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Is there any scientfic research taking place with what are called dreams of the future?

There are many reports of people experiencing a dream that seems to jump the barriers of time. Does anyone know of any scientific body researching this phenomenon?

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    Apr 30 2011: I know there was a t.v. show about it a year or so ago, I believe it was dubbed "flash forward". If you look into the psychology of quantum theory you may find some understandings in which you seek. Although I'm not sure if you'll find anything published on this subject yet. If so please inform me as I would like to see what others say.
    • Apr 30 2011: Hi Thomas, Thanks for your reply. Quantum theory of gravity is not compatible with Einstien's theory of general relativity. I wonder if that is the right place to look, can we really trust either? My fear is; if we start going down the wrong path, it will be so much harder to get back. The only known evidence of these dreams is solely my own. I am convinced that it has nothing to do with time warps or the supernatural.
      I will wait to see how the debate goes and towards the end, (If you are interested.) I will give you what evidence I have to back up my statement.
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    Apr 29 2011: Are you talking of premonition?
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      Apr 29 2011: Are you talking about how time seems to move at a different pace ala Inception?
      • Apr 30 2011: Hi James, I think time warps are the only means we have at the moment to explain these happenings. We can only progress by the mistakes we make, but I am sure that one day the facts will prove different. Time warps only confuse the already confused theories on life's evolving.
    • Apr 30 2011: Hi Christopher,I think perhaps the word premonition is jumping the gun. Facts are what I would be interested in; finding some relation to what makes us tick. I have a feeling that facts concerning this type of dream will be very hard to find. However if these dreams exist, they exist for a reason and the facts must be out there, simply because these dreams are out there.