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    May 16 2011: Idea: What to sell in the TED online store.
    Conversation: There needs to be a TED store and I hope it is coming soon. I am bursting at the seams to get my own TED merchandise. A T-shIrt is a great way to get someone interested in TED. I would wear it all the time. I have even been considering going and having my own TED shirts custom made. Next should TED sell philanthropic packages like solar panels, and goats, trees, and other cool stuff for developing nations? There are many ways to give and recieve - and TED certainly can do so in a dignified manner that maintains its high degree of integrity and not look like they are just selling items for profit. Any type of TED products should clearly explain the win - win of the gift and it's relationship to ideas worth spreading. PBS does a great job of marketing merchandise for their supporters and so can TED. PS I am not a vendor nor intend to seek any profit making opportunities related to TED - I am just a HUGE TED FAN.
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      May 16 2011: I would buy a fitted-hat with the TED logo on it!

      I would so use a bumper sticker of "TED = ideas worth spreading".

      Great idea Brandt
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        May 16 2011: going once, twice, SOLD to the man in the back that needs a hat! Thanks for your support of this idea, Nicholas. I am sure there is some reason they don't already have this and it would be interesting to know the reason but I will be first in line when it happens. Please ask your friends to sign on and support this idea.
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          May 17 2011: It is reasonable really! I mean I do not mind donating time, but if I am donating money and getting something in return wouldn't be a bad thing. I already suggest ask TEDsters for a dollar to expand more!

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