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Am I the only one who thinks the TED website was better before it was "improved"?

I don't know why we can't show our email if we want to?
I don't know why we only have a ten comment history?
I don't know why we can't put a couple extra pictures on our profile?
I don't know why comments on talks are repeated every time they are replied to?
I don't know why TED comment emails no longer take you to actual comment referenced?
I don't know why there is a large space on both sides of both video and comments? Space for future advertising? Double click, full page click, Multi-full page click coming soon?? Are we being prepared for Google ad click Hell?
I don't know why Ted badges are displayed and not scores?

In other words we just lost a lot of freedom in the name of progress, isn't that what the government keeps telling us as it strips away our freedoms? Isn't that what corporations tell us as they give us cheap and outright dangerous products in place of quality?

It was not broken but it sure is now. OK, no harm, just put it back pls. If you want to make an improvement, how about a first rate spell/grammar checker? Why do we have to leave your site just to find a decent spelling/grammar checker? How about making the comment space wider so a long comment does not take three pages to display?

In the immortal words of Chris Anderson, "Number one: do nothing. This thing ain't broke, so I ain't gonna fix it."!! We love and support you Chris, pls put your foot down, again!

Closing Statement from Keith W Henline

June 10th, 2014 D-Day for TED? IMHO it is De Day the music stopped at TED. May TED R.I.P.

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    Jun 4 2014: I fully agree with the commits below and add my voice to the objections.

    Also I feel being mobile friendly will diminish conversation in another way; currently most comments are nicely thought-out, making for quality conversations.
    With the new format I feel it will lead to on-the-go twitter quality / less thought-out comments.
    I come here for mental stimulation and exercise, a step above the pop culture norm.
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      Jun 4 2014: Good point Don!
      Isn't it interesting that we have had so many conversations about people's objection to technology taking over....the world.....our mind.....whatever!!! Now it's even easier for folks to make on-the-go less thought-out comments....AND the quality of the TED conversations site is substantially decreased, with features eliminated to facilitate that process.......LOL!!!
  • Jun 9 2014: Since this is the "last day" and I always give those interested the "Last word", I will make my closing statement now and you all can wrap it up.
    a) First and foremost I would like to say I have met some great friends here at TED including several staff members. You can always find me simply by searching by my name.
    b) From the tone of the feedback I have heard so far I do not see anything anywhere near acceptable coming out of this bad experiment gone wrong. I hope I am not correct. It's like groundhog day over and over again. For similar reasons I left, Yahoo and then Microsoft and then MySpace and then Facebook and then Google+ and now TED.
    c) It seems the list of things taken away from us just continues to get longer and the fixes get shorter, which is not the direction of progress.
    d) I would like to thank all of you who methodically pointed out both the failings of the new system, the virtues of the old system and the reasons they will be missed. Personally I thought we all made a very good case, however sometimes justice is served in ways we do not understand at the moment.
    c) I was hoping to hear from Chris but I am sure he has his hands full right now.
    d) Good luck to all and to all a good night.
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      Jun 9 2014: Oh my goodness Keith....."the last day"!!! Or....maybe it is the first day:>)

      I think if anyone wants to find us, it is way or another:>)

      I have not been involved with any other "chat" sites on line, so TED is the only one, and I've enjoyed the simplicity of the format. Improvements have been made since I started commenting years ago, and those improvements were pretty good. I honestly don't understand all this "new and improved" "stuff" that is happening now, and I certainly do not see any reason for shutting down the whole system to "rebuild".'s not my choice! Although TED has consistently said they want to create a "community" , that does not appear to be the case. Generally, the whole community is not shut down to rebuild parts of the community. Generally, the community members take part in the restructure and rebuild of elements of the community, which has happened in the past on TED. When changes were made before, the community members participated with feedback that was genuinely listened to....that is not the case now. The TED site is THEIR is clearly not OUR site, so there is nothing more to say about it from my perspective.

      Remember my friend, when one door closes, another one opens:>)
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        Jun 9 2014: Yes. when one door closes, another one opens. Colleen.

        I believe we all wish the TED in the process of redesigning smoothly and efficiently.

        I will miss all of you !

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          Jun 9 2014: I will miss you and all my TED buddies too Lamb Lamb!
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    Jun 9 2014: I agree with you Keith.

