for free). Check here for more info: http://www.ted.com/pages/427

      And as far as lower bandwidth situations, I would recommend downloading the talks to your computer directly (there is a download link below each talk), or viewing them via our YouTube channel, which offers a lower resolution.
  • thumb
    May 23 2011: As answers and conversations within the TED realm have more and more replies, I find I waste a bit of time and must change my frame of mind in order to scan the page for the correct username to match with an @Username tag, if it's even present within a reply. I know the indent feature is an effort to aid with this, but my screen (a 15'' Macbook Pro) does not have enough screen real estate to display more than one or two longer replies (which I believe is more common within the TED community). Therefore, I must scroll up and down again to see how far indented a comment was and if it was in reply to the original comment or a reply to a reply of a reply.

    I wonder if a bracket-type connector (even just a thin line) could run vertically alongside the text connecting a reply with the comment a replying author designates. I would suggest that these lines not be displayed at all times, but fade in when the curser moves over a comment and possibly stays with a click (so that it will still display the correct connection bracket when you scroll back up).

    It would take an extra second for the replying author to designate the correct comment, but would help a visual learner like me follow an argument thread!
  • thumb
    May 23 2011: I think someone else mentioned this already, it would be better if the videos didn't start automatically.
    • May 23 2011: No - that's the problem with YouTube - I am wearing out my left button
  • thumb
    May 23 2011: Any chance we could move the video comment box to the top of the page just below the video instead of having it on the very bottom of the page? It doesn't seem very usable to have to scroll all the way to the bottom just to add a comment.
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: Thanks Ryan -- that's an interface change that we are currently looking into. On the other side of it, having the box at the bottom encourages users to read other comments before posting.
      • thumb
        May 24 2011: I totally understand that and understood why it was on the bottom; however, then my UX sense kicks in and reminds me that it is more of a common practice to place the input field before the comments (discus comments, word press comments, etc). An argument could also be made that it currently discourages comments because a user doesn't know where they can comment. I think this conversations section does this very well and it is before comments. I'd be interested to compare how many peole comment via conversations than onthr video. Perhaps some a/b testing? I also think it should be consistent throughout the site. Either above or below the comments, not both.

        Regardless, thank you Will for allowing us to input our suggestions! I love this site!
  • May 22 2011: If a post has been removed by the author, I wonder if it is better to remove all traces of it, including the statement "this post has been removed by the author". The statement itself contributes nothing to the conversation and leaves a nagging question of what might have been in the deleted post.
    • May 23 2011: On the contrary, the purpose of leaving up the message "this post has been removed by the author" is so that future comment viewers can see something was indeed said. So if ten people reply and say "I think that was a rather offensive remark, John" you may not be able to read what John said if he removed it, but John isn't absolved of all fault. Viewers can still see he clearly did make a remark. In other words, if you read the replies "that was so rude, John" you would spend ten minutes looking for a comment by a "John" only to find nothing. Instead, now you see there was indeed a post by a "John" but he removed it.
      • thumb
        May 23 2011: Also if there is a change in direction in the conversation after the deleted post it's nice to be able to see there was something said that could switch gears instead of wondering why people are now talking about something else.
  • thumb
    May 22 2011: Thanks for allowing us to make suggestions!

    How about an option to have the most recent posts at the top. I spend a long time trying to find the recent posts in long threads.

    Even better, if that were made the default, everyone would understand to start their post with an indication of what and/or who they are responding to.

    Under the current default, if there is one especially long thread, it keeps popping to the top and preventing other recent posts from being noticed because they are knocked way down the list. Even within that one long thread, it becomes difficult to locate the new posts.
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: Quite right. It's a tricky issue to sort, as our system now (by default, you can change how the thread is sorted in the dropdown at the top) bumps up the most recently commented upon thread to the top of the conversation. If it is a particularly long thread, it can take up a good portion of the available screen space and risks pushing down new comments. However, just leaving it in the original posting order leaves the first poster at the top and users to scroll through the entire conversation to get to the newest post. We're open to suggestions however!
      • thumb
        May 24 2011: Hi Will,

        My idea was to have the newest post at the top and then procede in reverse chronological order with the oldest at the bottom. That way it is easy for everyone to see quickly what has been added most recently. There could be an option to reverse the order for those who come late but want to go back and read the whole discussion fro the beginning.
  • thumb
    May 21 2011: Someone may have said this, but it should be restated.

    Allow the creator of the conversation to be able to decide on how many characters TEDsters should be able to use. Even if you have it in different sets. Example: Allow commentators [1000 characters], [2000 characters], [3000 characters].

    Some of the conversations have people using 2 or 3 comments up anyways and it becomes a mess of a read and makes it unattractive to want to start reading comments although some are ingenious.

    Also for conversation descriptions make it at least 3 or 4 thousand characters. I use to be able to just copy and paste longer descriptions into the box but you fixed that! Which stinks.
    • thumb
      May 22 2011: Hi Nicholas,

      I agree something should be done about the character limitations.

      I have often had to use more than one comment or else I have just given up commenting at all.

      I had a poem to post which took up three comments. That kind of ruined everything.

      I wanted to start a discussion about an idea I had, a proposal for a constitutional amendment that would deeply affect how we think of constitutions, but I could not get close to fitting the proposed amendment in 2000 characters.

      I would hope that the character limitation could be removed entirely or just set so high it would never interfere. If some people are adverse to long posts, they can skip over them, or they can read a few paragraphs to see if they want to deal with it. If they are in a conversation with someone whose posts are too long, then they can gently ask for briefer replies. I generally want to understand the people I am talking to, so I would like everyone to have a chance to say what they want to say.

      When I go elsewhere on the net, there is not usually any limitation and everyone seems to get by just fine.
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: I am curious, what is the reason for them in the first place?
      • thumb
        May 23 2011: I would assume simplicity is a good practice for all intellectualism to perform.

        Yes, I am curious also!
      • thumb
        May 23 2011: Hi Thomas, Nicholas -- The limit is in place to encourage a flowing conversation and concise thoughts. A big reason for this is to encourage more people to comment. There are a few Conversations out there with posters putting in 4, 5 and even 6 part comments and it is very imposing for new commenters to dive in or even want to read the posts. Also, if one really has to think about what they are writing/saying and have to limit their words, it leads to a much more finely crafted argument (see TED's 18 minute limit).
        • thumb
          May 25 2011: Thanks for the response. I can understand wanting to limit rambling, but does a character limit accomplish that when one can simply make more posts?
        • thumb
          May 25 2011: What Thomas said.
        • thumb
          May 25 2011: There is a natural limit on rambling which makes an artificail limit unnecessary. If one writes too much when one does not have anything worthwhile to say, people stop reading. The problem that the artificial limit creates is that it silences ideas that are worth passing on which directly contradicts TED's primary purpose.
  • May 21 2011: I think there should be a more equal amount of male and female speakers. I may be wrong as there was no way to search speakers or filter via gender, but it seems quite swayed towards male speakers. I don't think this should be very hard; to organise more woman speaking ... women are doing astonishing things all around the world. More importantly, as a woman, I am managed by men, men hold the political power, men send our nations to war, men lecture, men are invited to speak at TED. . .

    A balance of different, diverse voices is so much more interesting, whether it be gender, race, socio-economic background, diversity of ability. ..
    • thumb
      May 21 2011: hmmm, I'd be interested to know that statistic. I actually thought TED had balance and figured there was even policy on such a thing but I could be wrong. They do seem to at least be trying to make an effort towards gender equality as there is a forum dedicated to "women's issues" called TED Women. From what I understand speakers are often chosen by nomination, if you have some good speakers in mind i'd recommend submitting some suggestions.
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: I have a feeling that the lack of women in ted talks is due to the difficulty women face in getting into high-paying/ publicly acknowledged positions in most fields, due to discrimination. Even though women represent almost 50 % of people on the planet, women are underrepresented in most industries and TED reflects this.
  • thumb
    May 21 2011: A "Request for translation" button directly on a talk page would be very handy.
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: as in to instantly translate a conversation? Try Google Chrome this feature is provided, would be less hassle for TED if people would do this rather then having to program the site to translate.

      Or do you mean to tally the amount of requests for a talk that has yet to be translated? This way translators can know which talks to translate first?
      • thumb
        May 23 2011: Thomas,
        when your are registered as a translator, it is sometimes a little bit complicated to request a talk for translation. If I watch a talk that has not yet been translated into my language and I want to translate it, I have to go to the translator's dashboard to look for it.

        It would be much easier if there was a button for translators to request the talk for translation directly.

        By the way, as a translator I will never recommend to use automatic translation tools as a solution for all language problems. Google translations are helpful if you want to understand what a text is all about, but they are still far away from being good enough to translate a talk properly.
  • thumb
    May 21 2011: I would like to see more talks about innovative ways to cope with difficult experiences of life.
  • thumb
    May 20 2011: I think that a mentor programme would be a great introduction to TED. I am new to TED and being linked to a more experienced memeber (volunteer) with similar interests as a guide would be extremely helpful.
  • May 20 2011: Yes, do not have the videos autoplay.

    This might sound strange, but sometimes one only wants to check the comments, not all countries have high speed connections nor unlimited bandwidth, for peoples in those countries it a can be a big cost.
  • thumb
    May 20 2011: A general comment for all physical events... not surprisingly from me, it's about sound. I hope you can pass it on the to the right people.

    To me, TED is all about connection, both in terms of ideas and also (equally importantly) in terms of people. Many times now I've had the experience of struggling to hear people in gatherings at TED conferences and salons - it happened again at the TED salon in London this week. The 'cocktail party effect' is a well known auditory challenge for most people - it describes the hard task of extracting signal from noise in an environment where a lot of people are talking simultaneously. It gets worse as you get older, and the average TEDster is no spring chicken! The task is made much harder in rooms with bad acoustics (usually lots of hard surfaces or long reverberation times) and of course if there is loud music as well, it can become almost impossible.

    Conversation is surely the primary goal of these gatherings and it requires listening. My suggestion for improving TED is that that TED should always put conversation above the desire to be funky, lively or cool - and therefore that venue aspects like acoustics and music be carefully thought about so that they support, rather than discourage, conversation and connection.

    So if the gathering is something like a closing party, offer both loud and quiet zones so that people can choose where they want to be. If it's a breakout session at a conference, choose or acoustically treat the common areas so that they aren't unbearable (as the foyer of the Oxford Playhouse used to be, and as the foyer of the Unicorn Theatre became this week). And please don't let the DJs have free rein to displace conversation with loud music. I can get loud music any time - but every minute with TEDsters is a precious opportunity to learn and share.

    I would be delighted to give time, advice and support in any way to help make this happen.
  • May 18 2011: Maybe this has been suggested already - but I'll go ahead and post anyway. I recently became aware that sites like Reddit allow users with shared interests in the same locality to organize actual physical meetups at restaurants, parks etc. I think this would be an amazing feature to add to TED.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Create a TED event
      • May 18 2011: I was under the impression TEDx events were modeled like actual TED conferences, complete with invited guest speakers, rented auditoriums and refreshments. You also need a license to create one. I was thinking along the lines of something more informal.

