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Attending to school as a legal obligation in Mexico.

I am Mexican living in Mexico, since I can remember going to school has never been an option. Not for me, nor for any of the people I know. Go to school, at least the first 15 years (basic education) is an obligation under the Articles 3 and 31 of the Mexican constitution.
However, I recently met a couple where she is Mexican and he is from USA, and have a daughter almost 4 years not attending school and she is not going to do it, according to her parents, until she make the decision to go.
For me this is very shocking and interesting, because it really changes my point of view about education.
What do you think about it... attending to school should be mandatory or an option?

  • May 29 2014: Kids in America are required to be in first grade by age 6, and as far as I am concerned that is plenty early enough to start their slavery training and child abuse. Some parents even dump their kids into kindergarten and now they have Pre-kindergarten. IMHO, if you don't want kids or don't have time to take care of them.... use birth control please.
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      May 29 2014: I agree with you 100%.
      For me to say this is very controversial, as I am a person who has been "slave" as you call it, in this education system for nearly 25 years (and I only have 30).
      But really, I think in a lot less time I could have learned what I know to this day, and I also think that there are other ways to learn besides going to a locked room with 4 walls and listen to an individual who is just the spokesman of a system that thinks knows what is best for us.
      I'm not saying anything negative about the teachers, I come from a family of teachers and I am a part time profesor, rather I am referring to the laws and the education system that reduces everything to generalized experiences in a plural world .
      • May 29 2014: Isn’t that amazing that telling the truth is now “controversial”!
        Snowden’s life is in real danger from simply exposing the truth, he didn’t even say it! He just shined a light on what others said, and thought, the public should know the truth.
        Here is the truth as I see it.
        We live in a corporate world, controlled by a few banksters. We send our kids to a corporate school taught by corporate slaves, who themselves were taught by corporate slaves in corporate schools and corporate colleges using corporate books and corporate media (like TED). While the kids are in school being trained to be obedient corporate slaves, we (already trained) go to work at our corporate jobs making more corporate products to be consumed by corporate slaves. When we come home we are already nervous and really quite anxious to hear the latest corporate news on the corporate TV by the corporate media and the highlight of our day is when the corporate President stands and delivers the nation’s corporate agenda, which is to protect corporate interests. (Note: God help the kids if they happen to walk in front of the GIANT CORPORATE TV while playing or make any noise which could interfere with the corporate propaganda, most have been sent out into the streets to play with the gangs and vandalize the neighborhood. The ones inside better shut up and get me a beer or my drug of choice.)
        What's wrong with this picture????
      • May 29 2014: Summation: People vs Corporations- Corporations have several huge unfair advantages over people a) Size- Monopolies used to be illegal but the Corporations who now make the laws, changed or skirt the laws with ease. b) Legal- again Corporations who now make the laws, changed or skirt the laws with ease. c) Purpose- Corporations by-laws prevent them from any other purpose but to make more money for the corporation. d) Liability- People under the corporate umbrella have no-liability, they are immune to the same laws that restrict and apply to people not in a corporation. Here lies the biggest problem, corporations can break anything they want and they do not have to fix it, they simply walk away from the problem by dissolving the corporation and opening another one, leaving the public (that would be you and I) to clean up the mess. e) Military and Police- The Military and Police used to protect the people, now they protect corporate interests.

        Make no mistake about it, corporations are not people no matter what the corporate government and the Supreme Court tells you, they are simply tools used by the banksters to control your every move and keep you in slavery.

        The Good news: Now that more and more people are awakening to the TRUTH, some are actually working to bring about real change, even if it is not a majority that does not matter. When the majority sees how much better conditions become without the slavery, they to will begin to break those chains also and the banksters will have no power. The people giveth and the people can taketh away. All they offer us is fear, without us they have nothing but fear.
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          May 30 2014: Thank you for your contribution Keith, is a very interesting point of view. But, without the intention to offend, you are not saying anything that anyone knows. It is clear to the eyes of all the people, but if you should have to answer the question I asked at the beggining...