    To a 'seat of my pants' kind of guy like me, if a thought comes into my head, I simply have to get it written down as quickly as possible - even if the thought subsequently proves to be a pile of rubbish - otherwise the main thrust is lost, or it gets forgotten.

    if 'improvements' get in the way of such fleeting thought processes instead of assisting them, then 'ideas worth spreading' are in danger of losing their spontaneity. The moment has gone. Intuition (certainly in my case) evaporates in a fog of gibbering, techy fumbling, as I wonder where all my familiar tools and references have gone.

    I'm not a big fan of improvements if they don't actually improve what they are supposed to improve. And so it is with websites that strive to look good, but whose usability and purpose is actually diminished.
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      Jun 9 2014: Dear Allan,
      For what it is worth, I have never observed any of your thoughts, feelings, ideas or perceptions, as written, as a "pile of rubbish". I appreciate your insightful, clear comments very much, and what you share is definitely worth spreading.....thank you for that:>)

      I prefer simplicity, and exploring the new TED site from the time it was available to us seemed like "techy fumbling" for me....well said! As I was looking forward to something new and improved, I kept going back to the old site because it was much easier to navigate, and as you and improved does not always mean better...especially if it actually diminishes usability and purpose. I thought my technical challenge with the new TED site was simply my own lack of understanding techy stuff, but apparently, even those who are more technically aware have difficulty with it as well. It is what it is, and as I said to Keith....when one door closes, another one usually opens...and so we move on:>)
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        Jun 9 2014: You are very kind Colleen, thank you!

        Yes, I guess it's down to teething problems on both sides - website designers as well as users.

        Real improvement should be as a result of close collaboration between user and designer. If that's missing, then changing something can so easily become deterioration. If changes are too big, too sudden and unintuitive, a barrier is formed in many people's minds, between user familiarity and the designer's somewhat blinkered quest for improvement.

        Now, where's that open door...?
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          Jun 9 2014: I agree Allan....improvement should and could be as a result of close collaboration between user and designer....that is the only way that is truly successful, and that is how TED has dealt with change in the past....input from users.

          The "open door" for me, at the moment, is reclaiming the gardens, which have been neglected for the past couple years, as I've been helping care for 3 brothers who have been physically challenged.....two of them died in 2013.

          Where is YOUR open door?
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    Jun 5 2014: Why don't we have the same options to sort comments?
    • Jun 5 2014: Another good point Victor, maybe I am not the only one who forgets things.... It seems as though TED forgot that they are also here to serve the community not just the stockholders. What I am trying to say is I think most of us love TED just the way it is and shutting us down even temporarily is probably not the best approach in the long or short run. IMHO, well maybe not so humble, actually I'm Irish and Germany. The Irish side raises Hell all the time and the Germany side is stubborn and never gives up until proven wrong, even if Hell freezes over:):)
      As an Alcoholic I was taught that you never drink again, even if your ass falls off, and if your ass does fall off, you pick it up and take it to another meeting. That is a pretty stubborn and radical approach but it takes what it takes. Just Gidder done.
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    Jun 4 2014: Keith, One of the things that really ticked me off was that to see the script you have to abanded the video ... when a chart of photo is shown you have to spin up and then return to the transcript. There is plenty of room to do both and see both. I like some others had occassion to e-mail some other TEDsters. I gave that option as I wanted to have the ability to discuss freely off line with those of a liike mind.

    I like you thought it was better the "old" way. But I am a grumpy ole fart .... not all change is good ... We have a lot of change going on in our lives ... thanks to the federal government ... it ain't good either.

    See ya. Bob.

    I will wait and see what the changes are on the conversations. I may not be correct here but I notice fewer conversations being generated and less people participating. On any given subject three or four people duke it out and there are 500 comments but from five to ten people.
    • Jun 4 2014: Another good point I forgot about, I also rewatch a good video along with the transcript if they talk real fast or with a foreign accent. I don't think they realize how many people flocked to TED because it was a wonderful system, just like it was. I would give up all the improvements, to have it back the way it was in a heart beat. But maybe that's just me. There is an old saying, "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater", now I know exactly what that means.
  • Jun 4 2014: Keith

    could not agree more -

    1. could get to the conversations with 1 click, now takes 2. Sounds minor but it is annoying and is against usability rules.