        To illustrate what I mean, let's say A,B and C really liked a talk and are having a conversation in the comments thread. Then they realize they live pretty close and decide to take the conversation into the real world. They also shoot out an invite to other folks who might be interested. The venue for the meetup is the local restaurant.

        A TED event for that specific scenario would be overkill. At the same time it would be nice to sync that kind of thing through the site.
        • thumb
          May 18 2011: This sounds like a similar concept to the meetup.com thing. but instead of going to an external site it could be organized and run through TED. good idea.
    • thumb
      May 20 2011: Like a TED book club so to speak.
  • thumb
    May 17 2011: I think that having a second button just to express giggles rather than just the 'This point is helpful" button would help to keep the thumbs up in proportion.
    I am utterly surprised and delighted at how often comments, whether intentionally or not, make me laugh out loud.
  • May 17 2011: first of all let me say this one of my most favorite site ever so please keep on going and improving your work ,and the fact is that every one i know including my self is welling to help out and to work for free to improve TED as any mean necessary.
    But the fact is when ever i tell someone about TED and how awesome It is, they always ask if there is an Arabic translation to the talks and it was very frustrating for me and them to translate every thing to them , they know this TED thing is very very good but couldn't understand it so my suggestion is improve the translation a bit more so there would be all of the popular languages.
    thank you.
  • May 17 2011: stop the one sided liberal topic selection.. and up the standards of whats could be helpful to people.. many topics are nothing more than drivel...
    • thumb
      May 17 2011: Post something good then dude

      Create the art in which you want to hear and see
    • thumb
      May 17 2011: Nicholas has a great point here Richard. The other thing is that everyone is free to skip what they do not enjoy and focus on what they do. I like living in a pluralistic universe.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Nice point.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Hi Richard -- I'm sorry you don't like the talks. If you have some suggested speakers we would love for you to submit them here: http://www.ted.com/nominate/speaker

      Nearly all of our speakers come from community nominations, if we don't see the nomination, we don't know the speaker is out there!
  • thumb
    May 17 2011: Please add new tab in conversation called Request for TED Talk
    if you feel there is a topic which need a ted talk name the topic or name a person for the talk
  • thumb
    May 16 2011: If we are not to get rid of the thumbing, maybe expand it, I want Hand Claps and Finger Snaps and maybe even a little Birdy! Peace Signs and Waves Good-By and other visio-lingual expressions!
  • thumb
    May 16 2011: That little bitty down arrow on the iPhone app is the one thing I wish TED would update. I have such a hard time getting it to press properly. Other than that what's the deal with ROKU. I was head over heals when I got my ROKU and could watch TED videos on my big screen TV. What happened? There are only a handful of videos and no new content being uploaded on the TED channel. I think it's great to have TED on my iPhone, TED on my PC, and especally TED on my TV. I love TED and I support and promote it vigorously to everyone I know.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Hi Brandt -- which app are you talking about? TED actually has only put out one app for TED Talks, and it's on the iPad. All other apps are 3rd party developed. Many of them are using the RSS feed to pull and link to the content. Some incredibly cool stuff out there to share the talks, and we love it, but unfortunately, as we aren't the creators, we can't do much to support it...

      ROKU is actually along the same lines. When we updated our encoding process recently, it greatly improved the quality of the streaming and downloadable content. However, it did break some things we weren't aware of along the way (ROKU was one of them). This was a 3rd party channel we weren't aware of, and the new encoding didn't play nice. We've been in touch with the developer, and are looking into possible solutions that don't involve scrapping the new process (not an option). In fact, we did just update something that has fixed video playback on the 1st Gen AppleTV - give your ROKU a try tonight on one of the newest talks, there is a chance we took care of 2 birds with 1 stone! (send your results to contact[at]ted.com if you don't mind)
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: This might seem unimportant but I would like to be able to post a picture when we start a topic- like an art peice on occassion that could represent the question.
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: Make TED more like a social network and/or create a brother/sister site in which is networked together in a social network way? (Profiles, instant messaging, friend adds, etc)

    I think sometimes arguments are excelled out of proportion on not knowing where people are coming from with their statements. Which is important when arguing, but that is difficult and time consuming sometimes. When I want to get a feel for someone I look at their profile. Where you are from, what you like, what interest you, your taste in art all can factor in where someone is coming from by their statements.

    So, a more social network-like site or another site would allow a more personal basis to be created, in which people can understand the individuals that they are talking to.

    Example: Knowing someone is fundamentally religious and/or openly religious prior to a religious debate will prevent a lot of "problems" in my opinion.

    Perhaps an instant messenger to ask private questions or references to points/factors of conversation or just to make a new friend.

    I don't know if anyone suggested this or not.
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: It would be nice if we could "follow" favorite speakers who are also members of TED or other members who we think have interesting things to say. As it is, we need to remember people's names if we ever want to catch up with what they're saying / watching / thinking. Across so many different talks or conversations, it's kinda impossible. It'd be much more enriching to be able to see their perspective across a variety of topics, if possible. TED Conversations are ok, but it's hard to tell which comments are new or whether there are any new comments--I'd have to remember the number of comments from last time.

    (Sometimes on TED, I feel like a lonely kid in the neighborhood laying a gift or stinky fish at someone's doorstep, ringing the doorbell and running away. I do know by now what reaction it'll cause. But, I'd like some more engagement probably.)
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: Will, would that be possible to have TED conversation project in case if the conversation grows enough that participant decide to make something valuable of it... I know there are TED projects during TED conferences, but don’t know if this applies to outcomes of TED conversations as well....
    In our conversation we were thinking to summarize all the valuable information that has been shared... in an interesting, useful and easy to learning format, something that will be fun you young people to use...
    What do you think would it be possible to have something like that for TED conversations as well????
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: I have a qualm with the user rating system. It doesn't seem to be used to denote a well argued point but rather to up those you agree with. I have seen many well argued points go without any thumbing, and totally asinine rhetoric get way thumbed. people seem to use it for arguments they like and agree with rather than those that are actually well argued. I suggest do away with the whole system and just leave the flag for abuse.
    • thumb
      May 15 2011: Thumbs up is only one way to get TEDcred so if anything you are asking to eliminate the way in which you gain cred by being thumbed up. Which I agree on also.
    • thumb
      May 15 2011: Hi M P,
      While I understand your qualm, I sometimes find the user rating system helpful, specially in long conversations. It draws my attention to statements I would maybe otherwise miss. And eventhough I may be disappointed at times, there are times when I'm not. A well argued point will still remain as such with or without the thumbing. However, I am not comfortable with the fact that people get TEDcred by being thumbed up as Nicholas just said. I had no idea that was the case.
  • thumb
    May 14 2011: OMG! This TED x talk need to see the widest possible audience. It is superlative- a combination of inspiration, the arts, the best possible world- the real wisdom!

  • thumb
    May 12 2011: Another design concept:
    Give us a new way to interact with the actual conversations and topics. On the main conversation page instead of opening up to lists of topics, open it up to a cloud map that physically displays the density of conversations based on proportions and frequencies of commentary or user ratings. You have had a lot of presenters displaying data in ingenious and creative ways, use those techniques to make TED conversations more interactive. instead of choosing a particular topic, we could see a cluster of the conversations and each conversation could be represented in size, shape, and color, based on the amount of discussion being generated, and could display connections between conversations based on the the behavior of each commenter, like showing the path we each take from one conversation to the next. You could create a virtual terrain that reacts to user behavior based on statistical information which I think could greatly influence how we navigate and interact with the formating. You could write algorithms that manually input the data mined from discussion patterns to constantly change and react to how the community behaves.
    This type of display could highlight and make visible certain aspects of the community showing where we focus our attention, how niches and cliques are formed, and could be used as a better ranking system for input based an actual contribution to show patterns of influence. There are so many possibilities and potentials to redesign the virtual world for a more integrated experience. I will try to find some of the TED talks that utilize the type of display that I have in mind....more on this later.
  • May 9 2011: Idea for TED, TED Cinema !

    What if TED talks made available on cinema theaters for everyone anywhere in the world for a low cost tickets. few different talks for different speakers can be gathered for a time length of an average movie.

    - My idea is to spread the feelings of attending TED conferences everywhere in the world for mass audiences, reaching more people, and might get them involved as communities.
    • May 9 2011: I agree with you;TED doesn't seem to be well known as it should be. It needs to be more open with the public and more involve such as hosting events in malls or such.
  • thumb
    May 8 2011: I would love to know how many TED Talks I've watched and how much time I've spent watching them. Nerdy stats yes, but I suspect I've spent more time here than at my undergraduate classes (just as well, as this is more educational!)
  • thumb
    May 8 2011: could you add a function who track the talk we watch, because with 900 talks, it is difficult to remember those we have already watched.

    i think it should be better if talks where in better quality (480p or 720p for exemple)

    and if the control bar could be hide (or reduced) in full screen mode

    a function to alert for traduction errors in subtitles.

    all the other things are perfect :-) you make a very good work

    have a nice day ;-)
  • May 6 2011: Will,
    It seems that some of the newer HD videos are tripping up the first generation Apple TVs. When I try to watch some content, I get only audio and the Apple TV locks up hard to the point where I have to reboot the box. This is REALLY a bummer. Another viewer with the same issue actually looked more closely at the resolution of the vids causing trouble and found they were slightly different than what was expected. Can someone look into this? Otherwise, I'm going to bail from watching TED (and this makes me sad as I REALLY LIKE the TED videos).
  • thumb
    May 6 2011: Yep...............When you remove a thread please say that you have and why.
  • May 6 2011: Just thought of something else to add: I was watching a video peacefully on my headphones, and then the commercial at the end blasted in, volumes louder than the entire video, causing me to yank the headphones off, and jerking me out of a quite peaceful state. This is a common tactic in advertising, to turn the volume of the ad up louder than the program you're watching - it jerks sleepers awake, and "gets your attention," so to speak. It is also incredibly disrupting, rude and an invasive part of our ad culture. As a principle, TED should consider lowering the volume of ads by force to make them equal to the volume of the videos - perhaps also as a courtesy to us listeners.
  • Comment deleted

    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        May 6 2011: I agree.

