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Announcement: TED Conversation hiatus begins June 10th

As you know, we're in the process of redesigning TED.com and rebuilding the underlying infrastructure that keeps it all running. This process is happening in stages, starting with the Talk video page and site homepage, then user accounts and profiles, and so on until we have all of TED.com migrated to a modern, flexible, and easy-to-use platform.

TED Conversations remains one of the most technically complex pieces of this puzzle, and to really give this update the attention it needs, we've decided to place the current TED Conversations platform on a temporary hiatus.

What does this mean? Well, for starters, the existing conversations will remain online. Any links or bookmarks to existing topics will continue to function. Your accounts and profiles on TED will continue to exist. When the hiatus begins on June 10th, no new conversation topics will be added, and no further replies will be posted.

We're so delighted to have hosted such an impressive variety of discussions from this global and diverse community. Thank you for the part you've played in building TED Conversations, and we hope to see you again soon!


Aja B. | TED.com
Online Community Manager

PS: We need your help! We'd like to post a list of the absolute best conversations that have happened over the past 3 years: the most interesting ideas, questions, and debates. If you have any favorites, any really excellent interactions you've experienced or witnessed, please post them here!

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    R H 30+

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    May 29 2014: I've been waiting for this. 'Conversations' has little to contribute to TED, although much to contribute to TED consumers. 'Conversations' was an oasis for me, a chance to participate and grow in wildly differentiating topics not present in day-to-day discussion. I thank TED for providing this venue to date, but since these conversations were really the 'main attraction' of TED for me, I'll have little reason to visit TED in the future - unless I want to hear someone give a talk. Vous et au revoir merci!
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      Jun 9 2014: RH, We may not always agree ... but you are a valued asset to TED conservations ... I am also disappointed and feel that changes were made for the sake of change and not for improvements. I am not a fan of the "new TED" ... but responses from people like you keep me in line and thinking ... I would miss you ... you are valued and respected.

      I find it troubling that no one responded to your post? Is that the new TED????? The I don't care TED???

      Be well my friend ... Bob.
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      Jun 9 2014: Along with Bob, I always appreciate the thoughtfulness of your posts. I hope you will return when Conversations do.
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    May 29 2014: I liked TED conversations. I got very good feedback on a proposal that can improve ALL democracies.

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    May 28 2014: Sorry to say, but this is sad news!
    Personally I find the new mobile-friendly format, to be PC unfriendly and nearly stop viewing TED Talks and have completely stopped commenting to them.
    It uses way to much screen real-estate, and is a major down-grade compared to the old format with a lot less information.
    I fear if conversations are equal in format, my days of posting here are numbered.

    PS: We need your help! We'd like to post a list of the absolute best conversations that have happened over the past 3 years:

    There has been so many;
    From those concerning spirituality
    To great conversations about the environment
    and the number of comments does not relate to the quality of the conversation for example I always enjoy Amy Peach conversations and those made by others
    I really like conversations that help posters with a question, I know starting a conversation has helped me with a dilemma.
    Plus new favorite conversations are being created all the time.
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      May 28 2014: Don, this is a great list, thank you!
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        Jun 9 2014: Aja, You responded to Don's list of conversations while I am concerned with his statement that "his days of posting here are numbered".

        Don has been a great contributor and his loss would be bad for the community.

        He had concerns that were not addressed ... sorry but that is not right. You are one of the few that we have access to ... Only a couple of you ever respond ... again that is also not right.

        This is the first really negative thing I have ever sent to you ... sorry ... but how I see it.

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        Jun 10 2014: Aja, your welcome, and Thank you for being a great and active community manager for TED.

        I understand the need to be more mobile friendly format; at first I feared it would lead to diminish conversation quality. Via more on-the-go twitter quality / less thought-out comments, but with some refection it also could lead to conversations enrichment via it giving access to insightful thinkers outside the western and/or PC world that don’t have access to PCs.

        Sorry if my comment so too vague and negative I’m no webpage-master, so I can only speak in the most generalization of terms. To be more specific and take a productive tone, I can think of two features I feel many TEDsters would enjoy.
        1. Adjustable font size for comments and conversations areas, making the areas friendlier for both those with vision issues and those concerned with screen space usage, who want smaller text.
        2. Information and graphics on/off toggles; for example the current area of Recent Commenters could be toggles “Off” or “On” if desired,
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      Jun 9 2014: Don, Aja responded to your list of favorites ... I however would like to respond to your statement " I fear if conversations are equal in format, my days of posting here are numbered. "

      We do not always agree, but I do respect your inputs and consider you a major player in the TED conservations. I agree with your assessment that the old format was much friendlier .. I like to read the transcripts as the same time as viewing the talk ... that is no longer possible and I miss all of the slides, charts, photos, etc ...