    2. Another thing is using larger images for the talks - takes too much screen space.

    3. I could click on the current talk and select it to play on a separate tab, now I can not.
    • Jun 4 2014: I am happy they put back the option to watch talks at fullscreen. At least then you do not have to watch the flickering ads that are surely planned for the future and for us at home who are looking at a monitor instead of a five inch screen that is a nice convenience.
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    Jun 4 2014: Hi Keith,

    No, you are not the only one. I too think there are missing many good features on the new site, which were found on the old one. So I sent them e-mail specifying 10 features missing together on TED's personal pages and on talks' pages. After a week they replied saying they are still working on the new site. Their person says he has logged my e-mail as a feature request and passed it along to the development team. So I really don't know what's going to be. However, since then 2 features I mentioned as missing are back. 1. The actual TEDCred score on the personal page. 2. The option for choosing the sequence of viewing the comments under the talks. Before, it was only by the most Upvoted on the new site. Below I have given their full reply to my e-mail:


    Hi Yubal,

    We really appreciate your feedback! I’ve logged your email as a feature request, and am passing it along to the development team for consideration.

    The new comments system is still in beta, so your patience is appreciated as we work to incorporate user feedback like yours to make the system its best.

    We really do appreciate you taking the time to write in; hearing what our users want is vital to making the experience as amazing as possible.

    Warm regards,

    Tommy -- TED Support
    • Jun 4 2014: Two very good points of which I also agree. Thanks for the support Yubal, I hope they are getting the message that all is not well and there is plenty of room for improvement. 90% of this would go away if they simply restored the old system and then tried one thing at a time to see whether it was an improvement or not. The attitude of OK, I will just take all my marbles and go home for x amount of time IMHO is a little extreme.
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    Jun 4 2014: so far i am not experiencing as much different, not really better or worse. What is TED claiming are the improvements?
    • Jun 4 2014: TED was quick to list the so called improvements, what they failed to list was all the restrictions and omissions "they" feel is no longer important to them or us.
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        Jun 4 2014: keith, i'm rushing to get out of the house, can you show a link where they list the improvements?
        • Jun 4 2014: Have I been promoted to your personal assistant? What's the pay like? In Seattle I see minimum wage is now $15/hour. I'll send you my paypal link and we can go from there after you deposit in my account :):):)
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        Jun 4 2014: I'm sorry, Keith, I didn't mean to suggest that. The fact is, I can't see any place where TED has listed the improvements they've made, I think when they first started the overhaul they were talking in general terms about what they were going for, but now that they've mostly finished, I don't know that there's any place on the website where they say what the improvements were/are. Do you know if such a place exists? For the purposes of your conversation, it would be good to see their list, to see if it holds water or if it seems weak. If such a list does not exist, maybe you can tell me, what do they claim are the improvements? For me, I haven't particularly felt like the website improved or got worse, except maybe some graphics got a little bigger, which for me is kind of good because my eyes are a bit weak. Although it's a little hard to comment because strictly speaking they haven't finished the overhaul.
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        Jun 4 2014: I ought to add that when TED started talking about improving, it didn't register very highly with me, for one thing they didn't say that much about it, and for another the little they did say wasn't very specific, the best I can remember is the catchphrase "user-friendly." It felt to me like they were going to spend a lot of effort to achieve not much. Although, as I say, some of the graphics seem bigger and I like that. But who knows, maybe they'll do something awesome with conversations and provide us a Star Trek transporter where we can be beamed into each other's rooms around the world.
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    Jun 4 2014: Ladies and Gentlemen.... Users of TED Conversations....

    I too have been... confused and concerned by the new "beta" version of TED. I also made a comment and received a cursory acknowledgement. So, what is TED to me? It's a medium for me to think about and comment on various subjects. I have read a few speeches, a few because of the speaker and a few because of the subject, I came to the conclusion that speakers were just people with ideas, some were famous and some infamous and none were more impressive then the commenters on these talks. I guess I am hard to impress. Because of my personal limitations, I will only attend TED events if held in the local High School Gym down the street.

    That's me.

    As others have said.... this newer version has made changes which I also find disconcerting....
    On the other hand, this forum is free which is in my price range, so I have no real input as maybe could a paying customer.

    And the dilemma.

    How much change, loss of services, possible annoying pop-up adds could I tolerate? I don't know yet, but if I gradually disappear from posting my brilliant comments, don't anyone take it personal, it is just that even I have a limit to the price of free.