        The TED rules do not dictate the language in which requires a conversation to be created.
      • May 7 2011: Have a google translate plugin so that if anyone creates a conversation in a different language, everyone can contribute.
  • May 5 2011: Perhaps I am the only one who has noticed this, or who cares, but I am very disappointed with the quality of recent videos. I don't know if this could be improved, but I'd like to think so. I seem to remember the quality being much better - lately a lot of the talks from the TED2010 conference are so fuzzy I can't even make out the person's face. It makes sharing the videos with people who have never heard of TED embarrassing sometimes, mostly I think because the Internet generation, my peers, are very used to higher quality videos, especially from sources that seem so professional, as TED does.
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: Hi Lauren -- Thanks for posting, and I'm sorry you are seeing low quality on the videos. The talks at the conferences are now all shot in HD and streamed through the embeddable player at the highest quality that it judges appropriate for your internet connection. It's possible that due to what it sees as a slow connection, it is scaling down the video to a fuzzy level. I would be curious if your friends are seeing the same results. Could you try from another location, or perhaps have one of your friends try to view one of the new talks on their computer/internet to check the quality? Please let me know what you find out at contact[at]ted.com, and we'll troubleshoot from there!

      In the meantime, I would recommend downloading the talk to your computer by using the download button beneath the player. There, you have the option of downloading and viewing the talks in 480p HD resolution.
  • thumb
    May 5 2011: 1) It would be slick have a sub search for the discussions portion of the site.

    2) A personal tracker of associations, i.e. who also commented on your post and whose post you have commented on. This with the ability to group people by categories of user's creation, such as topic or view point.

    3) A selectable filter for your active threads in a conversation

    4) Numbered main comments of the thread (not the replies to comments) so that the place of the thread can be easily returned to in case of disruption.

    5) To reiterate Kathy K being able to reply to all the comments instead of having to re-reply to a former comment to be able to carry on a conversation.
  • thumb
    May 5 2011: Videos in Open-based Formats
    We need to get the videos in open-based open video formats, such as the OGV and webm. By doing this, along with a subtitles API, TED will be able to reach out to an interesting number of web developers, specially folks working with open web initiatives -- means to everyone to access video and interactive content without software stack that depends on patents etc.

    Embed Videos with Opt-in to Specific Subtitle
    Another thing, also in video, is for the embed to have subtitles. This, by itself, will put TED embedded content in a whole new scale. A lot of international folks are crazy to embed in their languages, they can't right now. You can only embed and ask your end-users to use the subtitle -- a lot of users can simply drop. The beautiful thing about that is that if you go Play-Sit-Relax and wait for 3 minutes, then you can be fully engaged. Without the auto-subtitle setting ( at least the opt-in feature to that ) a lot of folks may drop in 0 to 15 seconds of a talk. Another reason to have this feature is because a lot of the talks are incredibly accessible and inspirational. We cannot affort to have users to go through hassle of understanding subtitle selection ( think a TED talks, embed style, being played 24x7 in a waiting room of a physical location ).

    More accessible Subtitle API
    Define better API and license to subtitles, encourage people to use it.

    A Labs channel for new experimentation about videos and web interactivity.

    Alerts for contributors, perhaps to end-users
    It's totally difficult to help translation due to too many people helping. I had to come up with a solution to monitor the page and let me know when the TED page ( available translations ) has changed. Think about many type of alerts TED crowds can get. I feel this line may lead to other interesting things -- monitoring trends impact and driving things to action.
  • thumb
    May 5 2011: Hi! Will,
    We MUST educate the young generation about Environmental Problems .... and make them aware about the use of Green Practices when using Food, Fuel, Electricity, paper etc...
    GREEN CHEMISTRY is a very impressive and effective approach to educate youngesters for the same. TED should take initiative in this regard... it is MUST for Environmental Sustainability. I offer my services and am ready to serve for TED in this regard.
    Will True... please BE TRUE about our Environment.
    Best of Luck.
    - Sanjay K. Sharma
  • May 4 2011: Well, I have tried to watch 3 different talks today and each one has been hijacked by a long coca cola commercial. I assumed the talk would resume once the commercial was over but no. I appreciate that sponsorship is necessary and I am sure this is just a glitch, but I look to TED for a different kind of conversation. thanks.
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: Hi Margit -- We never have advertisements mid-talk. If you are seeing it jump straight to the post-roll message, it could be part of a glitch. Could you email the specifics (which talk, and how long in before you see this happen) to contact[at]ted.com? I'll try to get this sorted out for you as quickly as possible.
  • thumb
    May 4 2011: About the app for iPad and iPhone, it would be great if there were subtitles available for TED Talks and if we could access our TED profiles on it.
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: Hi Lucas -- Thanks for posting! One thing to note, we actually only put out the TED iPad app, the iPhone apps are all 3rd party (we aren't involved in the development or support of the apps), That being said, subtitles on the iPad app is certainly something we're looking in to. In the meantime, check out the app TED+SUB. It's another 3rd party app, but they've figured out how to get the language subtitles on all the talks!

      Having access to your TED profile, and Conversations is another feature we're currently investigating implementing.
  • thumb
    May 4 2011: What about on-line chatting with TED speakers? I think TED should try to promote, once in a while, chats between TED speakers and TEDsters. However, there should be a limited number of participants and a moderator responsible for conducting the chat apropriatly. I think great ideas would be spread through this system!
    Despite the limited number of participants, those who didn't apply should be able to read the chat.
    Take a look:
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      May 4 2011: So number one means the best?
      • thumb
        May 4 2011: That's not what was stated.
        • thumb
          May 4 2011: Understood, but the claim of "They all should be in Mandarin" isn't exactly open and clear.

          It is clear I agree that there should be Mandarin speakers I do not understand why "all" must be.
      • thumb
        May 4 2011: Nicholas it is very clear what he means. He's only referencing the popularity of the language and could be referring to subtitles (my assumption).

        As Lucas Avelleda points out below, Mandarin is the most spoken language though particularly in China and Singapore versus the entire world.
        • thumb
          May 4 2011: So it is clear but you are still assuming? Must not be to clear then. I'll be more clear.

          Break down: They (what/who?) should all (in reference to?) be in Mandarin since it's the number one language in the World.

          My original objection is why Mandarin? Because it's the number one language thus some how becoming the best? I avoided asking what his statement was referencing in hopes upon his response it would all be cleared up anyways.
      • thumb
        May 4 2011: I believe what was meant i sthe most people speak it.. have to look that up..din't know that if that is true
    • thumb
      May 4 2011: Mr No name,
      Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, however, it's only spoken as an official language in China and Singapore, while English is an official language in more than 60 countries.
      Please take a look:
  • thumb
    May 4 2011: Yes! I think the translations are great. This year's TED Prize winner JR, seems to need to spread his message about global / local participation in art. He has only 1 year to do it---until March 2012. But his talk is only in English. [I STAND CORRECTED--17 LANGUAGES!] It seems that the TED Prize winner at least, needs as many translations as possible as soon as possible.

    For example, we would love to mobilize people in Japan to participate. But, how / what to explain? [THO, AM AWAITING THE JAPANESE VERSION]
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: I've just checked the translator dashboard. Japanese translation of the talk is being reviewed right now and will probably be published in the next two weeks.
      • thumb
        May 6 2011: yay! thanks for the insider's scoop! :P
  • thumb
    May 4 2011: Can TED website give a notification to the member who's post was commented or replied by someother member, so that the member can immediately go to the relevant discussion and check whether it needs her/his response or not ? Now it is a hard job to check going in to the "my conversation" and checking all discussions (or may be there is a solution but just I don't know)
    • thumb
      May 4 2011: Hi Salim -- We're working on it! Look for this feature soon.
      • thumb
        May 8 2011: A date of last interaction with the thread on the front of the notification would be nice. This way you can see if it's from an active conversion, or if it is pertaining to a thread from some time back.
  • thumb
    May 3 2011: Could we ask speakers to provide references for any data they quote or claims they make?

    Wikipedia articles include links to any research quoted. But when Dan Barber talks about flamingoes flying 300 miles a day to eat, or farms that magically purify the water supply, he has to explain where the pollutants go and whether the birds really do that. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/dan_barber_how_i_fell_in_love_with_a_fish.html

    I think it's OK to make wild predictions, and to offer personal opinions. But when people state something as a fact, they should be able to support that.
  • May 2 2011: I think there should be a link to submit videos for the people who want to speak at TED, and as Simone Lackerbauer posted earlier, there shoud be more options to participate and be listened
    • thumb
      May 3 2011: A side website and/or section of TED like youtube for TEDsters?

      Would be cool.
  • thumb
    May 1 2011: Offer more internships and possibilities for students, invite the next generation to take part in the global TED experience! TED is fascinating for many young aspiring researchers (including myself), but there's not enough options to participate.
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: Simone,

      Create a TED event then!
      • thumb
        May 2 2011: There actually was a TEDXParisUniversités for students in October 2010 here in France and I really enjoyed listening to all the talks. But I also meant internships and research projects or calls for papers -- TED-ED, but different!
  • Apr 30 2011: Let the person who begins a conversation set the word limit for comments. Different conversation require replies of different lengths, and the person who starts the conversation knows it the best.

    Also, I really enjoyed the TED debate on Nuclear energy. It gives both the sides of a controversial issue, thus, broadening perspectives, something ted is all about. Hopefully there are more coming soon!
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: If a word limit were in place it would be harder to make a point that concerns many replies simultaneously.
  • Jun 18 2011: I missing element in our scientific development work as humanity is any unifying consious strategy to priortize talent and resources towards key goals. there has never been infact ever a conversation around which problems across the plethora of sciences would give humanity a leap forward. It need not be "the grand theory" but maybe a better measuring principle which would help verify/ falsify some of the existing theories like strings. Frankly, being an Engineer biases me towards backend of science then front end. But it is my hypothesis that more accurate & sensitive clocks and such have led to subsequent theories or atest their proofs. Its tough one but wonder if TED could create a conversation around what problems should Humanity prioritze to take leap.
  • Jun 18 2011: Ted is just spreading information. For that it deserves kudos. But the sad reality is that Ted has no power to guide those developments. Right now, in Ted, at each conference, there is the largest gathering of brain power and capital in the world. Ted with its wide range of contacts would be able to push through research and development for at least one technology. Why wait for chance to take hold and for people to bump at random for something to develop. Give the people in the audience a challenge, have them work together for an end result that will appear in Ted. Their failure or success would be highly informative and educational. Ted might become the civilian Darpa.
  • thumb
    Jun 18 2011: I have a suggestion for the transcription of talks by non-native English speakers. I would suggest to have the transcription reviewed by an experienced TED Translator whose mother tongue is the same as that of the speaker. I've come across quite a few transcription errors that were no brainers to me - because either I myself make the same pronounciation errors, or I hear them all around me. They included errors in talks of very popular speakers, like Hans Rosling, that had already been translated 30 times before the transcription was corrected. That's a pity.
  • thumb
    Jun 18 2011: Give http://www.ted.com/profiles/865907 some TEDCreds!!
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: I have not been able to find or figure out how to favorite a theme. Also, some of the videos do play on the iPhone app. because of their format I suspect. I also suspect that they are from the Best of the Web theme and therefore you cannot convert them. If this is the case have you considered trying to get them licensed for converting them to a more universal format.
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Design workshops for people from various domains coming together for generating ideas for tomorrow and generating funds to put up start ups for attaining those ideas
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: An idea for improving TED!?
    Move George Spillkov's comment about censorship at TED (and all comments attached to that one) to a new conversation since it's taking up way to much place on this one and keeps ending up on top of the other comments...
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: Perhaps it's size is an indication of it's importance to the participants.
      • thumb
        Jun 16 2011: I thought that you would like the idea of a devoted conversation about "the Freedom of speech at TED"...
        • thumb
          Jun 16 2011: kind of an oxymoron, isn't it - "the Freedom of speech at TED"?
  • Jun 16 2011: i think a polling option to add to ideas and conversations would be a good addition - an easy way to find out generally what tedders think
  • Jun 15 2011: I think that TED should allow people to chat online. It should also be education in socialtion on the comperther. and what better way to do this then chat? please allow us to chat. Thanks/Beep!!! You in addvance!!! Peace out yo!
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Hi Dana -- For a more detailed response to this I would recommend reaching out to the TEDx team (contact info is available in the ted.com/tedx sub-page), but my understanding of that rule is to ensure that the larger events reflect the 'feel' of a TED conference. The TEDx program gives out the TED name at no cost to organizers all over the world, but my understanding is there has to be some limitations along the way to ensure the overall quality of the events.
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: And another thought: I have only read a fraction of the 677 comments so far, but among them are many many interesting ideas. In the case you collect and list them, Will, could you perhaps publish that list? I would love to see what other TEDdys came up with :)
    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: Hi Ray,
      I think there will be an entire section devoted to this on TED quite soon, that's part of the reason why Will is here.
      • thumb
        Jun 15 2011: Oh, so his presence is part of the greater plan ^^ I am looking forward to this section! It will neatly fit the aims and philosophy of TED :)
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Regarding TEDx events, I searched whether any would be near me, and while there are some in Germany over the year, most are invite only, and none of them offer a webcast. As I see it, there isn't even a single German TED talk available from the past at all. I also wonder why the page of TEDx Youth@Berlin http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/2863 does not contain any information or at least link to http://www.tedxyouthberlin.de/ . Which in turn fails to mention 2011 with a single word; the application form is still referring to the 2010 event. (On another note, you cannot search for specific US States in http://www.ted.com/tedx/events either. It won't recognize "Vermont" or even "USA", only "United States".)

