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Morality is defined by men. Does this mean the concept is flawed and limited to a context and needs to be constantly improved?

Culture is the tool man developed so as to differentiate themselves from animals, Man was able to do so as he use his imagination to defy the law of nature and create structure where one is not constantly looking to survive but also progress intellectually, emotionally and physically. Morals and Values were what the culture deemed essential to be followed. However, as every human being has different imagination, different cultures were formed - each having different norms and rules that was considered to acceptable. E.g. taking a human life may have been considered immoral and a sin in some cultures, but was considered a form of necessary sacrifice to the gods during rituals in Aztec culture. Thus morals are not natural in-built values but cultural instructions embedded in the psyche.

However, times have changed and cross-cultural exchange of ideas and information due to globalization is becoming more and more common. Living in the present, while respecting the traditional views and norms, is it time for us to revise what morals are and what they mean to us? Should stick to the set of morals prescribed or should we be allowed to look at different cultures and customize morals which suit us?


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    Apr 29 2011: Very interesting question. I believe we are in a time in our history where things have to be more individuals in term of moral, definition of success and our self. Because we are creature of free will and easy access to the world at a touch of a button, we can choose and impact without even knowing. Just this discussion is great example, Just 2 decades only a few fortunate would had the chance to learn from some many culture. But I believe it will make stronger communities and society. A few years back a read an essay on the raise and fall of empires. Her conclusion was that all the great empires in history raise up when they were tolerant and had an influx of people from all around. But decline when they close their border.

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