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    Minh Do

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    Apr 30 2011: Definitely would like to get notifications on replies to my replies.
    • Apr 30 2011: A great idea Minh!
      And something we are looking into implementing. What are your thoughts on a notification of members commenting on a Conversation topic you've posted? Would that be too overwhelming? Everything would be opt-in/opt-out of course.
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        May 1 2011: For many conversations this would quickly become overwhelming. I would prefer notifications on replies to my own comments so that I know to check in on the conversation. Otherwise, the system of floating the most recently active conversations to the top of the "my conversations" page has been effective to engage me.
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          May 1 2011: True, overwhelming. I realize now I might miss some replies etc, though to get all in my mailbox... I guess to have a little number next to 'my conversations' if people build upon a reply would be good. If it says '7' the dialogue continued with 7 replies. No more than that, as too many notifications would prevent you from reading other comments/topics.

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