    It saddens me in general that great speeches are "lost" to people who couldn't attend because of the distance, the costs or because they weren't even born yet at that time. And regarding TEDx in Germany, there are vast cultural differences between Germany and the USA. So the fact that I am thrilled by US conferences doesn't guarantee that I would like the German meetings one bit. So it would be useful to get a proper impression before I decide to travel through the Republic.

    Please don't get me wrong, TED is really progressive in sharing hundreds of speeches for free, so I don't want to appear ungrateful or notoriously dissatisfied :) There is just better advertisment conceivable than missing links, outdated websites and lacking videos. But of course TED can only address a part of it, since TEDx events are independently organized...
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Maybe help bring local organizers together... Or at least organizers within a 5 mile radius. :) Not sure how, just an idea...
  • Jun 14 2011: Looking at the upcoming Dublin conference's $6,000 price tag made me balk. Can anyone provide insight as to why registration is so expensive? In talking with friends, one mentioned that not every conference comes with the same cost. I don't know how to verify that, or what it's been like in past, but steep admission seems to go against TED's stated objective of "ensuring a rich and stimulating exchange of ideas among a diverse group of peers."

    Disclaimer: the Dublin conference is the first time I've actually looked into attending. I'm not at all knowledgeable on the subject.

    Really, the root question is: how do the proles (or the youth) get in? Economic status and intelligence are not necessarily related, and excluding lower classes seems a bit disturbingly elitist. I've seen a fair few talks focused on improving quality of life and upward mobility for the impoverished. Why not give the impoverished the opportunity to include themselves in the dialogue?
  • thumb
    Jun 13 2011: I don't know if someone mentioned it already (I'm sorry in that case), but you might want to check the links on the "Jobs at TED" page: http://www.ted.com/pages/jobs For me, they all just point to http://hire.jobvite.com/#
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 13 2011: Richie, I'm in Canada and I can see all of your comments on your profile page right to the end of page 12.
    • thumb
      Jun 13 2011: Hi Richard,

      I can access all of your comment, but for some reason page 11 and only 11 turns out weird...
      I'm using Firefox 3.6.13 from Sweden (don't know if the country matters though).
    • thumb
      Jun 13 2011: Hi Tedsters:>)
      Richard, I can only access the first 7 pages of comments on your profile. I have a similar challenge...can only access the first 15 pages of 62 today. Sometimes, I can only access the first 10 or 12 pages.

      I also am having difficulty submitting comments at times. Although I am signed in when I hit submit, the comment is immediately deleted, and I get a notice that I need to sign in....reported this to TED a couple days ago.

      I'm in US, but I agree with Jimmy that country probably doesn't matter as much as the program?
    • thumb
      Jun 13 2011: I get no results when searching "comments by" for you.
  • Jun 13 2011: It would be great, if there will be RSS for translated videos in every language too.
  • Jun 13 2011: It would be helpful to have sections devoted to particular sectors so that we could search for the sector that appeals/interests us most e.g. Education, Health, Government. It's not as easy as it could be to find relevant articles and speeches in these areas without trawling through hundreds of links...
  • Jun 13 2011: Have a dedicated live chat feature instead of using TED conversations, which can get difficult to organise and slightly hectic.
  • thumb
    Jun 13 2011: If you need computing power you can always have mine! ;)

    How about a Ted@home project in collaboration with BOINC?
  • thumb
    Jun 13 2011: Correct me if I am wrong..there doesn't appear to be a feature to make our "comments" on [profile page] "hidden." It would be nice to have that option.
  • Jun 12 2011: Create a mobile site, or some easy way for all the iphoners to watch... Sure this has been suggested before...
  • thumb
    Jun 12 2011: Instead of answering to questions and responding to ideas people are storming the web space with their unanswered questions and doubts.It is like everyone is saying and no one`s listening. I think ted should let people drop their questions and ideas in a drop box .Then a chosen Idea or question which is worth a shot of argument or debate should be posted on the home page and people should be invited to answer or give opinion on that particular question / Idea / Subject for debate.
  • thumb
    Jun 12 2011: If I take too long mulling over what I am going to write on TED conversations it kicks me out and deletes the post that I have worked so long to write. I have to sign in again but my post is long gone.

    Could you find a way for us to sign in again if necessary but not lose what we have written. Or perhaps you could give us a warning that our authorization is about to expire?
    • thumb
      Jun 12 2011: I write in word, whenever possible and keep word open when I'm on to manage links, cuts and pastes etc. then cut and paste into ted. Works pretty giod and for editing is much easier than on site at TED conversations. Also allows for easier roaming elsewhere in the conversation and to other conversations
      • thumb
        Jun 12 2011: Thanks Lindsay. That's a practical solution.
    • thumb
      Jun 12 2011: This problem was severe before TED.com started using cookies instead of sessions for login.
      But now you can click on the Remember Me checkbox during log in, it should keep you logged in unless you log out by yourself.
      However, as far I know TED.com doesn't allow login from multiple devices/browsers at the same time. So once you are changing your machine/browser you will need to login each time you change even if the Remember Me was clicked.
  • thumb
    Jun 12 2011: Call me cazy as this is really minor, but for me I am not too sure about the E in TED. Yes, I have seen Entertaining talks, but also Educational ones...and they really do not fit under Technology or Design. SO, I think TED should stand for Technology Entertainment/Education and Design! :-)
  • thumb
    Jun 12 2011: The TED profile tags should include HUMANIST. and VISIONARY INNOVATER,.Ted is supposed to be about serving incting people to serve, inciting people to dedicate their energies and talents for a better world community ,a better neighborhood and yet these words are not there wjen these these are key energies and faculties needed to engage global citizens in the Ted Vision.I happened to thinking about why so many here at Ted self label as atheist and was wondering why there were no humanists or ethical culture descriptors. Not on the Ted Tag list.

    I actually just started a conversation about that..pleas join if your best tag that makes you most valuable here at TED was not on the tag list.

    • thumb
      Jun 12 2011: Hey Lindsay,

      Isn't Philanthropist enough?
      • thumb
        Jun 12 2011: Hi Jimmy..Philanthropist is there. Enough for what? Philanthropist, "yes or no". And that doesn't include people who have no money to give but who give 100% of their time to humanitairan and social justce causes or to advocacy. Is "GLOBAL SOUL" the same as "GLOBAL CITIZEN" which implies more activisim and enagement. And what abou tthe poor visionaries,thepoor culturat evolutionaries? the poor humanists?

        As a professional researcher when I see a list like "philanthropist, brain stormer, change agent, idea generator" in the context of amision statement and statement of purpose like TED's I see that list as invitational..we are looking for people to join us who are>>>>
        people who are looking to co-intelligence or who are facilitators might resonante with "change agent" but don't we also want and need visonaries? Doesn't that imply a fovus and purpose and dedication to the future of the erath, the future o humanity that is stronger and more powerful that :brain stormer" Idea generator"

        Who do we want here with us? Is the Tag list a a wlecome and invitation to those people we need here among us?

        Did you find a tag for what you consider your highest and best attrubutes are here at TED?
  • thumb
    Jun 12 2011: Sometimes when I'm writing reply's the text continues outside (under) the box and the words disappear... I've been using Chrome mostly but it happens on all browsers as far as I've experienced...
  • thumb
    Jun 10 2011: a search filter on questions, debates, ideas
    it would be great if you could assist in developing ideas put online aswell
  • Jun 9 2011: I have a suggestion, and please forgive me if someone has mentioned it already but I haven't read all the replies to this topic. I think each topic should have another level to it that highlights the points made on the subject. You have so many interesting discussions with many diverse perspectives but I don't have the time to read them all. What would be interesting would be if you had a level that highlights the points of issues. You could have the points divided into two sides, for and against for example. Those points themselves could be links to individual discussions on those specific points. That would give a venue for people to discuss details related to a subject without losing track from the original issue. You can also have people vote on points so you can get an idea of how many people support each side of a debate.
  • thumb
    Jun 9 2011: I have lost half a dozen carefully written posts in the last week. When I hit submit, the text disappears and a window pops up asking me to sign in. I already was signed in and the sign in window does not work. This is only a recent development. It was not happening before this week.
  • Jun 9 2011: Please consider the quality of the comments that are offered.
    For example, are ad hominem attacks on a TED guest speaker or his/her ideas in order in your comments section?
    I find them a bit frequent and disturbing and graceless and unworthy of TED.
    Granted, not every speaker is the best speaker. Sometimes a speaker is boring or might not meet the standard we've come to expect of TED speakers.
    That speaker and comment readers could all benefit from model examples of the kind of feedback that works best, and maybe, just maybe, one thing TED could do is to chose to keep the best feedback and delete the rest. Think of it like letters to the NYTimes. Not all get published. Why not offer critiques that model the best kind of critiquing? To me that seems in keeping with TED's objectives.