    I also would like to see some of the old conveniences that have been lost such as Keith has listed be re-included in the new version....
    • Jun 4 2014: Thank you Mike I enjoy your comments also. TED has led us to believe that our comments actually means something and for them to shut us down even for a month or two seems to contradict that assertion. What do you think would happen if Google pulled their search engine for a couple of months? Next question, why don't they just shut down the entire TED site for a couple of months, until they get it right, I think we all know the answer, don't we?
      It reminds me of when I was rewriting the Washington State Payroll system which paid 40,000 employee's and served some 40+ agencies. Each month we punch out a card for each employee, bundled the cards and sent them to each agency. That's 40,000 cards. So I asked the obvious question, why? I sent out a questionnaire to each agency asking them what they did with these cards and what would happen if we stopped sending them. I received all kinds of responses like: oh we need those cards, we use them to print a report and then we file the report and the cards in cabinets. I found out there were cabinets all over Washington state full of these cards and reports and literally no one was looking at either one ever again, but they were adamant that they had to have these cards. So I made the next logical move, I punched out the cards the next month but did not send them. I got back several inquires as to where are the cards but not a single reason why they had to have them. I sent back a notice that we had discontinued sending the cards. I got back a few complaints and then that was it, nothing, the world did not end and I had just saved the government thousands of dollars each month in cabinets, man hours, mailing costs, card costs and computer time costs, just with a simple question, why? What is the purpose?
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        Jun 4 2014: Keith. Keith, Keith.
        I can see by your story that you are not a bureaucrat. It is not meant as a criticism, I applaud your resistance to the bureaucratic malaise. However, those cards and files you pulled because you thought had no practical purpose, really did. Someone in those offices was responsible for the receipt, recording and filing.. You took a job task from a bureaucrat. You presented that bureaucrat's supervisor with a dilemma of supporting this bureaucrat's position thus threatening his level for supervision.
        I know these things, I used to be a bureaucrat.
        Unfortunately, the savings you thought you had generated were only what occurred in your office. Those other bureaucrat's supervisors simply found other meaningless work to sustain the bureaucrats and sustain their supervisory positions. That is why eventually you got nothing.
        There is a way to win that situation.... a number of years ago, I was in a position where I sent the same information in a half dozen different formats to a high HQ office. There was a reorganization at the HQ and that office was no longer in the directory, I had no one to send my reports too. So I didn't send them and nobody got back to me either.
        Even us bureaucrats enjoy a victory against the man....
        As far as TED is concerned, I can only hope for the best and hope we can get a easily usable forum for us to use.
        • Jun 4 2014: You are right Mike I do not believe in doing work just to sustain a no longer necessary position. I also redesigned and automated the liquor licensing agency which had 22 employees shuffling all kinds of paper. After automating the system it could easily be run by three people, however as you so noted, they continued to employee all 22 people with 19 of them having nothing to do. That's government for you. They gave me 2 million and three months to install a second brand new computer system. I had it done in one month and gave them back $500,000 dollars.
          Irresponsibility of the tax payers hard earned dollars irks me to no end. I quit a very high paying job with the government because of it.
          I also hoped for an easily usable forum at TED but when it never materialized, I first submitted several suggestions of which only one was addressed and so here we are trying to address several more. As you can see, I am not alone.
  • Jun 4 2014: Keith, If I could guess,

    From the number of TED conversation Team emails that I have received in the past
    informing me that TED refused to post my comments concerning TED Talk Speakers,
    I would think that comments will be limited to TED Talks only.

    I sometimes am a bit too caustic for my own good. lol
    • Jun 4 2014: Yes Frank you are a bit radical when compared to the norm but I don't mind that a bit if you make sense. Personally I find it a bit scary if to many people agree with me, it usually means I have compromised to much and I have to stop and re-evaluate my position and motives to find the truth. I also have a long trail of rejections by the comment team and also conversations not released, to be quite frank, most of them deserved. Sometimes I know ahead of time they will be rejected as they are against the guidelines but I send them in anyway, at least I stated my position, even if only one comment detective knows. The important thing to me is I speak the truth as much as possible and sometime I just have a little fun at the detective's expense.
      • Jun 7 2014: Keith, We had better just take the wait and see...
        We will feel better, and so will TED.

        That said, I would love to have a feature where we could show
        graphs and things to support our contentions in debate.

        I watched an older TED local 2011 Talk. The speaker told of
        bad things we worry and fret over, almost never occurring, and
        my feeling were that we tend to overvalue our fears -vs- reality.

        This is one of those bad things we tend to overvalue.
        aka -- Change we cannot control. Let's wait and see.