      This has resulted in change for the sake of change not for the sake of improvement ... my opinion.

      They have taken away the option to e-mail you for personal asides ... which I also miss ...

      I, like you, am discouraged ... however I will give it a try ... and hope you will also.

      You are valued ... I sent a message to Aja covering much of the same as I have addressed to you. I thought she should have addressed your concerns .... she is one of the few we have access to and responds ... and that is a shame too.

      With respect ... I wish you well ... Bob.
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        Jun 10 2014: Bob,
        To me the fact that we and all TEDsters don’t always agree, and yet have civil conversations is what makes this place so great! There is nothing like defending your thinking that helps you fully developed or corrects it.

        Please note I did say “fear” and that is all it was just fear, and I hope it will be proven to be unfounded and if not, I will not go gentle into that good night, for TED conversations is worthy of a good fight.

        I value and respect your insights as well, and look forward to many more conversations.
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    Jun 9 2014: As I give this further thought, I, like others, found some problems with the..... beta?....version that was recently released.... but, I would hope our concerns have been noted and will be addressed. I believe a number of TED participants mostly use the conversations, so we hope the new conversations will be better then the old.... that is the promise.
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    Jun 5 2014: Aja and TED Staff,

    An Old Irish Blessing

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your cheeks.
    And until we meet again at TED Conversations,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    Wish you the best ...
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    May 28 2014: Aja, I find it interesting that the restructure of the TED home page and talks etc ... ask for the suggestions of the community, lots of feed back, done in house while the system continued to run. Yet the Conversations did not get the same request for input ... is being put on hiatus ... etc.

    What is the reason for listing the most interesting Ideas, Questions, Debates over the last three years. Who determines the "best". We can read them but there is no opportunity to respond.

    As one of the less than ten Conservative / Independents who have frequented the site (and you may notice that some have already left) it has been fun twisting the tail of the radical left .... Being a Independent on this site is likened to a Christian in downtown Rome in the days of Caesar.

    I am sure many of us would love to help ... but the door is closed as of June 10th. Would it be possible to provide updates along the way?

    I would like to make one request. Update the existing rules OR enforce them.

    Thanks ... it has been a real hoot.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      May 28 2014: > What is the reason for listing the most interesting Ideas,
      > Questions, Debates over the last three years.
      > Who determines the "best".

      Bob, we'd like to list some favorite conversations on the TED.com "Discuss" page, here: http://www.ted.com/participate/discuss

      The purpose is to make it easier for folks who are new to TED.com to find the great discussions that have happened here, and to give them an idea of what's to come. We're hoping you can help us find the most memorable of the over 14,000 topics!
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      May 28 2014: Hi, Robert. While I haven't refreshed my memory by looking back at all the threads in which the TED staff sought input into changes people would like to see, I remember that comments on possible changes to TED Conversations were always part of that solicitation of input. It was never just about the Talks part of the site.

      I think your request that the terms of use be either changed or enforced has often been made. Other things people have said: Some people don't like TED creds. Some people like the idea of thumbs down and some hate it. Some people like the idea of a site moderated with an eye to the terms of use and some prefer a completely unmoderated site. Lots of people request a format in which which one can reply to people beyond four layers (or whatever one calls that). Some people recently have suggested having a spelling/grammar check capability. Some people have suggested that people not be permitted to use pseudonyms and others believe strongly that pseudonyms are necessary to allow the participation of those who fear participation under their proper names for whatever reason.

      Those are the pieces of input I remember off the top of my head from the times TED staff have solicited input on the TED site.

      I don't know what solicitations of input have looked like in other settings to capture the preferences of those who do not now participate (either because they left or never participated) but who would if there were some changes in how TED Conversations operates. That group is important too, in order to include a more diverse array of participants than may have settled into the site as it currently operates.

      There is also a contact form on the site that allow anyone to make comment or recommendation about anything. (I haven't actually checked, but I assume that contact form still exists on the new site). Here it is: http://www.ted.com/about/our-organization/contact-us
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        May 28 2014: Fritzie, As always I appreciate your input. Yeah, I recall the original input and have read the follow on suggestions as well.

