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What can TED Cred be used for?

I was wondering what TED Cred is used for. I have a good number at this point and I can't seem to find out what this goes to. I'm just really curious.

  • Jun 4 2014: I think they are mostly decorative, but to borrow from the mission statement, they offer some indication as to the owner's choice to use his or her power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.

    It reflects your choice to help build a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world's most inspired thinkers — and a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other to help brainstorm, offer help, think through complex issues and topics and try and spin positive energy outward to inspire the world to make the earth a better place.

    Perhaps they represent the number of shares of good will and positive energy stock you have invested through your thoughts and actions in betting on your own ability to change the world in some positive way.
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    Jun 7 2014: I'm wondering about the same question. It would be great if the TED credit could be used to cover a portion of the cost to attend one of the major TED conferences held each year.
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    Jun 4 2014: I realize I'm off topic, but with TED Conversations going on vacation in 6 days, to return in a poorly thought out corporate centric "new and improved" version, who cares?

    If you read my abstract you will probably be horrified re findings on the much-touted linear alphabet; first discovered by Marshall McLuhan in his "The Media is the Message" thesis and later adapted to understand how women lost their power in my late friend and mentor Leonard Shlain's "The Alphabet versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Words and Image."

    Depressing indeed, but there is hope! Last night on PBS Charlie Rose featured the inventors of a new way of reading that is off-the-charts INCREDIBLE and will most certainly catch fire worldwide in just months or a few years. The "Spritz" method does away with the detrimental linear/left brain aspect of reading... check it out. I found this link to Spritz at 1:30 am, and though I was very sleepy I was reading easily at 500 words per minute and at 600 wpm with a little effort. The average reader reads at 220 wpm. With practice and two cups of coffee, 1000 wpm should be easily obtainable!

    Spritz is PERFECT for dyslexics, ADHD types (of which I am one) etc. They have re-invented reading - the eyes don't move. The inventor of Spritz have taken the extremely troublesome left brain out of reading, and for that they deserve a Nobel Prize!

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    Jun 4 2014: Hi, Craig-

    Here are a few relevant Dr. Seuss cartoons... "Why, they have stars on thars!" As an educator, you might enjoy the abstract in my TED profile- click on my name. I am in the phone White Pages, if you would like my full 3,676-word illustrated paper. Also, here is a good synopsis of teacher John Hunter's World Peace Game by "Sister Fearless," who sounds like any number of wonderful nuns this lapsed Catholic was taught by...

    Sister Fearless blog:



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    Jun 4 2014: well one thing it might do is when you reply to someone on ted it tells you where they're at on ted, for instance if they're a newcomer you might speak to them a little differently and explain some basic things about ted, whereas if they're an old hand you might not explain all those basics
  • Jun 4 2014: I've decided to trade mine for a 1960 Austin Healy Sprite.
    Powder puff blue, and a white removable top. Top speed
    80 mph downhill. Great at doing wheelies after a rain.
    After a rain stay away from 18 wheelers.
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    Jun 3 2014: To me TED-Cred increases your CREDibility and I have to agree with Rachel Botsman and say credibility/trust is the new currency. So TED-Cred is a measure of our “Reputation Capital”.


    Hmm? I‘m thinking at 500+ TEDcred you should get a certificate for you office/classroom.
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    Jun 3 2014: It is meaningless, except as an indicator of verbosity. If there are one or two people who agree with you, the points just keep piling up.
  • Jun 3 2014: Craig

    I have asked the same question many times and have yet to receive an answer. Perhaps, it is a feel good number; the higher the number the better you should feel. It seems to be very uninclusive however, in that, those of us who are not numbered tend to feel left out, ostracized or in some ways not as good as the rest of you numbered folk even though we feel good. After looking at your smiling picture I can immediately tell that you are at least a 500 and probably even deserve a higher rating. Good luck in your quest.
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    Jun 6 2014: Thanks for all your feedback on this. I guess we can all agree its an eternal mystery. Maybe when the new discussion boards are up and going it is something that can be revisited. I'll see you on the other side. :)
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    Jun 4 2014: Maybe it is just me, but TEDcred seems a little less valued recently.
    it first it seemed I had to post a new idea/original thought to get a thumbs-up, but lately I’m getting more I-agree thumbs-ups.
    It would be nice if they switched to a spit TEDcred with a thumbs-up =I agree and a second “light-bulb”=fascinating TEDcred badge.