        That is, of course, if the NSA will let us.
        We should feel good, at least they listen to us.
        • Jun 7 2014: Making changes to such a complicated system is never easy but now is absolutely the best time for us to voice our opinions instead of after they have made all the changes. Programmer time and resources are not cheap in any case but constant changes are not only frustrating to the programmer but some changes are no longer feasible if not incorporated in the overall system design. They have been asking for our comments and advise for months now and also how we like what they have done so far. This is simply in response to their own questions of approval or suggestions. If people ask me questions, I try to answer as best I know how and systems design is something I have spent most of my working career doing.
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    Jun 3 2014: I honestly preferred the old version as well. As you do, I like being able to see a longer comment history, to be able to return to my own old comments, and to be able to send email to someone who has enabled that.

    I also found great value in seeking out talks by tag rather than only by broad topic area..

    I think the new platform is optimized for mobile devices, so those not using them may notice these omissions more than the enhancements.

    I am optimistic that the rebuild of TED Conversations might return the functions you mention that are valuable primarily to people who participate in Conversations/Community on the site.

    I have not checked this recently, but one used to be able to choose to go back to the old version, which allowed access to those functions.
    • Jun 3 2014: Thanks Fritzie for your support, maybe if enough people say something instead of just going along with the crowd or leaving in search of another website, they will listen, especially Chris who was right in the first place IMHO.
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        Jun 3 2014: I bet TED gets lots of input from users, some consistent and some conflicting. Talks are the heart of the site, as they are viewed by literally millions of people, so I can understand the organization's starting there.

        I am guessing there will be at some point be a more refined indexing system for talks- that listeners will push for it.

        They always said the Conversations component would be last and also that they would be tinkering with the whole thing to get it right. I think people should continue to send their ideas to TED via the Contact form, but we also need to realize that sometimes what one person loves as an idea, another hates.
        • Jun 3 2014: I agree with you again Fritzie on the search bar. I searched all over for “jacob barnett”, probably the most brilliant speaker ever on TED and could not find his TED Talk or anything about him, nothing, nada, zip. I went to Google and or Youtube and bingo, he was all over the search results, including his TED talk! So I had to go to Google to find out what was on TED??? What is going on with the TED search feature?
          As far as mobile devices, that is a totally separate issue. Your webmaster should test the device and if it is mobile they go to another routine which is customized especially for mobile devices. A programmer has complete control over how a website will look on a mobile device and it is a completely different sub routine. And if they do not want to write that software there are a ton of apps that will make it easy for you.
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        Jun 3 2014: You are techie, but I am not. I don't understand how search functions go wrong.

        I meant something different. It used to be if you wanted to find a compact list of all TED talks related to a topic, like "collaboration" or "creativity" or "inequality," you could do that by going to the View All Tags link. Often when someone would raise a question, I would reply with a link to "the 46 TED talks on the topic of X." This is no longer possible.
        • Jun 3 2014: Yes Fritzie those are all functions of a search routine, but someone has to build that function and make it available to the users. Right now as you discovered the search routines are either missing or not working properly. We have been spoiled for years by the Google search engine which is mind boggling complicated which is how they made all their start money, and is still there core product after all these years. TED could learn something from that. Google knew they had a winner and built everything else around it, and never touched it with the exception of fine tuning it. Same clean spacious look, dependable results and always available 24/7 and did I mention "free".
          As far as being a techie, you should not have to be a techie to use common public websites like TED, that is why we pay the programmers (software writers) the big bucks. If it is not easy to use and functions properly, profitable companies replace those programmers and try again until it does work correctly. They don't just say, oh well we tried. With millions of dollars on the line flowing through TED they can not afford to be unprofessional. Those days of free volunteer work are or should be long gone. TED, like it or not, is a business, big business, just like any other large, charitable or not, business.
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          Jun 4 2014: Fritzie,
          This is a reply to your request on another thread. There's no reply option there, and no more e-mail opportunity....guess this is part of the TED "upgrade"/"rebuild"!!!

          25 minutes ago: I agree entirely.....I will miss you during the hiatus."

          I'll miss you too Fritzie....and all my TED friends:>( TED says they are trying to build a community, but you don't just shut down the entire community to do rebuilding/maintenance!

          "Request: Could you quickly post once more the link to Colleen's Gardens? I don't have a way of asking you through email. I know it is off topic."

          Sure is a's a different format.....same photos.

          I have been spending lots of time in the gardens trying to reclaim them after a couple years of neglect while I was helping to care for two sick brothers....both died in 2013. Now I am caretaking the gardens again......the weeds moved in and made themselves comfortable rather quickly!!!