        All of that is well over a year old and has, I am sure, been hashed and rehashed at the TED exec levels. The design, development, and changes are made off line and later Bata tested on line. Thus the confussion of why the hiatus?

        I thought it a good time to bring up their rules ... and lack of enforcement. It should be considered in the redesign.

        If I drank coffee maybe I would not be such a grump in the morning. LOL.

        Thanks again my friend .. as always I wish you well. Bob.
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          May 28 2014: I have a good guess, I think, of why there might be a hiatus. Perhaps the same people who staff TED Conversations in every aspect are charged with the rebuild of Conversations? My mother used to say, though not in English, that one cannot sit with one behind in two places at once..
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          May 31 2014: Fritzie, that is the greatest saying ever! And it's exactly what's happening.
          Robert, to answer your question, the hiatus is happening because we don't have the staff or resources to both run conversations and make them better, simultaneously, so we had to pick one goal to focus on. And yes, this was a tough decision to make, because in an ideal world we would do everything we want. But to use another metaphor, if conversations is an airplane in flight, we have to land it in order to replace the engine with a newer, more powerful one.
        • Jun 4 2014: Emily, what do you think would happen if Google search tired your approach with their search engine? If they just shut down Google search for awhile? How is that for a metaphor or analogy?
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    Aja B. 20+

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    Jun 10 2014: Just wanted to say a big thank you again to everyone who participated, both in this topic and in TED Conversations as a whole over the past three years. It's been an amazing experience, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. :)

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    Jun 10 2014: ..in that case I'd better get my votes up here fast :)

    "Are private universities worth the money for a bachelor's degree"
    "What will it take for everyone to become a teacher"
    "What are the five things you have learned that completely changed your life"
    "How do we teach children compassion and empathy"
    "How can we make technology more friendly to people in their old age"
    "Isn't it time to eliminate grades in education"
    "What subjects do you think should be taught in school nowadays"
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    Jun 9 2014: Hi, Aja. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    This may be impossible to answer, but is a rebuild of this kind something that tends to take something like 6 months? Or is it more like a year or longer?
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      Jun 9 2014: Thanks Fritzie! I'd certainly hope more the former than the latter. The sooner we can get the new platform up and running, the better!

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        Jun 9 2014: Thanks. I think you might want to express this on the page people get to if they click the Conversations link.
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        Jun 10 2014: Aja, can you tell us roughly how long the hiatus will be?
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          Jun 10 2014: Amy, I don't have a solid timeframe at this point... we've got some R&D ahead of us, and a lot will depend on how ambitious we want to be with a new platform. I feel like Fritzie's 6-month guess makes sense, but I've launched enough projects now to be wary of estimating one way or the other.

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    Jun 9 2014: Hi Aja, I'm sorry to that I will not have TED for a while, as it is usually good brain candy for me. I have always viewed this cite as somewhat of a bookstore, where you can pick the subjects that you want to read about, but then also have the bonus of asking questions or posting comments.

    However, I must agree that the cite needs a change. Specifically, from the time that I started posting, almost exactly one year ago, until now, the cite seems to have been slowly dominated by just a few followers. Is there a way to limit one followers comments, to perhaps 10 a week, or so. Because the comments that I read are basically old news, and same news from the same old people. I try very hard to embrace new faces and encourage them to continue, but they soon disappear. This leaves TED looking much like Facebook in that the people become more and more familiar and the conversation become more and more off base, as they refer to previous discussions with each other.

    So my suggestion would be to limit the comments, which is basically no different than limiting our characters, and keep the discussion on point as much as you can, I also think that the TED CRED system needs some revamping. I see many people with 50 pr more TED CREDS who use this web cite as nothing more than a constant companion to their day on the couch. They ramble and tell the same story time and time again and that should not be rewarded with any CREDS. I think that substance and direction in a comment response will bring more thumbs up, and that should be next to the names - how many thumbs up they have, as they are not building it with fluff, but the followers are with appreciation. It may also make people care about their fellow reader a bit more and their own need to ramble a bit less. So you may want to put in the guidelines that sometimes, it is just nice to read the posts, and if you have nothing new to add, than don't.
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      Jun 9 2014: Amy, don't forget that, until TED Conversations reopens, you can continue to engage with the community about individual TED Talks! The talk offered each day gives opportunity for comment, with recent talks having the most active response by community members to the speaker but also, to each other.