    I hope someday TED will find the will and the resources to do what is necessary to raise the level of acceptable feedback and I don't have to define "acceptable" for you. TED already knows the answer to that question..

    I'm a frequent watcher. I think TED is a educational triumph and I recommend it in every conversation that touches on the media and the web. And I hope someday to begin TEDx at a local university if possible.

    • thumb
      Jun 9 2011: Bill, do you flag the comments you find inappropriate? That would help in keeping it high standard. Also remarking upon other peoples comments is a good way of making them think and explain a bit more if you ask them to.
      When I think about the "bad commentary" I think about how much the TED community has to teach them, what potential there is!

      All the best!
  • thumb
    Jun 8 2011: there should be TED like platforms all over the world. especially in the third world countries where there are no places to share ideas.it would be great if TED could take the initiative.
  • Jun 7 2011: there should be TED conventions on a national level, in addition to the local TEDx events
    • thumb
      Jun 8 2011: Hi Kim -- do you envision these events independently organized (like TEDx)? Or put on by TED? As it stands now, our production pipeline is already running full tilt!
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2011: Perhaps each TEDx should collaborate to held a once a year national event on their respective territories?
  • Jun 7 2011: I find the site quite interesting thought provoking and informative. I would like to make sure is remains a forum of intellectual idea and information exchange based on truthful, logical, and rational thinking.

    Thank you.
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: Create a "TED Improvements" section on TED.com.

    A place where we could post and discuss every improvement for TED without all of them getting mixed up and reposted.
    • thumb
      Jun 8 2011: Jimmy -- I'm working on building a knowledgebase and a way to do that now (one of the reasons I was brought on to the TED staff). This thread was really a way to test the waters for something like that, I've just been having a lot of fun interacting with the community and seeing the incredible suggestions -- so I've been keeping it open in the meantime!
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: I'd like to be able to archive my conversations so that they are no longer shown to me if they are closed.
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: Here one more - If we can have a way to mark a conversation or talk, so as to track any new comments that comes up, and be informed of any new updates.
    To illustrate, lets say I am interested in talkXYZ and would love to see any new comments coming in. I may not have actually commented on my own, but I may be interested to know any new comment that comes up. Seems quite useful feature to me, any comments?
    • thumb
      Jun 8 2011: Hmm... we're building out our email notification system (nearly ready), I'll check to see if this is part of it/possible -- 'subscribing' to the comments as it were, is that what you are getting at?
      • thumb
        Jun 12 2011: You got it right Will. That's exactly what I mean.
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: It would be great to see a summary statement of what have TED have done so far, a summary of the ideas presented in the dynamics of transforming our world into an equitable and earth-sustainable global home.

    We have great ideas. How can we directly or indirectly contribute in the efforts of institutions like WEF and UN. What are the key reform NGOs that we can help to help transform our world.

    How can our discussions can harness the great ideas of many people by working on our common interests. (http://bit.ly/PowerCommon, http://bit.ly/TedCommon)

    Can we use Wikipedia as a backbone of our discussions? I think wikipedia is thoroughly debated itself so when we use these as the backbone of our debates and discussions we can be more efficient and effective.

    I have joined TED in this conversations in the hope of also spreading my ideas and I believe the ideas of many other people also that we can harness the power of our hearts and minds to transform our world. http://bit.ly/ThePowerInfo
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Jun 7 2011: Hi Nathyn,

      Could you please place you cryptic and no-saying comment under my first response to your's?
      Also, all suggestions here are meant for TED, If you have a new idea that you would like to share and discuss that is not for TED i suggest creating a new conversation about it.

      You can do this by going to: TED conversations/Start new conversation or follow the link http://www.ted.com/conversations/new
      • thumb
        Jun 9 2011: I would just appreciate not having an idea stolen.
        And the opportunity of my friends and family living a normal, happy life.
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: You need to personally message me and talk in Private.

    I have an idea..

    Email me if you can:

    • thumb
      Jun 7 2011: I sent you a message since I'm interested in what you might have to say... love a good secret because I'm simply that curious...
      However I do NOT love secrets on TED, and keeping an idea private when so many are sharing theirs is really rude. I'm not getting what you might hope to accomplish with this... If it's money, you're barking up the wrong tree here at TED...
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: So, I'm beginning to feel the need to brainstorm about different topics in a way that we don't. We should have some of the conversations on Skype (or something) and set goals for what we hope to accomplish with those conversations before we connect.

    Skyping in group would bring TEDsters even closer together and trigger a lot of collaboration and basis for friendship within the TED community.
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: I was thinking about TED-MED...

    Does it already exists? If it doesn't it should be created...

    Edit: I will elaborate soon enough....
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: I'd like to be able to sort threads by most "this is helpful".
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: I wonder if there is any way that we can suggest correction to the subtitles; if we find any issues or if there are missing parts marked as "[unclear]".

    If we do have something then please let me know; else one way could be that Will starts a Conversation like this, asking guys to add their corrections if they find any issues with the subtitles.
  • Jun 7 2011: How about a "TED Minute" on NPR- 60 second clip/highlight of a something interesting and motivating with the sign off that says "to learn more and make a difference visit TED.com
  • thumb
    Jun 6 2011: A week or two ago the frame for the talks changed and the entire video no longer fits into the alloted area. So I can not pause or see the time signature. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this.
    • thumb
      Jun 8 2011: Hi Thomas -- check to see if your flash plugin is up to date. You can do so here: get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

      If it is and things still are not working, please email me your browser/OS config to contact[at]ted.com and I'll try to get it sorted
  • Jun 6 2011: i need to know when a new video translated to my mother tongue language
  • Jun 5 2011: i hope we could share the ideas simetaneously.
  • Jun 5 2011: yes, if i can download to my mps, that's good , anyway a very nice website
  • thumb
    Jun 5 2011: TED has been providing a link for TED Speaker recommendation. I've done it once quite a long time ago, but until now I haven't get any responses on it. I am trying to understand that it may take additional staff to deal with this, but it will be very nice for the person to get a response on why yes or why not.
    By the way, I recommended Bill Mollison as the co-founder of Permaculture as a TED Speaker. I think Permaculture qualifies at least in Technology and Design theme of TED.
    • thumb
      Jun 6 2011: Hi Abdi -- A large part of it is the sheer volume of suggestions we get in comparison to our small, hard-working staff. Another aspect of it is that we keep a database of suggested speakers for future review. So say someone isn't a good fit for TED2012, it's possible they would for a future conference.
  • thumb
    Jun 5 2011: Up to today, we still need manual tweaking in order to synchronize subtitles with its downloaded videos. However, this is not happening when we watch it online. I feel it will be great if the downloadable subtitles have been synchronized with the downloadable videos.
  • Jun 3 2011: Take TED to Europe. It would be great to have some TED conferences in Europe as well.
  • thumb
    Jun 3 2011: What about a "random" function, similar to what Wikipedia offers. I'd love to be able to have a talk randomly selected for me.
  • thumb
    Jun 2 2011: Moderation of accounts, delete those who interrupt logical discussion with brutally irrelevant crap, and plague debates with totally erroneous statements.

    Or create a separate section where you must have a certain number of points to enter a discussion.,
    • thumb
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Jun 2 2011: Ignoring people is a very powerful practice. In TED case, as simple as not commenting.
      • thumb
        Jun 2 2011: Basically I suggested a rule revision and then you pointlessly reminded me of the rule I wanted to change.

        It's as if during Martin Luther King's speech somebody somebody pointed out that it is illegal for blacks to sit in the front of the bus.

        just saying haha.
        • thumb
          Jun 2 2011: First, which rule revision? Sounds like you wanted to dictate a personal problem you have sometimes on TED.

          Second, you didn't suggest a rule revision you suggested a few things 1. the admin's aren't doing their job 2. that TED didn't think the conversation section out thoroughly 3. that people just post comments mindlessly constantly 4. that the rules weren't thought about carefully.

          I am sure the TED staff had a good consensus on the rules of the conversation boards. To dictate they need to be "harsher" on the rules and people, is kind of not the point of TED. Start your own website and invite TEDsters there if that is your want.

          Your Martin Luther King Jr. example is distasteful by the way.
        • thumb
          Jun 2 2011: we like the standrds..at least all but afew of us
        • thumb
          Jun 2 2011: I can't get this to post below Nicholas' and Liindsay's next response.

          I agree Lindsay. I have been exposed to a lot of gifted young people and Nicholas still frequently knocks my socks off. Maybe he is actualy 70 and is posting his grandson's picture!
        • thumb
          Jun 2 2011: Debra, possibly one of the best compliments ever received, thanks.

          @ Lindsay

          Although I give the advice, I tend to not allows follow, so sage, no way!
        • thumb
          Jun 3 2011: @ Nicholas "Your Martin Luther King Jr. example is distasteful by the way"

          Distasteful? how so? Some examples are not but this was very apt.
      • thumb
        Jun 2 2011: Interesting point you make Nicholas on ignoring people. What is it that someone does to deserve that? Disagreeing on a specific topic or is it something else?
        • thumb
          Jun 2 2011: 1. If you have nothing to say, say nothing at all.
          2. If you have to say it, say it as nice as possible.
          3. If someone isn't listening, stop trying.
          4. Do not start something and not finish it.
          5. Give advice upon the consideration "maybe, we are looking at the same thing differently and it's causing problems"

          Edited: number 5
        • thumb
          Jun 2 2011: nicholas you are a sage..excellent advice and absolutely the bets stratgey..don't engage the fruitcakes.
      • thumb
        Jun 2 2011: I did suggest a rule revision, there were just multiple possibilities as to how the new rule would be enforced in my mind. I don't like seeing morons posting on ted.
        Morons piss people off and take away from meaningful conversations.
        It's really hard to refrain from smashing morons online.

        Also, this is a question conversation not a debate.
        You're engaging me in a debate.
        I'm not saying this is what should happen I just would like to see less stupidity and in about 45 seconds I thought of a simple way to remove it from the forums of ted.
        Obviously others don't feel this way and have no problem with people who I have a hard time tolerating posting here.
        • thumb
          Jun 3 2011: Lindsay, Some fruitcakes are persistent and hard to ignore.

          Cole, Try a little tolerance, you'll be amazed how far it can get you in life. Sometimes you will get the most wisdom from someone that could quickly be dubbed a moron if you are closed minded. Many times it isn't that the person is a moron it's that there is a communication problem. You don't understand their angle and they don't understand how to put a spin on it you'd understand. In many situations if you stick with it you'll reach a point of mutual understanding and be better off for it. There are many people and many points of view in this world. One of the great things about TED is it allows you to share and discuss with people who have an entirely different view of life.
        • thumb
          Jun 3 2011: Thomas,

          You performed all my guidelines in this comment and added another.