          Yeah....this is off topic, and if TED conversations reappear after the "hiatus" you'll probably see more of it since TED removed the e-mail option from the profiles!!! That is a downgrade as far as I am concerned!!!
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        Jun 4 2014: I agree with your comments Fritzie and Keith. I have been checking out the new design since it was made available to us in the beginning, and I sent comments regarding my observations, which were not addressed. I was glad to be able to switch back to the old site because I do not like the new design at all. I feel that we lost much much more than we gained. Even though we are told TED conversations is taking a break, it seems like it is being phased out.
        • Jun 4 2014: It seems "we the people" are being phased out, after all corporations, then who will be left to buy your products and fill your corporate jets with fuel so you can get to your private Islands of luxury? Not me!
          "Learn to share or perish"- Keith W Henline

          If the management of TED will not listen, maybe their corporate sponsors will? Even Walmart listens to people. Now they are producing more and more organic produce and quality products at a price and guess what, we will pay for quality, we want quality. We want a choice, we want the freedom to choose. We are America the land of the free and we will be heard.
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          Jun 4 2014: Hi, Colleen. Emily is the editor of and Aja the Online Community Manager. They both have said that a rebuild is being launched of TED Conversations rather than an elimination of the program.

          I expect they are both integrally involved in the rebuild and know the plan. I also think that they have integrity and would not tell us the service was taking a break if it were really slated for elimination.

          Given the process they used for the site rebuild to accommodate mobile users' needs, I expect they are also using a consultant who specializes in forum platforms and that they really don't know how long it will take to construct what they envision.
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          Jun 4 2014: Thanks, Colleen, for the gardens link, which I have bookmarked. I don't know that removing the "send email link" was an intentional plan, an accidental omission, or something that is incompatible with the software of the current profile system. I definitely liked that one could choose whether it was enabled or disabled.

          The lack of reply button probably has to do with that long-standing issue of not being able to reply after 4 indents, or whatever you call it. That has been an issue for a long time and I predict will be addressed in the conversations rebuild.
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      Jun 4 2014: I am aware of some of the folks who are "rebuilding" Fritzie, as I have received some e-mails from them, and I am not questioning anyone's "integrity". The new TED site is confused, confusing, and we are missing a lot of elements that in my perception were important. There was an option to switch back to the old site, and there is no reason that feature cannot continue while the "rebuild is taking place". Obviously, what was "rebuilt" so far was done with that link in place.

      I liked the e-mail option as well Fritzie, and had a wonderful experience communicating with people around our world for several years because of the e-mail option.

      Yes....the lack of a reply option on your other comment was because of the level of the reply, and that is not so difficult to understand once one is familiar with it:>)
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    • Jun 3 2014: I totally agree for two reasons: a) I look through other peoples comments to try and understand where they are coming from (walk a mile in my shoes) and that source was very valuable to me, now it is gone. b) I often check my own comments for looking up references to the same idea that is being rehashed again. I often do a lot of research before I state an opinion and going over my comments from before saves doing that research over and over again and in fact allows me more time to reanalyze the topic in less time, my most important commodity. One day before they took that commodity from me, I copied my entire comment section to a word file and stored it on my computer, all 2,000 comments, 4,000 pages worth. Thank you God. It is invaluable to me, I could write a book just from those ideas, maybe several. The compilation of two years of ideas, being challenged and defended, improved and substantiated. Now TED has wiped out that resource for all of it's members, however I would bet they have access to it, just like Google and Facebook never throws away any information for the same reason, information is valuable. Surely TED understand that. Chris Anderson does, or at least did at one time. "This thing ain't broke, so I ain't gonna fix it."
      Corporations do this constantly in the name of progress and to make more money, they cut until the very core of their existence no longer exists, then they break up and reform another corporation, leaving the people and great ideas they had upon birth, discarded in the trash for someone else to clean up.
      That's what is happening here, TED is slowly breaking and falling apart under it's own corporate weight. Time for Chris to step in again and put his foot down, this is his legacy and it is going to hurt everyone if it falls apart.
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        Jun 4 2014: I did the same things Keith...look through peoples comments to try to understand them better. I also often checked my previous comments in a thread to try to keep the conversation on track, check references, etc.