      Because the talks set the tone and are on quite different and seldom repetitive topics, different talks draw different people to comment. The comments are substantive and anchored, if less personal than here..

      The flavor of conversation there is a little different, as you will see if you check that out, and you would have a chance to engage with a different subset of the large TED Community.

      There are a very few people, interestingly, who comment in both TED Talks comments and TED Conversations.
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        Jun 9 2014: Thanks so much Fritzie!

        I do love the TED talks as well, but have never made any comments on them, as I always felt that they covered so much of the subject, so I just took it in. My son is hoping to be part of a TED talk soon on the issue of hearing impairment, He is presently doing research on dual cochlear implants on children and is hoping to spread the information on TED within a year. I do look for very specific conversations that kind of give me a gut feeling that something needs to be added or shared. And much like your comments, which I love, I hope to be positive with my words. Thanks you for all of your very nice comments that I have had the pleasure of reading. Best to you Fritzie, and I hope to see you soon.
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          Jun 9 2014: As an aside, I have just been reading TED speaker Andrew Solomon's book Far from the Tree, which summarizes ten years of research into parenting children with exceptions. It is not "how to" but rather about the parenting experience, with chapters on deafness, autism, Downs, schizophrenia, transgender, musical prodigies, and so forth.

          I think your son would take interest in the chapter about deafness, which does give attention to the issues in cochlear implants. If he is headed to present his work in a TED setting, this might be a useful read.
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      Jun 9 2014: Thank you Amy! And, as Fritzie suggested, I do hope we see you in the TED Talk comments section!

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    Jun 8 2014: Dear Aja

    Wish you all the best,
  • Dan F 50+

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    Jun 8 2014: Hi Ada B,

    Thank you for asking for input regarding TED Conversations.

    First, I'd like to say TED has been and continues to be an attractive expanding and demanding experience for me. Obviously, TED is seeking a chunk of our discretionary time, which tends to be quite limited for many of us and in a very completive market. It's possible to be a passive member on TED, but many of us engaged once we got involved and the free membership is a big plus for many I'm sure.

    This engagement is what brings TED to life for so many of us. Most things that are rewarding are not without some difficulties. Ted has sought to control comments and exchanges that get too personal and/or inappropriate. Ted also elected to remove the thumbs down option.

    I personally find a few sparks interesting and even entertaining, but that needs be done without a participant being crude. The thumbs down feature or some other similar option of convenience provides and interesting dynamic for participants to express a disconnect or rejection of what's being contended. I am trying to adjust to this restriction.

    I sense that TED is providing an incredible worldwide service, which may be initiating its own brand of civilization by shining a light on the power of the word via a central exchange open to all.

    Your request to give recognition to what certain members have conveyed in comments or conversations is interesting. There are a number of such communications that I have found fascinating. I am in the middle of a project that is demanding considerable time, but will try to look up some of these interesting topics and conversational responses and relay them. Maybe such a member or two could be rewarded with a free ticket to an annual TED Convention!

    Good luck and speed with your Think Tank and technicians regarding efforts to continue to improve this unique service and experience that you are providing for us.
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      Jun 9 2014: Thank you Dan! And, to explain the lack of a "thumbs down" button... we did actually have both an "up" and a "down" vote for some time several years ago. Unfortunately, we found the "down" vote was subject to rampant abuse, and while there are methods to avoid a lot of this abuse, the platform we were using at the time made it very difficult to do efficiently (and, according to the many whiteboard-scribbled explanations I was given, would have slowed down the loading of these comment pages to a crawl). Now that it's gone, I find I don't particularly miss the general "down vote" button, but I am interested in exploring more nuanced options for providing easy feedback on a comment. Different concepts for "flagging" a comment, perhaps, that might include options like "This is too personal", or "This doesn't belong here".

      Thanks again!

      • Dan F 50+

        • +2
        Jun 9 2014: Hi again Aja,

        I'm the first to admit it is easier to be a critic than it is to take on the responsibilities of an individual(s) confronted with the multitude of factors that must dealt with to make sure things come together in a fashion that reflect professional efforts and decisions to maintain and improve the quality of TED services.

        I truly trust you will continue to be smartly creative and achieve these high ideals and goals.

        I will look forward to your return announcement regarding Conversations, in the meantime I will shift my attention and comments more to those providing Talks promoting ideas worth spreading.
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    Jun 8 2014: I've only been participating in TED Conversations for a few months and I've enjoyed just about all of the conversations I've joined. I did pick out some that might be worthy of adding to your list for others to check out - listed in no particular order:











    I'll look forward to the return of TED Conversations. I think they provide a valuable forum where participants tend to be very open, interested and respectful in our exchanges - unlike with so many forums on the internet.