          What do you think about the obligation to attend to school in México (and probably in some other countries), sice we already know that having a degree does not give you a good job or big house, and further more they dont teach you how to be happy or comfortable with your self.
      • May 30 2014: Schools in Mexico: "Pre-school is for children between 3 and 5 years old. The program has three grades. It is the hope of the government that all children will attend at least one year of Pre-school. However, it is not a prerequisite for primary school. Pre-school lasts three hours per day. The sessions are either from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. or from 2:00 p.m.-5:00p.m.
        Primary school is required of all children. It serves children who are between 6 years and 14 years old."
        According to this information I found about schools in Mexico (same as USA), They have pre-school but it is not mandatory. The kids are required to be in school at age six, just like USA. My opinion about schools is they are almost useless information but if they are not in school the parents tend to force kids into labor with no opportunity for education or let them run in the streets and join gangs, both options are bad. That leaves public education still a bad choice but the best of those three choices. I believe home schooling by parents is the best option, if the parents are educated themselves, but you cannot teach something you do not know. Some private schools are better, some worst. In any case, the more opportunities to learn our kids have, the better off they will be. If parents are "really" concerned they have lots of time after school in which to teach their children, however as you know most would rather watch TV.
        Personally I spent a lot of time after school educating and playing with my kids and we purposely had no TV or video games. It paid off big time! None of my kids have ever been in jail or had drug problems. They are all extremely educated and went on to college in their own time. They are all successful in their own way and productive members of society. I do not regret a second of the time I spent with them after a hard days work at the office and I believe not having a TV was the best part of their education. Aikido classes, soccer and swimming helped immensely.
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          May 31 2014: It may be that you used as a reference document that was published before 2008 , since from the school period 2008-2009 , according to the provisions of the House of Representatives preschool education is compulsory for all Mexicans , is no longer a option . Besides the time and is now extended from 7:30 to 14:00 . Anyway, I still insist on each person , regardless of age or condition should have the right to choose what is best for him or her .
          With regard to the question of which, if not attending school are left with only two options: "run in the streets and join gangs ," believe they have many more options are just not used to them . For example , one of them is MANTHOC ( ) which is an organized movement of children where they choose to work in bakeries , convenience stores , retail chains or ensablaje and other different locations. But the interesting thing is that they work because they want to and not because they need or their families are compelling.
          But still, a you have a point.
          Thank you for contribute to this topic.
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    May 29 2014: In the US there are three K-12 (base education) options; public schools, Private, schools and home schooling. I hope the coupe you met are home schooling, but sadly as I just learned many states little or no legend requirements for home schooling.

    I think that will change soon, with the advancements in Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for all ages, have every kid in the world being able to take the same classes. So no matter if you go to public school, homeschool or the best private school the grade in the online class will have equal value.
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      May 29 2014: Certainly in Mexico have public and private education , but interestingly most public schools (not saying all , because maybe make the mistake of blaming a 1 or 2 in the country ) provide poor education, because the system in which they are immersed.
      However, private education often depends entirely on the public , that is, their plan of study are subject to the " Ministry of Education " decide, only this education will be taught by religious people and that ... that is infinitely worse , two perverts systems , religion and education together to do who knows what.
      Finally , in Mexico we do not homeschool as something officially recognized and in fact is punishable by law in Article 3 of the Mexican constitution . The obligation to attend school the first 15 years , then do we study for the end of the race we can win the best $ 500 or $ 1,000 a month , whereas if we entenaramos in working from younger or we learned not depend on both economic and appreciate other things , life would be much simpler.
      But the school also teaches us to aspire , aspire to many things we can not have that frustrates us .
      Indeed, I begin to think that the decision of the child , is an excellent choice to decide whether or not to study . Far from perceiving it as child abuse , is a way to recognize the autonomy of the child.
      • Jun 2 2014: Hi Dear Said,good thinking:I begin to think that the decision of the child,is indeed an excellent choice to decide whether or not to study,and the most important decide what they want to learn,what they need to learn...all should be decided by them,but our common core.Is it possible?
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    Jun 5 2014: Going to school and getting education may not be a legal obligation but it is, nonetheless, an obligation to oneself. To become a well-informed and cultured person is the right thing to do. Everyone benefits when every member of the community is well-educated.
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      Jun 5 2014: Rodrigo, I insist, in my country it is not just a personal pleasure and obligation but a legal issue. Furtherore, could you define what do you mean with the expressions "well-educated" and "cultured person"? Is it possble to not be cultured?
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        Jun 5 2014: "A well-educated person is someone who has a lot of knowledge about many subjects (History, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, and the Humanities) usually because they have studied a lot at college or university." Wikipedia

        "A cultured person is someone who is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc." Wikipedia

        Yes, it is possible not to be cultured, Said. There may be some disagreement on this, but It seems that uncultured people are the majority in many societies.
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    Jun 4 2014: Well, I think if we already started thinking about things "out of the ordinary" really make sense to think of a common core?, Or is it that each person may have skills and abilities that differ from each other with the purpose of people do, I really enjoyed and what they are good.