        We can still revisit our conversations (upper left corner of the page it says "my conversations"), but that is a pain....not at all convenient....very time consuming, so I don't use it. In fact, I'm not using TED at all much any more since we are denied the opportunity to switch back to the old site.
        • Jun 4 2014: There you have it TED from probably the kindest, most gracious, most loyal follower on TED. I guarantee you, if your new format drives away people like Colleen, I will follow in a heart beat. I do not want to exist in a world where people like Colleen are driven away because of a less user friendly and more money hungry corporate site.
          As the brave firemen say as they link together, hand to hand and heart to heart for the purpose of saving just one of their own, "YOU GO, WE ALL GO"!
      • thumb
        Jun 4 2014: Thank you Keith for your kind words:>)

        I have indeed been pretty loyal to TED, open minded and open hearted to changes throughout the years I've been involved with TED. I've made adjustments to changes several times, because I thought I understood the goal of TED, and I am aware of the wonderful possibilities for a forum like this, which includes a global "community" of people.

        I also continue to weigh and balance various activities I participate in and when something becomes undesirable, I first try to adjust, and if that doesn't work, I change directions. There are plenty of things in this world which call to me for attention:>)
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    Jun 8 2014: Wondering where all my previously shown on my page comments went? Has TED's new system deleted all of them?
    if I'd only receive some warning message...I'd save them myself in advance.
    I do not feel very interested in TED's chatting any longer..

    When we improve large systems, (my organization has a complicated system) and when some tech changes are necessary to make for the sake of improving some technical trcks, or keeping up with that forceful market "new innovations" and also trying to control the costs etc. -- we all suffer some inconveniences - our members or customers must spend some time finding new links etc, while many of us have no time "to learn" new very useless for us tricks.

    Anyway, while technology mass-production is recycling, making profits, on selling and serving those systems that have to be changed for new UNAVOIDABLE "improvements", many of us, like TED, obey and buy these systems and services just to keep them alive. We cannot really control that tricky and obviously crooked market selling us "innovative technology" ... It forces us to buy things we do not need by cutting us off of previous services.
    • Jun 8 2014: Yes Vera the old "Bait and Switch" has been used for many centuries and I see no end in sight. Now they have the trial editions and even thou we know we are going to have to pay more in the end, at least they are somewhat honest about it. We all know what's coming with a trial version and up front we know the costs evolved. We go into it with open eyes and options. They all say "we will NOT sell your information", however unless you born under a rock, we know they will sooner or later or both.
      While we are on the subject, have you seen the new headlines from Google saying they are encrypting our data so the NSA can no longer rape us at will??? What they damn well know is that it is against the law for anyone to encrypt data in the USA for any reason without first notifying the government of the encryption codes. SO, it does not matter how much they encrypt, the government (our enemy) knows full well how to continue to spy on us as always. It is just another smoke screen so the idiot masses do not riot, and because we are idiots, it is working, so far. The government and corporation (same thing) are always one lie ahead of us.
      Makes you just want to level the playing field, doesn't it? Don't answer that.

      You know I had a choice, God said I will give you either brains or money, which would you like? I don't have money as a conscience choice, I knew a long time ago I could have as much money as I could ever dream of but the price has always been to steep.
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2014: Keith, Only one thing with which I would disagree - The masses do create/allow their own governments (even regime and cults) and therefore, shall not complain about them. They Must complain about themselves. If the majority chooses different life and more practical and intelligent rules, they do not need any revolution. For better or for worse, if you want some good change, change your own mentality, and habits. People do not understand that they have all the power but they do not know how to use it for their own good. Industries will break themselves to please consumers if they stop playing "victims" and demand what they want!

        It's ironic that while in our age of technology we have an easy access to any great, real knowledge, we remain sooo illiterate, confusing knowledge with mindless information we cannot really digest.

        About that spying thing - to me whatever I do involving "contracts" and agreements, baniking.... is already public.. it's my private Self that no one can know - only I can know my self.

        Collecting info does not mean comprehending a real person, to know people as each of us is - impossible. Maybe some drastic moves can be predictable.

        But WHO CARES to know you as you are, appreciate your talent and ideas! In any case, we can live in the same place with others for years, and still do not know one another, except some stupid habits.. Well, that is the law of mighty nature itself - no one can really get into other's minds (not brains). One cannot even jump out of his own mind to see anything beyond his mind. That mind's production of yours is forever invisible to anyone but to yourself. Nature is always on our side, even when we cannot comprehend its laws.
    • thumb
      Jun 8 2014: Vera,
      You are " Wondering where all (your) previously shown on (your) page comments went? Has TED's new system deleted all of them?"