    I hope the next version of this forum will provide us with the ability to contact other members individually. The current version has a hint that this feature was considered but never implemented.

    I also hope that the next forum will focus on implementing basic functioning without relying on or requiring all the latest bells and whistles available these days. Some of the newest technology can be distracting and get in the way. It can also require user upgrading of hardware and software that not everyone can justify or afford. I encourage you to consider implementing features in such a manner that potential users won't be shut out because they're not running the latest software on the newest operating systems on the newest hardware.

    Thanks for all you're doing on your end, Aja!
  • Jun 1 2014: This is my own idea and I hope that is okay.

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    May 31 2014: Oh, thank you so much for clarifying! It is a good news for me.
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    May 31 2014: Aja,
    I've learned so much here at TED- and still doing so- So many folks here at TED Conversations have so interesting points of view different moxies, wether I agree or not is irrelevant, what is important is to keep asking the questions, to offer perspectives & experiences then rinse & repeat. And after asking the questions there comes along the action piece to each and very one of us.

    Thanks TED!!!
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    May 31 2014: One more idea for the new TED Conversations:

    Many times I had missed some interesting conversations because I discovered them just too late. So I think it would be very helpful if TED gives the TEDsters the option to choose receiving an auotomatic e-mail each time a new conversation is added to the list. It's only for receiving a message for a conversation addition but NOT for receiving messages for addition of comments to the conversations.

    The e-mail will include in the Subject line the main title of any conversation. So the member can easily see if the topic is of his interest. If not, the e-mail would be deleted. If it does, the e-mail will be opened and inside will be found the opening remarks of that conversation, and a link to it.
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      Jun 3 2014: Yubal, I completely agree, being able to subscribe to new topic notifications would be fantastic. Or maybe even subscribing to topics on a particular subject. That would be a great addition, for sure. Thank you!
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    May 30 2014: Good job that yours! I completely admire and thank you for your job. For me, it's useful and I really enjoy at Ted's. I'll collaborate, of cours, very pleasantly, marking the best conversations I enjoyed.
    Thanks again.
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    May 30 2014: Dear Aja,
    Thanks for the information. I will miss the conversations when they are off line, TED is my crossword puzzle that I use to keep me sharp....er.
    I have no best conversations, All I replied too were great. You can list them in the order of those with "my most responses"
    • Gord G 50+

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      May 30 2014: I think of them as thought experiments…that occasionally blow up. ;-)
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    May 29 2014: In the short time I have been a member of the site, I have found this to be a wonderfully engaging way to connect and discuss great ideas. I am happy to hear that significant upgrades are underway, but would rather hope that a mock beta site would be created in house than then once complete launched in place of the current system, allowing the conversation to continue. Then migration of profiles following the update to again allow for a smooth uninterrupted transition. These decisions I know are often made based on many different factors, including the size and amount of activity of the user base. My concern is that users during a hiatus will be lost and habits of use will change without the regularity of being able to post or comment. I hope my views will be considered. While I definitely am not aware of all of the detail, as a business executive these would be my concerns related to a web transition for any institution that has focus on a user and view base.

    Best Regards,
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      May 29 2014: Gabriel, thank you for sharing this. I'm afraid the issue here is simply one of resources; we just don't have the tools or the people-power to properly run this platform while simultaneously building/testing the next. Profiles will remain intact, though!

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        May 29 2014: Will any methods of communication be available between users via conversation? Also, would you consider enlisting the help of your top contributors to help serve as hosts to moderate additions to answer to already established questions, ideas, etc? Something tells me that participants and avid TED Conversations users, would with instruction, be up and even eager to help keep the conversation going.
  • May 29 2014: Hi Dear Aja,Thank you for you all guys ihard work to contribute to TED conversations.I am sure we will see a better TED conversations platform for people all around the world to communicate to each other.

    I think it is good to list some of very good conversations from great conversation grades,not only the one,maybe two or three,a few people come to discuss together which conversations can be inspired people to think sth or learn sth...

