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Am I the only one who thinks the TED website was better before it was "improved"?

I don't know why we can't show our email if we want to?
I don't know why we only have a ten comment history?
I don't know why we can't put a couple extra pictures on our profile?
I don't know why comments on talks are repeated every time they are replied to?
I don't know why TED comment emails no longer take you to actual comment referenced?
I don't know why there is a large space on both sides of both video and comments? Space for future advertising? Double click, full page click, Multi-full page click coming soon?? Are we being prepared for Google ad click Hell?
I don't know why Ted badges are displayed and not scores?

In other words we just lost a lot of freedom in the name of progress, isn't that what the government keeps telling us as it strips away our freedoms? Isn't that what corporations tell us as they give us cheap and outright dangerous products in place of quality?

It was not broken but it sure is now. OK, no harm, just put it back pls. If you want to make an improvement, how about a first rate spell/grammar checker? Why do we have to leave your site just to find a decent spelling/grammar checker? How about making the comment space wider so a long comment does not take three pages to display?

In the immortal words of Chris Anderson, "Number one: do nothing. This thing ain't broke, so I ain't gonna fix it."!! We love and support you Chris, pls put your foot down, again!



Closing Statement from Keith W Henline

June 10th, 2014 D-Day for TED? IMHO it is De Day the music stopped at TED. May TED R.I.P.

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  • Jun 4 2014: Keith, If I could guess,

    From the number of TED conversation Team emails that I have received in the past
    informing me that TED refused to post my comments concerning TED Talk Speakers,
    I would think that comments will be limited to TED Talks only.

    I sometimes am a bit too caustic for my own good. lol
    • Jun 4 2014: Yes Frank you are a bit radical when compared to the norm but I don't mind that a bit if you make sense. Personally I find it a bit scary if to many people agree with me, it usually means I have compromised to much and I have to stop and re-evaluate my position and motives to find the truth. I also have a long trail of rejections by the comment team and also conversations not released, to be quite frank, most of them deserved. Sometimes I know ahead of time they will be rejected as they are against the guidelines but I send them in anyway, at least I stated my position, even if only one comment detective knows. The important thing to me is I speak the truth as much as possible and sometime I just have a little fun at the detective's expense.
      • Jun 7 2014: Keith, We had better just take the wait and see...
        We will feel better, and so will TED.

        That said, I would love to have a feature where we could show
        graphs and things to support our contentions in debate.

        I watched an older TED local 2011 Talk. The speaker told of
        bad things we worry and fret over, almost never occurring, and
        my feeling were that we tend to overvalue our fears -vs- reality.

        This is one of those bad things we tend to overvalue.
        aka -- Change we cannot control. Let's wait and see.

        That is, of course, if the NSA will let us.
        We should feel good, at least they listen to us.
        • Jun 7 2014: Making changes to such a complicated system is never easy but now is absolutely the best time for us to voice our opinions instead of after they have made all the changes. Programmer time and resources are not cheap in any case but constant changes are not only frustrating to the programmer but some changes are no longer feasible if not incorporated in the overall system design. They have been asking for our comments and advise for months now and also how we like what they have done so far. This is simply in response to their own questions of approval or suggestions. If people ask me questions, I try to answer as best I know how and systems design is something I have spent most of my working career doing.

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