          5. Give advice upon the consideration "maybe, we are looking at the same thing differently and it's causing problems"

          Kudos and thank you.
        • thumb
          Jun 3 2011: thomas & Nicholas..

          just excellent..and Ia palogogize for my fruitcakes comment..I was thinking notof people who stick to and try to engage their point of view but folk who have a fixed and intransifent message that paster all over like a rubber stamo or people who are just having temoer tantrums and can't seem to get a grip.
    • thumb
      Jun 2 2011: @ Cole Barnshaw "delete those who interrupt logical discussion with brutally irrelevant crap, and plague debates with totally erroneous statements."

      Who would judge what is "brutally irrelevant crap"? or what are "totally erroneous statements"?

      Do we set up a dictator?

      PS I have looked into a conversation of yours. I do not fault you on your logic but still my questions remain. Illogical statements can be rebutted followed by ignoring and erroneous statements can be exposed by evidence to the contrary.
      • thumb
        Jun 2 2011: This was only a suggestion, I was hopeful that others would agree and that ted would do something along the lines of what I said.
        • thumb
          Jun 3 2011: Hey Cole!

          TED conversations isn't supposed to be up to the same standard as TED talks, look at it as more of a crowd sourcing project...

          I started out by watching 50-100 talks before exploring the site and getting to the conversations... When i first got here I was also a bit disappointed at the quality of some comments.
          What you need to do is realize that an exclusive elitist viewpoint is really harmful and if someone feels like expressing their opinion they should (in most cases) be free to do so...

          Chris says something about web commentary in this talk, watch and think a bit about it....
  • thumb
    Jun 1 2011: I think we need to figure out a way to visit as a community what we mean by "on topic"..consfusion an diffeurencses of opinionon thi shave lead to much confusion and dissention and even dissretionof voices who have given us so much.
    I really admire the wisdom of the system designers for Ted Cinversation but I think in their deletions and the content of their eplamations there is not nough give an dtake to really explore this

    We do have th option of" reply" both when we we ntfied that oneof our comments has been deleted and reply in the cntext of a Ted Converstion where extensive Ted deletions have occurred..but we as an invested committed community do not have a place where we can enageg this issue and work it through together.
  • Jun 1 2011: Many of people are not informed about TED, i think you should increase the advertisements in Google(gmail),Yahoo.FaceBook and etc; to inform the people about TED and to improve the knowledge level of various people and to extend the "Common Knowledge" information all over the world.
  • thumb
    Jun 1 2011: By the way... should we still send our suggestions to the correct channels or is it in most cases enough that we post our ideas here?
  • thumb
    May 29 2011: Copy talks!

    Make (if they aren't already) talks free to copy for anyone who wishes to do so. And also make the the copied talks available in other languages.

    If we could get people to repeat the things that are said on TED but in their own native tongue the impact of what is said would be much greater across the world. Also if you do not like a speaker for some reason you could choose another to say roughly (or exactly) the same...
  • thumb
    May 29 2011: TED is great, but I was wondering if it could be made more accessible to students? It is great that the talks are online and free.. but to reach more students, and maybe to give them a chance to participate in the actual conference.. could inspire them to build a much different future than they otherwise would
  • May 29 2011: The ability to search based on the event they are filmed at. My experience is that the small TED talks sometimes have quality of content problems -- I'd like to be able to only view videos from the official TED conferences.
  • May 27 2011: Yes, please let educators bookmark lectures so we can use them in our classes.
    • thumb
      May 27 2011: Mozilla Firefox allows bookmarking, with a great system, to be apart of the browsing. Even has the option to save bookmarks onto the computer.

      Otherwise by clicking on "favorite" underneath the video will save it to your favorites and can view it on your profile.
  • May 27 2011: Roku channel developer here.

    TEDTalks Roku channel version 1.5 was published on Wednesday (May 25th 2011). This release scraps the RSS feed and is now based on a managed list of videos which have been reviewed for playability. The new playlist also includes TEDTalks videos going back as far as 2006.

    The 1.5 release also lays the groundwork for building more Roku features to come, such as search and sort preferences.
  • thumb
    May 26 2011: "I will Like, or thumbs up someones comment, and i will come back to the page later on and see that it is no longer there,"

    please fix it because i enjoy the satisfaction of someone knowing their idea or comment did not go unheard or unliked :)
    thank you
  • May 26 2011: everywhere i look for information on psoriasis there currently is no cure as fare as the medical world is concerned. how ever several people have been treated for there psoriasis and other skin disorders by the American Institute of Advanced Medicine located in utah. Their Skin problems go away after treatment and they do not return. id be interested in learning more about that maybe you guys could explain that
  • May 26 2011: can u tell me something abt What id TED EVENT ? because last month there was a ted event at northeastern university shenynag,china in which city i am studying now.. so i and my friend want to attend it.. we contact that university but we didn't get anything.. university says there are no such events.. i saw the organizer 's profile on TED was not fully written that;s why i could contact him....there should be some easy way that we can contactt him..
  • May 25 2011: I'm interested in peer-to-peer lending. Prosper.com is such a service. Would this be a subject matter to touch upon?
    • May 29 2011: Lending Club is a more successful model.
  • thumb
    May 25 2011: I feel like no body cares. Im wondering if this site is just for people to steal others ideas... Read my question on my profile.
  • thumb
    May 24 2011: When somebody reply your comment, it would be good to know it!

    Sometime people never answered you because they did'nt know you reply them.
  • May 24 2011: Why don't you make a more permanent system for suggestions, something like uservoice (http://uservoice.com/). This will create a more effective, efficient and organized way of dealing with suggestions, to turn even more ideas, into action.
  • thumb
    May 23 2011: I would like a better indicator to show that someone has replied to one of my conversations or comments. Thank you!
  • thumb
    May 23 2011: Why are there no non-English speaking ted talks?
  • thumb
    May 23 2011: In the "My conversations" area it would be nice to have the closed discussions be removed from the main list and be archived in a "Closed conversations" sub file.

    Also in the "Featured Conversations" remove the closed conversations. When I go to this tab about half of the featured conversations are closed. I can understand having a few left for people to read because of exceptional content but not half of the list.
  • thumb
    May 23 2011: 1. Let many people know what TED is!
    2. Open TED Conferences (not TEDx) in other countries such as Asia, India, Latin America.
    3. Invite non-English speakers who have brilliant ideas.
    4. Invite brilliant students as attendants for free!!
  • May 22 2011: Have a giveaway for TED event tickets. The prices bar some people from ever being able to attend.
  • May 22 2011: More people should know your site. Please publicize it so they can.
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: Isn't that your job, our job as people who enjoy this site and think it's a good thing to spread?
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: 100% correct again Thomas! We ask you TEDsters to help us spread TED as best you can.
  • thumb
    May 22 2011: I have a suggestion to have a flag that marks a comment are irrelevant similar to the option for marking a comment as abuse.
    This idea came to me as I read a comment by Matt LeMay for talk "Louise Leakey digs for humanity's origins". I quote his comment -
    "Most of the talks on TED are very informative, including this one. What I hope to find in the comments are either elaborations upon or serious critical discussion of the content of the talks."
    Even many times I find comments that are irrelevant to the content of the talk. They can't be considered as abusive but they don't serve any purpose. There could a good discussion as to how treat a comment that is marked as irrelevant; should it be taken off discussion immediately, or until marked irrelevant for certain number of times.
  • thumb
    May 22 2011: I suggest to invite non-english speakers to TED too.
    This idea came to my mind as I was listening to "Story of a Girl', a talk by Rick Smolan. The girl in the story name - Hyun Sook Lee, could not talk English until she was adopted and came to USA. At the end of the talk when she was asked to come on stage, I was excited to listen her speak English.
    At that moment I wondered there might be many non-english speakers who might be out there with ideas worth sharing, so why doesn't TED has any talk like this. We have subtitles in many other languages for most of the talks for non-english speakers, and so we can have english subtitles for such non-english talks.
  • thumb
    May 22 2011: On the conversations section,

    Is there a way of being notified of comments or replies on a coversation one has participated in by e-mail? Or does one have to scan every single one to find if there has been any feeback?

    If there is such a setting, I have not found it.

    Thank you!! :^)
  • thumb
    May 22 2011: On the days when there is no new TED talk- I would love to see a random reposting of a highly rated talk from the archives or even one that did not get a wide enough audience the first time around. Many of the TED talks deserve the opportunity to be showcased again. Or maybe just start reposting the oldest ones!
  • thumb
    May 21 2011: I haven't read through the 300 comments, so perhaps this has been said, but how much advertising does TED do? I'd love to see TED being spread off the web.
  • thumb

    la la

    • 0
    May 21 2011: I know you will wince but here goes. I am new hear and my first impression was were are the most popular posts and how popular are they no count on how many views. So I wasn't sure what to look at first. Folks are used to the number of views and even if it goes against your fairness to all, it is the reality. I still want to check out the most watch videos since usually there is a good reason they are so popular.

    I also linked on my blog on blogger to one of your talks here and embeded the html like I usually do but the arrow in the middle that goes round and round when buffering wouldn't stop when I tested it a couple days ago. Not sure what that was all about. I then just clicked to this site and was able to watch it without the swirling arrows. I embed videos regularly but yours was different. Was it just busy?
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: On the main page in the left hand bar you can choose to rank talks by number of languages translated to, being commented on or being emailed that week. Although there is no number of views displayed, this gives you a pretty good idea of what's popular this week or overall.
  • thumb
    May 21 2011: I think I noticed that sometimes the thumbs up says 'this is helpful' and sometimes " this is well argued". When you make a change like that it would be great to alert the troops here so that we can all be on the same page and our collective actions have meaning.
    Thanks for the good job you do!
  • thumb
    May 20 2011: Can it be fixed so that when we try to edit, it does not removee the paragraph breaks?

    I would like the option of using color and centering text when I post a poem.
  • May 19 2011: I would like to see an area called TED education for elementary and secondary students. TED could find the best teachers for certain topics, say for example "The Civil War", or "Hamlet" or "Long Division" etc., and keep an archive of the best speeches. Teachers could then use those fabulous TED talks to show to their students and have amazing discussions about the speeches. This could free up teacher time for discussion and better classroom management. I would love to help with an enormous and important project such as this during my summers off.
  • May 19 2011: i' m new in ted and i want to hear people's ideas about science i joined ted while i was looking for a video from stephen hawking if i saw this organiation before i would join.that' s why you have to advertise ted in such websites like facebook or somewhere else to have more people in ted.
  • May 19 2011: i agree to mr.yükseltürk and turkish has to be supported.because there are many curious people in Turkey who wuld join organizations like ted.
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      May 20 2011: Hi Wongmo,

      Sorry for the delay in responding, as you can imagine the volume of email we receive is immense and we get through it as quickly as we can!

