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Do you have a suggestion for TED? Something we could do better?

Have an idea for the website? Maybe a suggestion to improve TED Conversations?

We would like to use this space to hear and discuss your ideas for TED and TED.com.

Please note: If you wish to suggest a speaker please use the following link: http://www.ted.com/nominate/speaker


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  • May 21 2011: Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions. I discovered TED about a year ago and typically watch TED Talks while eating breakfast and dinner.

    My suggestion is to turn down the volume of the introduction to each talk The sound is so loud that after listening to one talk at a comfortable level I have to adjust the volume down when starting another talk, otherwise the intro blows me out of the room. Could these intros be adjusted to a lower level so they would match the listening level of the pieces they are introducing. I understand the producer of this piece meant it to be very dramatic and it is but it is also inconvenient to be constantly adjusting my volume.

    Al Vitale
    St. Louis MO
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      May 21 2011: I agree, the opening and closing volume needs adjustment.
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      May 21 2011: This should of been addressed ages ago.
    • May 23 2011: Hi Al -- Alway good to see a fellow St. Louisan out there! (born and raised in South St. Louis, moved out to the county for middle school and high school).

      We've heard the feedback on this, and is a more complicated fix than it would seem. We're looking at it though and hope to have it resolved soon.
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        May 23 2011: Can you add the sound track to an audio program like adobe audition and just adjust the volume level of the intros? Then re-import it into the video track. This is how I would go about it, also how I am willing to assist.

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