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  • May 1 2011: Spellcheck would be nice, I personally find the text size quite small whencomposing and it's not immediately obvious when I have made an error. Having a spellcheck option at the bottom of the comments box would be neat.

    Also, if I ever edit a posted comment (usually because I have subsequently spotted a spelling or gramattical error), the whole text is collapsed into one mass of words. It measn I have to searchg through the small text and try to recall where my paragraph breaks were and re-enter the gaps. Having an edit facility that maintains the integrity of the original formatting would be good.

    Finally, an opportunity to adapt font type. At present, I can only choose between upper and lower case. For effect, I might want to use underline, bold type or colour.
    • May 2 2011: I like this idea. My suggestion would be to switch to the Google Chrome web browser. It has built in spell check for all websites.

      However italics, underline, and bold would be helpful from TED's end.
    • May 3 2011: Hi Mick -- Thanks for your suggestions!

      Spellcheck isn't something we've talked about before, but I'll check in with the engineers about viability. I imagine with the increasing amount of browsers and operating systems offering built in spellcheck it isn't something we'll want to task them with. We've got an incredible amount of things we want to do with the site, and only a small (but immensely talented) team of engineers to do it all with!

      As far as your edit/collapse issue, I haven't run into that before. What browser are you using? I'm mostly using Chrome and Firefox for my browsing and commenting, but have all my bases covered for troubleshooting purposes.
      • May 3 2011: Microsoft Internet Explorer. I don't think collapsable is a browser facility, but one that people design into threads.
        • May 3 2011: Well it just isn't something I've run into before on my configurations. When I edit a comment the format is kept intact...

          It could be a compatibility issue with IE. Would you mind emailing contact[at]ted.com with the specifics of your browser/OS configuration (version number etc)? We'll try out the config here and see if we can get to the bottom of it.
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        May 5 2011: I use chrome and the text does change formats if I go to edit a post. There is a scroll bar to the left for up and down but not one on the bottom for left and right. So to get to a character that is out of the window to the right I must move the cursor with the arrow keys.

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