      If you have questions regarding a comment of yours that was removed, please email the TED Conversations Admin at conversations[at]ted.com.
      By default, conversations are set to organize by most recently updated thread. You can change this by using the drop down menu directly above the start of the comments.
      There appears to be a glitch with the My Conversations feature in user TED Conversations accounts. We are looking into this!
      I'm not quite sure what you mean with following threads more logically, could you explain that further please?
  • May 19 2011: Would it be possible for TED to have a special place for countries under title of ' thinking about Afghanistan or Any other). This will influence members to think and write more about countries and people who need the most.
  • May 19 2011: I'd be great to have a TED mobile application to see all videos more easily, RSA's one is great! and makes a difference! Cheers!
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      May 20 2011: Hi Birdia -- I think this is possible already! There should be a drop-down menu right above where the comments start that lets you sort by 'Threads recently updated' 'Original thread sequence' and 'Most replied'. Let me know if you don't see it!
  • thumb
    May 18 2011: Some ideas worth spreading do not fit in 2000 characters. I would like to see the limit removed.
  • May 18 2011: i would like to see a mobile website of TED.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Hi Frank -- as far as I know our site is fully compatible with mobile devices (and there are lots of apps available too!).
  • May 17 2011: I'm very new to TED (5min new) but if there isn't something on TED designed specifically for kids, 5-17, there definintely should be. I'm already considering ways to include TED talks in my class and I'm open to suggestions!
    • thumb
      May 23 2011: Why would TED have something aimed at children? TED is first and foremost a conference that brings together people with ideas with people with money and it is very generous of them to share these videos for free. Why would they aime talks at children who cannot attend? But there are a lot of talks about education and innovative teaching methods you can implement yourself.
  • May 17 2011: I suggest a better way to control our posts and the responses to them. In the "My conversations" limit it to the ones with added content since our last visit and a symbol for any direct response to one of our posts.
  • thumb
    May 17 2011: 1) I make these comments because I really like this community. But I am experiencing some frustrations due to the software being used.

    2) I repeatedly run up against the 2000 word maximum. None of the other sites I discuss ideas on use such a limitation. An idea takes as many words to express as it takes. I just wanted to start a discussion about an idea for a prologue to any national, international, or state constitution or city charter based upon the connection between the golden rule and the basis for the moral authority of government, but am prevented from doing so by the 2000 word limitation.

    3) Check out the software used for discussion at Ilovephilosophy.com. It does not shuffle recently posted posts to the back as soon as someone else posts something on another long thread. It is much easier to use and stays out of the way.

    Sorry if I am complaining about something that cannot be changed at this point. But I thought you should hear about a newcomer's experience if it is something you can do something about.
  • May 17 2011: Maybe i am not aware of this but is TED site multilingual? Since talks get translated into many languages I am sure there are lost of non-English speaking people out there who have great ideas that they would want to express on the conversation board?
  • thumb
    May 16 2011: A simple drawing type of program that people could diagram with and then create a link into a conservation feed could really add another dimension to the level of discussion.
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: PLease add a 'notification' tab..
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: reorganizing the site.

    I find the site a bit uninteresting. Maybe if we could have a better profile organization or colours it'll be nice.
    I don't really know what doesn't work but somethings go wrong..
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        May 15 2011: Yes for the coulours it's okay but the organization of the website still too normal, unpleasant.
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: I would like to suggest the addition of a few extra ways to navigate your amazing collection with groupings like: Affordable revolutions, Brilliant motivators, Inspiring interpretations, Creativity triggers, Transformative observations, Empower-ers, Insightful redefinitions (aka re-thinkers;), Global opportunities, Web 3.0, Conscience drivers, Power activism, New biz, and so... thus creating more entry points for such a valuable (and urgent) resource. Thanks!
  • May 15 2011: I would love their to be TED workshops in major cities, where people go to discuss and generate ideas for certain key themes for living and being in the 21st Century (perhaps numbers limited - so it could be you send in your one line idea as a form of entry and then are invited to join).

    People could also offer up themes, and their expertise, and it would be a great way for people to network and for ideas to happen and to turn into something.

    For example - I'm an ideas person, and my ability to generate ideas is used mostly in quite a small arena, and in my company, and when friends or family need help. I would love the chance to use my ability to do good and help with a more wide range of themes. TED seems to me to be a wonderful potential forum to use people's unique skills in this way and to galvanise people into action.

    There could be ideas on how to make Green living more a part of life, on how to make volunteering more attainable to people, on how to create things - literally real things using the hub of the internet (wikipedia style)

    We could have the first in London, on how to help young offenders using regular people and the time and skills they have to offer.... for example
  • May 14 2011: A better search algorithm like googles. All my search results are junk.
  • thumb
    May 13 2011: Is there an official TED app for smart phones and tablets? the ones I've found don't seem to come from the TED organization and I don't think that any of them offer the full range of features from the site such as the ability to log into one's account or access the conversations etc. This is def. an area worth developing.
  • thumb
    May 13 2011: Is it ok to refer to a poster as a wuss ? Is that allowed ?
    • thumb
      May 13 2011: Personally, I would consider that to be unnecessary and inappropriate for a conversation here. My normal rule of thumb, if you wouldn't say it to a person's face at TED, you shouldn't say it online.

      If you find a comment offensive or derogatory, please flag it for a moderator to review!
  • thumb
    May 13 2011: i like it.if website create wehn the java applications is imp and ted also
  • thumb
    May 13 2011: i think it would be awesome if TED had a talk done by MAPS http://www.maps.org/home/
    i think MAPS and TED have a lot in common and many TEDsters would dig it.
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      May 13 2011: It does seem to be a challenge for some to be on topic Wanir!

      Malaria is quite a serious issue for something so curable. There is some incredible work being done, but to me it's unconscionable that it's so far off the radar of most of the world.
  • thumb
    May 12 2011: or maybe set the conversations up like collapsible trees, if you click on a branch you can see a more visual representation of how the conversation flows.
    or how about collapsible thought bubbles, click on a comment and it spreads out into like little idea bubbles that were spawned from that thought?
    I think something should be done to make online conversations physically represent the speech act in a more expressive model than just lines down the page.
    how about speech clouds that perhaps? speech acts modeled after the way that cloud data is displayed with density connections or something? Design Design Design? and experiment.
    why does a TED conversation need to be modeled in such a traditional way that looks like every other forum on the web? show us something innovative, creative, and brave.re-create the concept of online speech acts.
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    May 12 2011: I like the idea of follow up talks but a busy lifestyle could easily rule out options of videotaping or audio taping. Email and blogging could be a good way to start the follow up process. Maybe a separate conversation thread on a separate page that is linked to the main talk started by the speaker themself (they start the conversation thread, not the webpage) could be a more accessible way for the speaker to inform the public on progress?
  • thumb
    May 12 2011: Will, I think after some time of starting TED conversations the conversation comments and content in general starts to repeat itself. So it would be great if we could edit our closing date for our conversations....

    Also there should be a way to deal with abusive posts. It would be great if the Conversation holders were able to delete the abusive posts themselves. There could be an official procedure through which TED staff could officially worn the participants to show respect toward each other. You could block abusers to participate in certain of any conversations for a while.....
    • thumb
      May 12 2011: Hmmm... That's something I thought we allowed already! I'll look into this.

      As far as abusive posts, there is a flagging feature next to every comment. We encourage you and the conversation holders to flag anything they see immediately, we have Admins monitoring the site and that will bring it to their attention as quickly as possible. I like the idea of a 'Time-out' feature, as it stands now we give a warning to abusive posters, and if they continue they risk having their account and ability to post removed permanently.
  • May 12 2011: YES! Categories!
  • thumb
    May 12 2011: I would love to see more Ted Talks about spiritual or psychological subjects. The technology stuff is fine but the best ted talks are about us as humans such as " A Stroke of Insight"or the talks on Synthetic Happiness.
    • thumb
      May 12 2011: Hi Art -- We don't necessarily seek out speakers by topic. Instead we look for the most engaging people with the most incredibly stories or experience to share! If you have someone in mind though please nominate them! See the link in my conversation post to do so.
  • thumb
    May 12 2011: I would like to see more use of the thumbs up. I noticed one thread where there are 8 thumbs up and yet 5 'yes' replies. Those yes replies could have been thumbs up too and not have taken up space.

    As well, how about a thumbs down? Might encourage more discussion about a conversation.
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    May 12 2011: Hi Will , Im glad you asked this question . Actually I had something in mind ,a suggestion that came up in mind few weeks back while I was translating one of TED talk ,and I put that suggestion here in TED conversation .But it turn out that “TED conversations” wasn’t a right place to ask for .
    Anyway , So here is I think something ,can really Improve TED community around the globe.
    This is a feature request ,just like a feature to be able to translate TED talk to reach to the people who don’t understand the spoken language of talk .Can we possibly in future have feature on TED website to dub the talk in different languages.
    While translation is a great tool to reach to the people, sometime just reading subtitles you don’t feel that connection and doesn’t give the same understanding. And like there are many people in the world who still can’t read, but they can easily understand their native spoken language. I think there are many people out there that we can reach, educate and help.
    May be what I’m asking for is bit something more ,and cost lots of money , but I thought , I should share it ,may be .. It might not be something really challenging as I’m thinking
  • May 12 2011: Bring it into the schools.

    There's no child that won't be thrilled about cymatics and weird cornstarch monsters, or that wouldn't like to have Johnny Lee's Wii-Hacks rebuilt. With TED talks you can inflame students for so many different areas of science, as well as to make the world a better place (f.ex. JR: Graffiti artists are considered cool and highly respected, and one of them doing a project for global understanding and peace might open kids' eyes for exactly that).

    All of this is also accessible for lower-class schools, since the talks are free, and with very few expenses you are able to do cymatics experiments or build a fascinating 3D-TV and a whiteboard.

    I'm thinking about a 'TEDschool' project, where interested students can regularly meet after class and one teacher spends a few hours to show them the newest intriguing talks, or students present their own findings.
    The entertaining nature of the talks is perfect for the youtube-generation, and the high amount of fascination can make people crave for more.

    TED could support this by providing the schools with material related to some talks, or sponsoring a free membership to very engaged teachers.
    I'm sure a mind-expanding center like this would affect grades and interest in school & learning in a very positive way, thus the concept might soon spread on it's own.
  • May 11 2011: I'd love if TED search engine could recommend talks using my past behaviour (see amazon, netflix etc).
  • thumb
    May 11 2011: Further, some people here are very adept at subtle sarcasm. Is there anything that can be done to minimize that ? I know from experience because I had to apologize for my own ranting and raving when I began to post. Sometimes I feel that I have to drag my knuckles back to my cave as Revett put it or crawll back under my rock. I think that this sort of thing drives thin skinned people away and we might be missing something.
  • thumb
    May 11 2011: Internet has helped us overcome problems of the past. Human capital mobility is becoming a reality. We do not need to move physically, we only need to move our ideas through the Internet to profit from the knowledge of others. This is an important feature when talking about the crisis recovery. In earlier crises, closing frontiers affected negatively to growth, as we couldn’t learn so easily about others initiatives to overcome our adversities. With the Internet, closing down barriers completely is impossible, unless we take down the same Internet. Webpages such as TED (ideas worth spreading) make this possible. I think that what is going to safe us from falling down into an endless pit are this kind of initiatives. We are lucky to be living this important change; we have in our hands the possibility to transform the world in what we best can.

