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Who among the people you know has the most interesting job? What is it?

Let's share the most interesting jobs people have:)
And what's your job, by the way?

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    Jun 4 2014: well, I think I'm doing the most interesting work, although at this point it's not paid work. I am trying to get people interested in this diet I've been following for five years, where I live entirely on milk, drinking about two gallons (7.5 liters) every day of mostly nonfat milk and hardly eating or drinking anything else. It has been terrific for my health, and I think it would help other people, for one thing people with different diseases such as eye disease, AIDS, and cancer, and I am devoting real time and effort to getting the medical establishment to test it and to let people know it is available to them to try.

    among the people I know the most interesting paid job might be college professor, I know someone who teaches "ecological literature" at a university, "ecological literature" is literature about nature, writing that combines some science and some personal expression of feelings and perceptions. This person travels a lot to conferences in different countries about "ecological literature."
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    Jun 8 2014: It seems that designers are amazing.I used to love watching every episode of PROJECT RUNWAY when i was in the middle school.Truely wonderful jobs but need a lot of hard work though.
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    Jun 7 2014: Designers.
  • Jun 7 2014: I do! Saving the world from it's most devastating enemy, human. When I am done saving the world then I will work on saving the human race from it's self.
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    Jun 5 2014: To be quite honest, all of my friends and family have more interesting jobs than me, mainly because they are working in sectors that I have limited experience in. Essentially, everyone's life is more interesting than mine because my perspective limits me, though I find that the most interesting careers are more academic in nature and particularly related to industrial-organizational psychology and sociology.

    As for my job/career, I am an operations supervisor and former industrial engineer for a shipping industry, while my educational background is in computer science, information systems, and psychology. Overall, I'm more of a career student than management type, though I truly enjoy the dynamics (both positive and negative) of supervising a pro-union workforce, especially considering that I have spent nearly nine years in the union before going the management route (experiencing both sides of the aisle).
  • Jun 5 2014: For me, the most respectable and amazing job is the one you help people or animals. My dream is to coordinate a "normal" job, like everyone, with an activity like this. I think that help people, whatever circumstances, any place, is the most wonderful thing in the world because you know you're doing something great, useful, and something than that can make people happier, better, less poor or less sad. Everyone should participate to decrease the inequalities, the poverty, the sadness, and to love and help people who have really need of help.
    So the kind of person who save life, or simply help people every day are respectable people, and for that their job is the most interesting!
    Moreover, people who travel to observe animals in their natural environment, help them and treat them have the best job ever! They have a unique chance to see beautiful situations, landscapes, animals,...
    I really would like have a job like that or make it my passion!
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    Jun 5 2014: Being a Head of State or President of a country or CEO of a big company is one of the most interesting, challenging, and fulfilling jobs in the world - although these positions are reserved for individuals with unique talents, skills, and temperaments.
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    Jun 5 2014: Crime detectives.
  • Jun 4 2014: whocan help me english speak ? i cant speak well
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      Jun 5 2014: Buy Rosetta Stone English. The program will help you a lot if you put serious effort in learning.
    • Jun 7 2014: I am using Duolingo from Google to learn how to read, write and speak Spanish and it is free! Muchas gracias Google!
  • Jun 4 2014: I do.
    I handicap horse races, and find the winners. 8 to 10 hours each day.
    I also teach 3 and 4 cushion snooker pool shots. 2 hours each day.

    My son fishes. He catches the fish. His buddies go fishing with him
    and watch him catch fish. He catches Thresher Sharks from the piers.
    We all enjoy eating his barbequed and smoked fish and Thresher Sharks.
    As a wee boy, the local sport fishing boat would take him for free, so he
    could win the Pot for the biggest fish. He always gave the crew the most
    of the Pot. He has since grown to be a good man.

    My daughter runs an Internet Service Provider company (ISP). She climbs
    tall repeater towers, fixes equipment, runs the office, pays the bills and hires
    and fires college aged technicians (notorious for lack getting to work on time).
    She and her husband have a business where he prepares special diet meals,
    cooks them inside a professional kitchen, and delivers them to feed customers,
    and senior citizens who are housebound, or have special diets.

    My daughter does this while suffering for the last 14 years with a debilitating
    illness that causes her body to swell on one side daily and cause great pain.

    We are busy bunch.
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    Jun 3 2014: any "work" may be interesting, but not spectacular!
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    Jun 3 2014: Charlie Rose, the producer and host of Charlie Rose show on PBS. It seems to me has the most interesting and fulfilling job in the world. He travels around the world and gets to meet and interview many of the most creative, innovative, fascinating, interesting, powerful, influential, and successful people on earth.
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    Jun 9 2014: I’m doing my ancestry, and from what I have seen “Professional Genealogists” always looks to be an interesting job.
    A mixture of historian, detective and researcher, and I’m guessing no matter what you find people are happy for your help.
  • Jun 9 2014: Film actor's job is the most interesting.
  • Jun 4 2014: hi