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    May 26 2011: this may have been mentioned but ill say it just in case..

    i think notifications when people comment on your questions/ideas/debates and also if people directly respond to your post. i comment on a lot, i love TED and i forget most of them so i miss the response and a further chance of an informed and opinionated debate.
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      Jun 3 2011: Davie! YES!
      This has been suggested over and over again on numerous conversations, I haven't checked if it's been posted here though.

      But I can tell you that there are a lot of us thinking the same thing and wondering why it isn't already so...

      Will, could you please tell us the reason why there isn't a notification system? Is it "impossible" to build into the exciting model of conversations (fallor ergo sum) or is there an other reason?
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      Jun 13 2011: Notification would be GREAT!!!
      ESPECIALLY since I cannot access all the comment pages on my profile:>)
      Thanks Will and TED:>)

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