    It is also good if we can upload voice comments and typing comments both here.Thank you.
  • May 29 2014: For me, all conversations were valuable and even more the experience of leading personnally 3 of them. Thanks again. Francisco López
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    May 28 2014: well, I enjoy them, they're a good way to learn about life and the world. How will people know when they start back up again? I enjoyed one by Paula Cano about wanting to know where your food is manufactured: http://www.ted.com/conversations/22376/to_all_food_lovers_do_we_wan.html I've enjoyed all the ones I hosted, I particularly enjoyed learning what people have learned from animals: http://www.ted.com/conversations/19591/what_have_you_learned_from_ani.html and also promoting people allowing themselves to become more ambidextrous: http://www.ted.com/conversations/23638/work_on_becoming_more_ambidext.html
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    May 28 2014: I think the real value of the conversations is that someone can have a great thought or idea and get reactions from others quickly. The comments on the talks are very limited to a particular area. The conversations allowed for a wide variety of topics.

    The questions posted are screened and have not been very controversial. The discourse is generally very civil.

    One issue is that some questions repeat frequently.

    Also - why the 30 day limit? I am on some discussions on the Chronicle of Higher Education that are 4 years old and counting!
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      May 28 2014: David, I agree, Conversations has been a great way to open up topics beyond a single talk, and it's something we definitely want to continue.

      The 30 day limit... we want discussions to stay fresh and focused, and to repeat themselves as little as possible. We've seen other communities experiment with time-boxing topics since Conversations launched, and it's been an interesting format... but I take it you prefer the more open-ended topics?
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        May 29 2014: I know some discussions that drag on for months or years on some sites can get redundant. Some discussions die a natural death in a few days or weeks like they do on TED as well.

        What I think would be cool is to have an expert volunteer (or several) moderate a talk and keep it lively. It would need to have a time limit like a month or two but it would be almost like an online class where there can be a sense of community. I would bet some retirees have incredible insights to share on topics, I think this is an untapped resource.
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        May 29 2014: There were some conversations with very high number of participants which I think should not have to be closed even after a month. My suggestion to TED is that, suppose near the given time for ending, if TED moderator sees that comments are still pouring in, then he//she should extend the time of closure. You can make a rule for yourself. If suppose during 3 days before the closure time there are minimum 10 more comments or replies, the time will be extended. Something like that.
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    May 28 2014: Hi Aja, thanks for updating us. But let me tell you that on the new TED.com, there are missing many good features which were found on the old site. And the worse thing is that I had written several times to TED specifying the various missing features, but I hardly got any responses from TED, nor I see any improvement regarding the missing features. So I really don't know what to think. I certainly do not share your enthusiasm regarding the upcoming new Conversations platform, when I recall this recent experience of mine with the new TED.com. I had a similar experience when TED shifted its translations platform from dotSub to Amara. So for me, NEW, does not necessarily mean BETTER. Sorry.
    • thumb
      May 28 2014: Yubal, I hear you, and I know there's been some bumps in the road. I'm always amazed by how complex a web site upgrade can be, even now that I'm writing some of the code myself. Web apps are so ubiquitous and so easy to use, it seems like building and maintaining them should be a snap... but rarely does it end up that way.

      I hope you'll continue to stick with us through this transition. And the Product and Tech teams are definitely listening to feedback about the new site, even if they aren't always able to turn around a fix as fast as we'd like.
  • May 28 2014: William Black has made the greatest impression on myself
    with his honest TED talk. It was last year. He wrote a book or two concerning the topic,
    and his talk pointed out that there have been no prosecutions concerning the $11 Trillion
    dollar loss the American people have suffered.

    The conversations relating to his talk are my favorites.

    I am sorry the TED conversation's Team has to go on hiatus. Hopefully, not for long.
    I so enjoy your emails.
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    Jun 10 2014: I'd love it.
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    Jun 10 2014: Yikes. Ok, guess I'll be dropping TED conversations from my workshop on campus :) I thought it was more of an update. Thanks, Aja and may the force be with you :)
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      Jun 10 2014: Yes indeed! Though I'd definitely like to continue to support "TED in the Classroom" projects on the new platform; would you mind if I got in touch to hear how you'd want to use it?
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    Jun 6 2014: This is the very important part of our e-Communication relationship around the world.

    e-Communication talks about our responsibility to each other, eg. (Spreading & Developing) Ideas, and, how we can both keep things running smoothly (TED-2015 Bring Fresh Idea for Empathy e-Communication over the world). Moreover, e-Communication can be described as “ Fireworks ”.

    e-Communication: can you image, listen, feel, think, see, talk and touch with others around the world ?