      When you are signed in, you will see "my conversations" in the upper left corner of the page. I think you will find all the conversations you have participated in, and all your comments there. It is much more difficult to find anything, and I prefer the old format, but that's how it least for the next couple days!

      Another thing I just noticed, is that it is much more difficult to find particular speakers or ted talks. They don't seem to be in any order, so we have to scroll through tons of names to find them....too much bother in my perception!
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2014: I just clicked on the My Conversations link you indicated. On that page, at the same "latitude" as Start New Conversation, is a pair of links that says My Conversations/My Comments.

        When you click My Comments, I think you get the same complete list of all your comments in reverse order that used to be displayed on your page.

        So I think anyone can still get back to his own comments right now in reverse order, though with more work than before, as well as to find his own and everyone else's comments in the context of the thread where they arose.

        What you cannot do any longer is to go to someone else's full list of comments in reverse order, which is something you used to be able to do for anyone with a public profile.

        I hope this helps for anyone who wants to retrieve all your own old comments.
        • thumb
          Jun 8 2014: Thanks Fritzie! I was not aware of the "my comments" link. That helps a little. I still would like to view other people's comments ( more than 10 of them), because it helps me sometimes to understand more about where someone is coming from with their comments. It just helps to have a clearer understanding of the person I am having a conversation with. Those of us who have participated in TED conversations for quite awhile probably have a pretty good understanding of each other, but having more of other people's comments available helps me understand and get to know new people.
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2014: I know that some people found useful being able to retrieve easily others' old comments and some really did not like others to be able to have access to that. As I have seen this feature eliminated on rebuilds on other sites as well, sometimes to the consternation of those who used a site as an online scrapbook or journal without keeping copies, I do not know whether it is just a feature of current software, whether it is an efficiency issue, or whether it has been recommended to sites for security or legal reasons.

        In the old system, if a member did not want others to be able to track him everywhere he has ever commented for three plus years, he had to make his profile private. I know some people had private profiles for this reason.
      • thumb
        Jun 8 2014: That was very helpful, Colleen. I've found my old comments, THANK YOU :)

        Stay Well and Happy!
        • thumb
          Jun 9 2014: Thanks Vera! You stay well and happy too my friend:>)
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    Jun 5 2014: well, I'm looking at your list of....are they issues, or questions, or issues disguised as questions? Somehow for me none of them seem very important, Keith, for me the meat of the site is probably conversations and the chance to talk with people about interesting ideas, and I hope that will continue. But certainly some objection you are raising might later become a thorn in my side as well. I might be a little concerned that you apparently can no longer send someone an email privately, I asked Aja why that was changed but she didn't answer. But I know there was an instance where Chaney Carriker wanted to send me a copy of a speech she had given, so I just gave her my email address right there on the conversation, and that seems to have worked out, we seem to have somewhat become friends with a 50-email correspondence since then.
    • Jun 5 2014: They are things we used to have that we are no longer are allowed. Most of it is about freedom of choice.
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2014: well, they don't seem like terribly important freedoms for me, Keith, although I could be wrong. Probably for me I start with some idea that somebody's policy has been thought out and is somewhat rational, unless it seems glaringly and outrageously wrong. I am glad you are questioning it, though, who knows, maybe you will champion something really important. It does feel to me like since it's TED's site, and they facilitate these conversations for us free of charge, we have to be humble about something we dislike, recognize that in theory they don't have to give us the site at all. Of course, they benefit from us as well, getting exposed to our ideas. Personally if I found something really out-of-line on the TED site, I would ask TED themselves, although I also think it's great that you're running a conversation.

        We can't show our email? That seems wrong, although maybe they're trying to protect us? Or push us back toward public conversations rather than private emails? Ten comment history, well, maybe they just don't want the thing to seem too academic, loaded with records that few will read. Couple of extra pictures denied, maybe they want to force us to really make a decision about what photo we will use, and maybe do something creative. And so on. It seems to me one could criticize their policies, but also see a good side to them?
        • Jun 5 2014: Greg if you are happy that is all that counts, that is our purpose in life according to the Dalai Lama.
  • Jun 4 2014: Keith, Thank you.

    TED has done some odd things since I started attending. This last one was a "pip".
    It is just like when the "Edsel" was born. Everyone knew it was a mistake.
    Like when Coca-Cola went absent. When the Hudson car came out with their aerodynamic
    'tank' design. When Dyna-flow was demoted to Buick only. When the NSA discovered the
    Internet. When Jimmy Durante got a nose job. Oops, that didn't happen.