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    May 16 2011: That little bitty down arrow on the iPhone app is the one thing I wish TED would update. I have such a hard time getting it to press properly. Other than that what's the deal with ROKU. I was head over heals when I got my ROKU and could watch TED videos on my big screen TV. What happened? There are only a handful of videos and no new content being uploaded on the TED channel. I think it's great to have TED on my iPhone, TED on my PC, and especally TED on my TV. I love TED and I support and promote it vigorously to everyone I know.
    • May 18 2011: Hi Brandt -- which app are you talking about? TED actually has only put out one app for TED Talks, and it's on the iPad. All other apps are 3rd party developed. Many of them are using the RSS feed to pull and link to the content. Some incredibly cool stuff out there to share the talks, and we love it, but unfortunately, as we aren't the creators, we can't do much to support it...

      ROKU is actually along the same lines. When we updated our encoding process recently, it greatly improved the quality of the streaming and downloadable content. However, it did break some things we weren't aware of along the way (ROKU was one of them). This was a 3rd party channel we weren't aware of, and the new encoding didn't play nice. We've been in touch with the developer, and are looking into possible solutions that don't involve scrapping the new process (not an option). In fact, we did just update something that has fixed video playback on the 1st Gen AppleTV - give your ROKU a try tonight on one of the newest talks, there is a chance we took care of 2 birds with 1 stone! (send your results to contact[at]ted.com if you don't mind)

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