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Can a human brain be kept alive and normally functioning outside the body?

The reason I ask is I'm very interested in the possibility of a future where human brains can be "implanted" into a robotic skeleton with artificial blood to keep it alive.
Is it a possibility?
If not, why?

  • Jun 4 2014: Ok ok..wait..don't toss it out just yet :)
    What if we suppose that,
    1- I get into medically induced coma, my brain and all (or some) of the sensory nerves get extracted unharmed from the body (along with the brain and necessary parts of the spine) , gets planted AND hooked to the robotic equivalent senses of sight, touch, smell..etc, I get awakened. No sensory lost (more or less).

    2- the artificial blood would have nanobots constantly repairing the aage-associated defects in cells and neurons of my brain, hence, making it last virtually for ever. (Consider positive feed back when it comes to technology).

    You move doc. :)
  • Jun 4 2014: hyda, Great thinking.
    My name is Dr. Frankenstein. Will you be my Igor? I need the help.

    Of course it is a possibility. Someone is probably doing it right now.
    Illegal of course. The poor human who's brain has been implanted
    has long since died. The brain is dormant, because there are no
    sensory motivations feeding information to itself. Just like a computer
    before you turn it on. It just sits there, until the flow of nutrients stop.
    As time passes and the brain ages, impaired functions will become
    permanent, and nutrients will not improve the status. A brain dead
    robtic skeleton will be tossed to the scrap heap of a robot cemetery.
    A tear of solution will drop. Fade to black 'w2'''5'02]`~