    I suggest TED to be aware of the power it has and try to work towards this new transformation of the world. TED could create a subject map that linked all related ideas in a creative way.
  • May 11 2011: I think, somehow, the youth should be able to voice opinions. True, they lack the sophistication and experience of adults, but they need a output for their angst. Angst about global issues!
  • May 11 2011: How about encouraging budding explorers? Why not allow someone with an idea to post their video content - done using some guidelines, let's say - and seek feedback? This would work really well in schools as well where the students can be encouraged to share their ideas.
  • thumb
    May 10 2011: I would like to suggest the following initiative for TED regarding University Students:

    TEDUniversity Initiative


    The concept of the initiative is to engage the students of the local governmental universities with TED speakers through live direct interactive sessions.


    Coming up with a TED curricula induced from TED talks for every tackled Theme (Themes are explained further below).

    Sessions are twice a month for 1.5 Hours each.

    Related Speakers to the Theme are invited to speak and interact with the students, and a TED talk is shown in every session related to the THEME where a discussion follows after.

    At the end of the course there is a project to be done by the students related to the tackled Theme in order to engage more in the community, and serve it.

    The course is one university semester long.


    1) Technology
    2) Entreprenuership
    3) Creativity
    4) Education
    5) Women Empowerment
    6) Culture
    7) Environment
    8) Logical Thinking
    9) Leadership
    10) Citizenship
    11) Community Awareness
    12) Gender Equality


    University students.
    Students from all levels are invited to participate

    Free of charge courses to students.

    In the long run after establishing and running the initiative, we would create Ambassadors for every TEDUniversity Initiative in every country, and could create an exchange program between students from different countries.

    I would appreciate your input.

    Sara Dudin
    • thumb
      May 10 2011: Hi Sara -- What an incredible idea! I did receive your email as well and will be contacting you shortly with/for more information. TEDsters like you who are interested in bringing TED into the classroom should check out our brand new initiative, TED ED. It's in its very early stages, and is currently in the form of a brainstorming forum but will be expanding shortly.

      Check it out: education.ted.com.
      • thumb
        May 10 2011: Hi Will!

        Great! I am excited for this! :-)

        I will be looking forward for your kind reply. If you require any further information, kindly let me know, and it is my utmost pleasure to provide you with them.

        I have registered at TED ED. Seems very interesting for me. Looking forward for approving my application.

        Awaiting your answer.

        Many thanks,
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          May 11 2011: Hi Jaime,

          Thank you for your input.

          But the beauty of this idea is that it is different than the lectures and academic approach offered by universities.

          It will not be like lecturing and spoon feeding; instead, it will take the form of interactive sessions, projects basis, creativity of the students is triggered, engaging them in the community.

          We can discss the structure of it further and enhance where needed.

          Further, I Think the idea of ambassadors and students exchange programs is also different and new. Will encourage TED members to mingle and get involved in each other's cultures, therefore, triggering multiculturalism and understanding the other side.

          Yet, it is free of charge, to try to reach all possible levels of students and engage them.

          The essence of it, is that it should not be as structured and boring model like traditional university models as you referred to, but rather introducing a fun-beneficial system to serve the students' development in TED style.

          The suggested Curricula for this initiative is to give a guideline for the people who are going to execute it in every university to make sure it is consistent across all. As we are talking here on a bigger scale, not a solo one event that is only organized and taken care of by one person who is physically present in the preparations and the event always.

          Could you please if you do not mind share the failures of the system for further insight?
  • May 9 2011: I wish to see TED to be more open to the public especially with the younger people. I live in Richmond Canada and only a few people at my high school knew about TED after a substitute teacher showed us some of the talks. Maybe some small advertisement that will get more people to visit this amazing site.
  • May 9 2011: Hello,

    I love TED talks and I think they provide an invaluable service. I would like however to have people talking in a variety of languages (with subtitles being added afterwards on screen). Failing to do so conveys the message that the only people worth hearing are anglophones or people that mastered english and nothing is further for the truth.

    Given that there is already translations available for some talks, can't we now have people talking in their languages and translation in english being provided?

    Karina Benessaiah
  • thumb
    May 9 2011: Hi Will,
    I use TED in my classroom a lot. I use the talks as "wow" moments to inspire my students. I would love to see TED develop a section, or a category, or a compilation of talks and videos that are particularly suitable for middle and high school students. I suppose I could develop that list on my own but I wonder if there was a special education outreach section, more teachers would use this incredibly rich resource.
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    May 7 2011: Be more inter-active on the selection of the conference speakers. One approach could be that the TED Community could vote / select one speaker for each TED Conference in addition to the speaker selection team. This principle can be varied in many ways: The TED Community could vote on (three-five?) proposals made by the speaker selection team and select one. Or the TED Community could select it by themselves.

    Could a TED Conference be made only with speakers as members from the TED Community?
    Please forgive me challenging the wisdom of the TED speaker selection team - of course they are doing a fantastic work. I do not mean any criticism ! I just favor the experiment of crowd-sourcing and crowd-intelligence - just for learning purposes and just for exploring new options. If you stop swimming...

    Last but not least I admit that I have not read all 118 comments so far - I am sure some one has made these proposals already and I am happy to support them with my plea.
  • thumb
    May 7 2011: I would like to receive email notifications if someone comments on my comment or thread...
  • May 7 2011: Hi Will,
    Thank you for letting us know, once more, that our opinions matter. The TED's website is nicely designed, with clear, organized and effective ideas and content. These new digital TEDBooks, however, don't have a good design - the main cover with that comics' baloon of speech is wrong, I'm sorry to say; they are not attractive and, what is worse, they decrease the content's value and divert the reader's eyes. My suggestion is: those are not comic books. Will you please take it off...? Thank you.
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      May 9 2011: Well Sergio -- I'd have to disagree! We've gotten some very valuable feedback, and will continue to use TED Conversations to encourage the community to let us know how we are doing and what we can do better.

      In fact, we're looking for ways to engage the TED community more for feedback and support. What would you (and anyone else for that matter) like to see? Would a community, crowd-sourced help section be useful to you? How would you use it?
  • thumb
    May 7 2011: ***I can't find the thread that was asking for suggestons for talks so I am putting this suggestion here. Will would you please forward to the proper person?

  • May 7 2011: I suggest TED set up a "Favorites" link where registered users could keep a record of and have easy access to their faves.
  • thumb
    May 7 2011: Provide notice if anyone has commented on your posting to a conversation so it is easier to reply.
  • thumb
    May 7 2011: Thank you for creating this discussion!
  • thumb
    May 6 2011: Hi Will,

    A question about the TEDcred points system. I'm quite interested to know the purpose of this and the importance attached to it. Are there any plans to develop this in future to create a kind of TED currency that can be traded for some benefit? I'm not sure exactly how that would work, but I'm inspired by the comments of various TED speakers over the last year or so about gaming mechanics and incentive systems.

  • thumb
    May 4 2011: I have a question.
    How do I designate someone as a favourite member or contributor?
    Thank you in advance.
    • thumb
      May 4 2011: Go to their profile and on the bottom of the comments//bottom of page in "profile main"

      there is an add to favorite member option

      There should be these everywhere.
      • thumb
        May 4 2011: I appreciate the help Nicholas!
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    May 3 2011: As a law student, Id like to see more speakers address legal issues, such as legal reform, hot button issues (abortion, death penalty, etc), and international prospectives on the law. Since this field touches every area of everyone's lives, I think it is especially important to talk about on a global scale.
    • thumb
      May 3 2011: Hi Alejandro -- A great suggestion! If you have any specific speakers in mind, please suggest them to us using the link I posted in my topic above. We generally don't try to find speakers by topic, but instead look for compelling people with incredible stories or work.
  • May 3 2011: Separate the conversation threads into pages, to avoid slow loading times for conversations that get up to 100 and 200+ comments. Maybe let each page contain 50 comments? I don't know about you guys, but my browser has trouble processing some of the longer conversations.

    Also, create an easier way to find the most recent comments... It takes a while to probe through the excessively long threads just to find the most recent comment.
    • thumb
      May 3 2011: I am not computer literate really so..

      Part of the problem is by some means off of TED when I am not charging my laptop it dies really fast on TED. Stop that. lol What is doing it? Would make cell phone usage more friendly also.

      Austin as for now when you go to my conversations go to my comments and click on recent comments. (BTW get back to me on your thread about faith.)
      • May 3 2011: My suggestion is valid, it becomes harder to process the script when the conversations get excessively long. Sometimes I can't even comment on some of the longer threads because of how large they are because they are concentrated all on one page.

        I'm not trying to nitpick here! Sincere suggestion.
        • thumb
          May 3 2011: Austin as for now when you go to 'my conversations' go to 'my comments' and click on recent comments in which you created..

          Your suggestion is valid, that is why I pumped it up with an additional response.
    • thumb
      May 3 2011: Hi Austin -- thanks for posting!

      Normally, when a thread reaches 50 comments browsers only load the latest 50, and then you have to click 'Load more comments...' at the bottom to see more. Are you not seeing this? I imagine if that script isn't working on your browser, it would really slow down the load time.

      Let me know if that is (or isn't) working for you, and I'll see what I can figure out. Please include your browser/OS information so I can troubleshoot.
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    May 1 2011: It might be valuable to have an online chat function - as you are looking at a conversation, see who else participating in that conversation is online and interested in further discussing the topic.
  • thumb
    May 1 2011: Suggestion: Have a main menu link to download Ted Podcasts (even if it directs me to another site). It seems like an easy thing to do and keeps your patrons from having to do a google search to locate them.
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: Hi Meghan -- You can already download the talks from the site! Look beneath the video player (directly beneath the sharing options), and you'll see a download link. You can download in hi or low-res, and then import to iTunes if you wanted to put it onto your mobile device
  • thumb
    May 1 2011: The reply does not appear in the exact place where you want to .Specially if it was a forth reply in a seriesso your reply show below other comment not the one you meantI suggest when you hit reply in any conversation the program give you a drop menu of the name of the commentatorseach name with a check box in front him so I Just select the names and write my comment
    and the comment appears with head line reflect the direction of the conversation
    i.e Person1 said to person2
    or person3 replying to person6 ,person10
  • Comment deleted

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      Apr 30 2011: Yeah all words in the title of the conversation become key words in search for conversations.
      • thumb
        Apr 30 2011: and definitely notifying us if people have responded specifically to our comment or topics.
  • Comment deleted

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      Apr 30 2011: A quote button?
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Apr 30 2011: I like the idea Jáfia, it might be nice to go beyond a simple reply - maybe have specific text in a lighter font and indented slightly in the post? You could then isolate portions of another poster's comment to respond to.