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Do you have a suggestion for TED? Something we could do better?

Have an idea for the website? Maybe a suggestion to improve TED Conversations?

We would like to use this space to hear and discuss your ideas for TED and TED.com.

Please note: If you wish to suggest a speaker please use the following link: http://www.ted.com/nominate/speaker


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  • May 7 2011: Hi Will,
    Thank you for letting us know, once more, that our opinions matter. The TED's website is nicely designed, with clear, organized and effective ideas and content. These new digital TEDBooks, however, don't have a good design - the main cover with that comics' baloon of speech is wrong, I'm sorry to say; they are not attractive and, what is worse, they decrease the content's value and divert the reader's eyes. My suggestion is: those are not comic books. Will you please take it off...? Thank you.

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