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Am I the only one who thinks the TED website was better before it was "improved"?

I don't know why we can't show our email if we want to?
I don't know why we only have a ten comment history?
I don't know why we can't put a couple extra pictures on our profile?
I don't know why comments on talks are repeated every time they are replied to?
I don't know why TED comment emails no longer take you to actual comment referenced?
I don't know why there is a large space on both sides of both video and comments? Space for future advertising? Double click, full page click, Multi-full page click coming soon?? Are we being prepared for Google ad click Hell?
I don't know why Ted badges are displayed and not scores?

In other words we just lost a lot of freedom in the name of progress, isn't that what the government keeps telling us as it strips away our freedoms? Isn't that what corporations tell us as they give us cheap and outright dangerous products in place of quality?

It was not broken but it sure is now. OK, no harm, just put it back pls. If you want to make an improvement, how about a first rate spell/grammar checker? Why do we have to leave your site just to find a decent spelling/grammar checker? How about making the comment space wider so a long comment does not take three pages to display?

In the immortal words of Chris Anderson, "Number one: do nothing. This thing ain't broke, so I ain't gonna fix it."!! We love and support you Chris, pls put your foot down, again!



Closing Statement from Keith W Henline

June 10th, 2014 D-Day for TED? IMHO it is De Day the music stopped at TED. May TED R.I.P.

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    Jun 8 2014: Wondering where all my previously shown on my page comments went? Has TED's new system deleted all of them?
    if I'd only receive some warning message...I'd save them myself in advance.
    I do not feel very interested in TED's chatting any longer..

    When we improve large systems, (my organization has a complicated system) and when some tech changes are necessary to make for the sake of improving some technical trcks, or keeping up with that forceful market "new innovations" and also trying to control the costs etc. -- we all suffer some inconveniences - our members or customers must spend some time finding new links etc, while many of us have no time "to learn" new very useless for us tricks.

    Anyway, while technology mass-production is recycling, making profits, on selling and serving those systems that have to be changed for new UNAVOIDABLE "improvements", many of us, like TED, obey and buy these systems and services just to keep them alive. We cannot really control that tricky and obviously crooked market selling us "innovative technology" ... It forces us to buy things we do not need by cutting us off of previous services.
    • Jun 8 2014: Yes Vera the old "Bait and Switch" has been used for many centuries and I see no end in sight. Now they have the trial editions and even thou we know we are going to have to pay more in the end, at least they are somewhat honest about it. We all know what's coming with a trial version and up front we know the costs evolved. We go into it with open eyes and options. They all say "we will NOT sell your information", however unless you born under a rock, we know they will sooner or later or both.
      While we are on the subject, have you seen the new headlines from Google saying they are encrypting our data so the NSA can no longer rape us at will??? What they damn well know is that it is against the law for anyone to encrypt data in the USA for any reason without first notifying the government of the encryption codes. SO, it does not matter how much they encrypt, the government (our enemy) knows full well how to continue to spy on us as always. It is just another smoke screen so the idiot masses do not riot, and because we are idiots, it is working, so far. The government and corporation (same thing) are always one lie ahead of us.
      Makes you just want to level the playing field, doesn't it? Don't answer that.

      You know I had a choice, God said I will give you either brains or money, which would you like? I don't have money as a conscience choice, I knew a long time ago I could have as much money as I could ever dream of but the price has always been to steep.
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        Jun 8 2014: Keith, Only one thing with which I would disagree - The masses do create/allow their own governments (even regime and cults) and therefore, shall not complain about them. They Must complain about themselves. If the majority chooses different life and more practical and intelligent rules, they do not need any revolution. For better or for worse, if you want some good change, change your own mentality, and habits. People do not understand that they have all the power but they do not know how to use it for their own good. Industries will break themselves to please consumers if they stop playing "victims" and demand what they want!

        It's ironic that while in our age of technology we have an easy access to any great, real knowledge, we remain sooo illiterate, confusing knowledge with mindless information we cannot really digest.

        About that spying thing - to me whatever I do involving "contracts" and agreements, baniking.... is already public.. it's my private Self that no one can know - only I can know my self.

        Collecting info does not mean comprehending a real person, to know people as each of us is - impossible. Maybe some drastic moves can be predictable.

        But WHO CARES to know you as you are, appreciate your talent and ideas! In any case, we can live in the same place with others for years, and still do not know one another, except some stupid habits.. Well, that is the law of mighty nature itself - no one can really get into other's minds (not brains). One cannot even jump out of his own mind to see anything beyond his mind. That mind's production of yours is forever invisible to anyone but to yourself. Nature is always on our side, even when we cannot comprehend its laws.
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      Jun 8 2014: Vera,
      You are " Wondering where all (your) previously shown on (your) page comments went? Has TED's new system deleted all of them?"

      When you are signed in, you will see "my conversations" in the upper left corner of the page. I think you will find all the conversations you have participated in, and all your comments there. It is much more difficult to find anything, and I prefer the old format, but that's how it is.....at least for the next couple days!

      Another thing I just noticed, is that it is much more difficult to find particular speakers or ted talks. They don't seem to be in any order, so we have to scroll through tons of names to find them....too much bother in my perception!
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        Jun 8 2014: I just clicked on the My Conversations link you indicated. On that page, at the same "latitude" as Start New Conversation, is a pair of links that says My Conversations/My Comments.

        When you click My Comments, I think you get the same complete list of all your comments in reverse order that used to be displayed on your page.

        So I think anyone can still get back to his own comments right now in reverse order, though with more work than before, as well as to find his own and everyone else's comments in the context of the thread where they arose.

        What you cannot do any longer is to go to someone else's full list of comments in reverse order, which is something you used to be able to do for anyone with a public profile.

        I hope this helps for anyone who wants to retrieve all your own old comments.
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          Jun 8 2014: Thanks Fritzie! I was not aware of the "my comments" link. That helps a little. I still would like to view other people's comments ( more than 10 of them), because it helps me sometimes to understand more about where someone is coming from with their comments. It just helps to have a clearer understanding of the person I am having a conversation with. Those of us who have participated in TED conversations for quite awhile probably have a pretty good understanding of each other, but having more of other people's comments available helps me understand and get to know new people.
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        Jun 8 2014: I know that some people found useful being able to retrieve easily others' old comments and some really did not like others to be able to have access to that. As I have seen this feature eliminated on rebuilds on other sites as well, sometimes to the consternation of those who used a site as an online scrapbook or journal without keeping copies, I do not know whether it is just a feature of current software, whether it is an efficiency issue, or whether it has been recommended to sites for security or legal reasons.

        In the old system, if a member did not want others to be able to track him everywhere he has ever commented for three plus years, he had to make his profile private. I know some people had private profiles for this reason.
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        Jun 8 2014: That was very helpful, Colleen. I've found my old comments, THANK YOU :)

        Stay Well and Happy!
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          Jun 9 2014: Thanks Vera! You stay well and happy too my friend:>)

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